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The truth of Tibianus, the secret behind the Demon on the liberty bay

The truth of Tibianus, the secret behind the Demon on the liberty bay


Written by: Smashed

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This is one of the articles that was submitted to the contest. It was written by Smashed

  1. The beginning

Once upon a time in Tibia, many years ago, a powerful family ruled the main Tibian continent and conquered the population that lived there and those who arrived in its citadel. The successor leaders of this family, Tibianus I and II, soon became prominent among the people who lived there and among the nomads who passed through. It quickly took the lead on key issues. Upon strong approval from his subjects and destroying his opponents, they conquered power for himself, thus starting one of the most powerful and influential human dynasties in the entire Tibian world.

After the seizure of power, every major part of the continent was conquered, small villages were established, and the empire flourished for short years, but several wars resulted in the loss of the entire north of the continent to humanoid races such as dwarves and elves, as well as the powerful Amazons. At the end of Tibianus II life, a city arose in the southwest, Thais, a small and humble city whose wealth was centred on small businesses, fishing, livestock, and family wheat farming. The wealth of this land was not enough for the small monarch Tibianus II, so he had to expand his territory.

During his reign and that of his son Tibianus III brave explorers and warriors of the kingdom were charged with clearing the unknown regions to the east and the uninhabited lands to the extreme southwest of the city. Thus, a monastery was founded where monks could live away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the camp of the most prominent warriors in Plains of Havoc was established, also as a central checkpoint for the bridge passage to the north. Once every piece of land was secured, the trading outpost called Venore was established and guarded against the evil fiends that reside in the area, as well as common attacks from northern creatures. But they knew nothing of the power of the occult forces that had taken up residence there. A small village had sprung up on the island to the southwest, where the nobles and influential people of the court could rest.

In spite of intense struggles for the lands acquired during the years of rule, riches were fast running out, important battles were lost to the servants of evil, and when the king’s son finally took power, his rule was already crumbling, and it was necessary to open up new lands in order to find new forms of prosperity. The path taken was the sea, after finding a prosperous continent and founding the village of Edron. In this land few resources were found, but to the surprise of Tibianus III many creatures that inhabited his continent were also there, not only hidden in caves, but organized in obscure ways

  1. Edron

To this new land the king has entrusted his precious heroes to protect it in the building of a great castle and to fight the dark forces from the north. To this end he has appointed the Grand Master of the Knights of the Banor’s Blood as his Deputy Governor. Who informs us:

Daniel Steelsoul:

– I am Sir Daniel Steelsoul of the Sacred Order of Banor’s Blood.

– I am the governor of this isle, Edron, and grandmaster of the Knights of Banor’s Blood.

-This isle is rumored to have been the home of a powerful ancient race which became extinct before the corpsewars. It was up to King Tibianus III to reclaim it for humanity and to found this colony.

-He was my second in command. After learning about the forbidden ruins, he, the priestess Agaltha, and their followers freed the criminals we brought here as workers and headed to the north. (Kaine)

-Now and then a dwarf comes to this isle. Most behave secretive about their reason to come here. As far as I can tell, they are looking for some dwarfish artifact which was lost in ancient times.

So, our dear governor is responsible for the protection of Edron. He was appointed by Tibianus for this purpose, and betrayed by Kaine, who with his wife has founded an evil cult in the north. Very cool, very poetic and very beautiful, only one problem in this story, it makes no sense. Because of this, the historical roleplay this article is based on is now dying to introduce knowledge to understand the meaning of some things, most notably the Demon of Liberty Bay. For that reason, this article will follow the titles, in the following order: Edron > Venore > Liberty Bay.

First, it is necessary to clarify a few simple things. Daniel is a hero and only three other NPCs fit as such in Tibia, Avar Tar, Snake Eye and Abran Ironeye. The first two fit into the lore of Edron and Snake and Abran in Venore, all other heroes of Tibia are creatures hunted in old and new parts of the game. What many do not know or remember is that the Heros played an important role in Tibian history. They were once one of the strongest creatures in the game and because of this, these creatures took two to three players to hunt and their locations were coveted as they were one of the most profitable hunts of the time. The question that has always been on the minds of those who think a little is why only Daniel and Avar Tar are loyal to the king and everything else falls to evil, like Snake and Abran do not like or at least say they do not sympathize with. It would just be coincidence or something else. Besides this evidence gained through simple observation, what else could support this theory?

