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Who are we?


We are not typical Tibian players. Powergaming? Leveling? We find it boring. The Tibian world is so big and diverse that we found exploring its secrets way more interesting than just grinding levels endlessly. Two of us (Mogh and Bosst) are members of the Tibiabosses team and we will continue to support it with TibiaSecrets being our own, side-project.
We’re aiming to continuously reveal never published Tibian facts and mysteries to you, so stay tuned and be prepared for the unknown.



Tech-admin, redactor and co-founder of TibiaSecrets
Programmist, redactor, bosshunter, Tibian explorer, and RPG player. Author of the Death Tracker – a tool to track the deaths of players in real-time (on Tibiabosses) and all current and future tools of Tibiasecrets. Known for his discoveries about one of the rarest Tibian bosses – Mahatheb and studies about the Hidden City of Beregar (including finding the infinite dwarven legs bug).


Main contact person, redactor, master of coin and co-founder of TibiaSecrets
Oldschool Tibia player, bosshunter and Tibian economy enthusiast. Known for starting the mass hype about the Mahatheb in 2017. Author of the biggest Tibian Rares Pricecheck and many articles about mysteries and bosses. Enjoys writing and translating. Also known as Williams on Tibiabosses and other fansites.


Research Expert
Bosshunter and oldschool player. Successfully hunted bosses when it was not even popular. Dedicated to discovering new secrets and unknown facts. He was the first to reveal screenshots presenting Shadows of Boreth/Lersatio/Marziel – one of the rarest Tibian bosses.

Lehula Dohon

Portuguese Translator
Lehula started playing Tibia in 2003, so he is a veteran of our team. Hunting, doing quests, exploring and studying Tibia’s lore are his favourite Tibian activities. He has extensive experience as a translator and helper of other fansites.


Spanish Translator

Mirius started his adventure with Tibia as a child. He has always been an enthusiast of Tibian secrets and mysteries. His main goal is to fully understand the Tibian lore, which he has been working on for 8 years now. Besides that, he’s a collector of Tibian books and content creator on Youtube and Twitch.


Mystery Expert

Elkolorado, also known as Vuuya, person who unveiled the mystery of Opticording Sphere, has been active in mysteries for several years. Dedicated to craft new theories & ideas.




Unique Tibian background graphics were created and belong to Gustavo Santiago – talented artist with whom we cooperate. Make sure to visit his ArtStation profile and check all his works.


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