Now, the name of the order, Daniel tells us that he is the Grand Master of the Knights of the Blood of Banor. At first glance, one would think that the reference to the word blood in this nomenclature would be a simple offshoot of the mythological king Banor, but it is not that simple. In the Tibian world, and in our real world, the association of blood is a common practice in the various orders that exist, and it does not happen by accident, but is a symbol like many others that express some form of hidden information or understanding. In the specific case of blood, it is first necessary to tell the story of the person and then apply the story to the game.

For many, many years, many peoples, such as the Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Norwegians, and the medieval Europeans, understood the heart as the principal organ of the human body and not as the brain as current understandings, endowed by itself with the capacity of life, keeper of the being’s soul, the great bomb that gives the power of life, in his stories the heart always appears among his religious beliefs as something sacred. I quote the Egyptian history of the hall of truth as example(sic) and the Blood of Jesus Christ as examples on how this appears through history. So if the heart is sacred, then so is the blood, as it would be the river endowed with vital energy that flows throughout the body. In Tibia, there is a very strong connection with magical beings, blood, especially a self-mastered class, the necromancers. For example.

“What an irony, the necromancers’ nectar is the key to our doom and to our victory. Only he who feeds those in need will gain entrance, which is ironic too, because the forces of evil will never consider to do such a thing, no matter how gruesome it truly is. There is no way that the entrance is revealed but by treachery. Therefore, we have to keep the number of people who know about the secret as low as possible. Only the most trusted members will learn about the ritual. I can only hope there is no other high ranking traitor like Goshnar.”

What is the necromancer’s nectar you may ask, well, blood. This book was the tip for entering the Pits of Inferno, where you have to use blood on the „tombstone” of Goshnar (the needy one, because he’s dead, without vital energy, duh) to get teleported in and start the „quest”. I could really go deeper and further in both directions, I cross my heart, but the point of this is different, so let us go back to Edron’s lore. This is sort of the secret revelation number two for some, what the first you’ll have to figure out for yourself.

By third, let’s talk about Avar Tar, the greatest hero of the earth and sea, the almighty one, on his words:


Avar Tar: There is a great evil lurking beneath this isle … and beneath the Plains of Havoc, and in the ancient necropolis, and beneath the Ghostlands … well basically everywhere.

quest or King Tibianus
Avar Tar: I’m on a quest for the Thaian king … as usual.

First things first: every line Avar Tar gives us has some snobbish content, he’s the greatest hero in Tibia, the owner of this or that, he knows everything, everyone fears him, blah, blah, blah. The fact is that the lack of humility in this speech is at odds with what he said and the philosophy of life a hero should follow. I could say that the egomania in his speech is a clear sign of corruption. This is no accident, as one of the reasons Knightmare created an NPC named Eremo is to directly contrast him with the lonely hermit who has chosen to live far away on an island, who probably has a wealth of knowledge, but still does not present himself like the hero NPC. A true humble man as opposed to a blowhard.

The first line showed „Beneath this island lurks a great evil and blah blah blah…”, it’s funny how every land the royal family puts their hand in has some connection to evil. We have Ghost Lands/Banshee Quest/Isle of Kings; P.o.H and the Dark Cathedral; Fibula Dungeon; Black Knight; Mintwallin; Mount Sternum, Edron; Solo Banshee under the Temple of the White Flower and of course Venore and Liberty Bay, I say again, there is no coincidence, only ignorance of facts that prove the parallelism. The second is even funnier, „I am in search of the King of Thain”. What quest are you on, may I ask? To protect the peasants of the city and keep peace in the lands of the kingdom, or to make sure their blood brothers can learn from the warlocks in the north how to materialize demons through energy manipulation without some snoop wondering what they are doing. Pause for shock, I will not elaborate, but if you want to research this, you can study Dago lore and golem/homunculus creation to learn more. I know Avar Tar is suspect, a lot of people know that, but it’s a very important part of Tibia’s history that you cannot just set aside.

  1. Background pattern Description automatically generated with medium confidenceVenore

The great Pantanal city far to the east was born and soon became a meeting place for merchants and traders. A place where games and drinks were the main occupation, a place theoretically under Thai rule, but whose activities were not disturbed or controlled after payment of the king’s fees, as the inhabitants themselves communicated:

Abran Ironeye: The taxing keeps the Thaian kingdom alive, but it also might break its neck one day.

Talesia: We pay this man enough to live here undisturbed of major interventions.

Zebron: Ah, our beloved king! Bless him for the gambling licence of Venore.

Hugo: He does not care much about us, we don’t care much about him. I consider that a fair deal.

Hugo: I don’t care about such mundane things like 'taxes'(irony)

The answers are pretty clear: the only interest the king has in Venore is to collect taxes while the inhabitants carry out their illegal scams. But not only that, he is one of the main suppliers for these machinations. That’s why we are going straight to the last argument.

PS: free information, the lore about draining swamps using special titles that you can find here, it’s a reference to Leonardo Da Vinci, that information you get from reading his biography by Walter Isaacson, but you can see the drawing here

  1. Liberty Bay


The sunny island south of Thais, home to the famous demon Liberty Bay and some answers to everything. One of the most strategic areas for the Thai economy, the city directly connected to Venore, but for unfortunate reasons the players never paid attention to acknowledge this. The reason is simple: the red marker on the map indicates the areas with sugar cane plantations, a basic element for the production of rum, an alcoholic beverage that is widely produced and sold in Venore. Soon the king himself is profiting from the inputs to produce beverages, on which fees/taxes are still levied after the sale. Two ways to make money from illegal business without being directly involved in the act. Now I ask you, dear reader, is this a stroke of genius or an act of elementary corruption?

There is another funny coincidence on the island, which beings we meet and are present at the same time in all areas of the empire, cults of necromancers. But there is a big difference in the treatment of the subject between the King’s servants in Edron and Liberty Bay. For this I must quote a few lines from Npcs:

Admiral Wyrmslicer(the military commander on the island):

-Spare me the nonsense that people made up like sinister cultists, quara infiltrators, pirate hideouts voodoo curses and whatnot! …

-I’ve heared it all and it is completely rubbish and a waste of my time! We have everything firmly under control. And to ensure this I warn you not to talk to the townspeople about such issues!

– The talks about the cult are getting tiresome. There is no such thing. It is only another superstition here.

– The efforts Venore put into this city are admirable. It’s only fair that they gain a certain profit from that.

– We need the sugar. We will ensure with everything that is at our command that the supply of sugar is kept up.

Percy Silverhand:

– Sugar is what makes this place special and important for Thais. It is my honourable responsibility to ensure that the plantations produce a steady supply.

-Nonsense! I do not want to hear these old women’s tales again! Although some sinister cult would perfectly fit those natives here, there IS no such a thing as a secret cult.


– The admiral is of little help to us. Instead of providing us troops for protection, he is more concerned that we could draw the attention of imagined enemies on the settlement or destroy something.


-The name has become a cruel joke of fate. Once it stood for freedom until selfish fightings led all dreams burst. But in the end, you can’t truly kill a dream.

-May they be cursed! They bring doom upon us all. Calling powers they can’t control. Whoever may be the dark master they are serving, he’d do better to devour them all.


-There is something evil brewing under the surface of Liberty Bay. The angry and the discontented are easily swayed by the promises of sinister seducers.

-Venore always seemed to me like a lurking moloch*. A greedy octopus whose arms are everywhere … but of course that’s only a foolish impression and I don’t judge people based on such ponderings

– The people work quite hard on the plantations in the West. I sometimes listen to the sad melodies the workers are singing.

Through the utterances of the NPCs, everyone knows of the existence of the cults, but there is an interesting contrast in the opinions of the NPCs, firstly that those who are connected to the king have a positive view of the island, almost living an illusion, they even deny the existence of the cultists as these utterances may be purposeful, others who perceive the threat are against these people and have strong utterances against the rulers and important people of the island.

* Moloch is one of the pagan bull gods. Throughout human history it was assumed that those who sacrificed their children to the god would receive grace and wealth, but their lives would be dishonored by accepting conditions and submitting to this corruption, it’s the ancient sell your soul to the devil. Basically, it’s the strongest expression that could be used ingame phrase.

Now we only have to deal with the last topic, the king’s representative in LB, Theodore Loveless. The venorean representative who looks after the plantations and at the same time the interests of the king. Loved by those who live under his protection, and hated by those who understand him, or who see something dark in him.


Let’s see what people said about him:


Charlotta: This man is the worst example of a selfish and greedy Venorean profiteer. He’s the long arm of the trade barons that hold us by the throat.

Isolde: I wish Tristan would be more careful about that man. Although only a tradesman, there is something dangerous about him. It does not seem wise to have him as an enemy.


Chantalle: You can say that Mr. Loveless is kind of an ambassador of Venore. He is very important and I run his business here. He’s a good friend of the local governor and back in Venore he’s an important figure of the trade association.

Percy Silverhand: A man of style and wisdom. An incarnation of the old values. I would like to add that he and me share the same ideals and the way to view things. He is of immense help in my efforts to bring civilisation to the colonies.

Well, well, what is the most important word that comes up in the analysis of the dialogues, corruption, I even get tired of saying that, I do not see the need to go on with this subject, so let us conclude.

  1. The Evil King, Tibianus III and the Demon.

Okay, facts about the king:

  1. Every place that the royal family lives, has some necromantic involvement or evil lurking in the place, never actually taking action to end the slightest threat.
  2. At first glance, you learn that the heroes have betrayed the kingdom, but upon subjective and somewhat rational analysis, you find that they are more likely guarding and protecting the necromancers as part of a conspiracy by the king himself. This can also be observed with Yalahar.
  3. His simplest interests are the plantation with the use of slaves to produce illegal drinks, which he sells in his lawless city out of greed for the great wealth this activity brings him
  4. There are other connections that were not covered in this article, but can be known by reading another article I’ve already written about the secret lore of druids, you can read it here, it’s in Portuguese so click right and then click on translate button. By the way this article had already been promised there in 2018.

With these facts, which I know do not exhaust the matter, but believe me there are more, just not worth mentioning because of the unnecessary repetitions, I can say that King Tibianus III is evil. There are actually two possibilities, the first is that he is under the possessive influence of an evil being, the second would be that he makes his own decisions because the family itself has a blood pact with something evil, kind of like the new movie trilogy Fear Street, if you have seen it, you know what I am talking about. I mainly think it’s a mixture of both, the ghostland’s lore hints that, but I prefer not to dwell on the subject.

Now what does this have to do with the demon of Liberty Bay, you may ask, well, everything. First of all, you must know that demons first appear in Tibia near Mintwallin, under the name of Daemon, that is, near Thais, and shortly afterwards they were introduced into other parts of Tibia. Did I say minotaur are possessed, especially in Mintwallin, and that’s why they change letters, e.g. Palkar is Kaplar, as a clear sign of that, then boom, in your face noob again.

A screenshot of a video game Description automatically generated Sorry about that, I’m feeling mad right now. Let’s continue.

The demon, is directly under the cellar of Theodore Hatemore, er, Theodore Loveless, hence the meaning behind it. In philosophical terms, he is the confirmation of all this, he is the corpse in the cellar of the king himself, for his representatives have always had a strong corruption associated with their people, those who use their power for personal gain. He is the materialization of greed, corruption, selfishness, negation, illusion, etc. The demon is a symbol of all this.

Practically speaking, this is evidence that the warlocks in Edron are already teaching the servants of King Tibianus III how to summon demons, just as Hugo, Yenny, and Dago tried to do years before.

I know a lot of people still will not get it, but this whole article is to show that something simple needs a lot more explanation and how to think ahead, but do not take it too seriously because it can help and also mislead, this is my Christmas help for all of you who are really trying to solve Tibia’s mysteries.

From, Smashed, Xinshon, or simple Lucas.

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