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Explorer’s Diary – Episode 11

Explorer’s Diary – Episode 11


Written by: Bosst

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We present to you the next, 11th episode of Explorer’s Diary. We have prepared 5 interesting topics for you. Tibia, as always, provided us with a lot of secrets and curiosities to describe – also unique ones. As always – we invite you to read and comment.

Ferumbras – to be or not to be

You’ve probably heard of the scroll of ascension – one of the items obtainable after killing Ferumbras Mortal Shell. Using this scroll turns you into a demon for 5 minutes and you can use it every hour.

However, not everyone knows that very rarely the scroll can turn us into Ferumbras. We thought this was a very interesting topic to research. According to our theory, taking the form of a Ferumbras could cause certain NPCs to react differently to us. To go even further, maybe by being transformed we could get into theoretically inaccessible places?

We waited patiently for the transformation to test the conversation with the 2 NPCs in Thais. Remember that the transformation lasted only 5 minutes. So, there was not much time and we had to hurry a lot.

The first choice was obvious – King Tibianus. Ferumbras is his arch-enemy. Even the painting in the throne room refers to it.

Unfortunately, Tibianus reacted as he would to a regular player. What a pity. The devs wasted some potential for a really unique dialogue option here. I don’t even mean a hidden quest, but a small „easter egg” would fit perfectly.

We still had a moment of transformation left so we immediately rushed to Benjamin. NPC postman from Thais depot. Why him? Well, Benjamin is a former general and commander of King Tibianus’ army. He has lost his memory after Ferumbras attack and that is why he has been delegated to a quiet job at the post office.

Here, unfortunately, also a disappointment – Benjamin reacted in the same way to the beginning of the conversation and to the keyword „Ferumbras” – he ended it in the same way as in the usual dialogue.

It is certainly worth investigating whether other NPCs would react to our appearance. There are quite a few possibilities, starting with the NPCs added along with the scroll in update 10.91, and ending with older and more famous ones like Emperor Kruzak. Special thanks to Ufthak for the assistance.

Staying on the subject of scrolls, it is necessary to mention a secret place that can be found in the Halls of Ascension (Ferumbras’ Ascendant Quest). There is a place described as „Ferumbras’ bedroom”, to which a strange ladder leads.

However, it is not possible to climb it, because using it triggers a message: „The ladder tries hard to look stable and trustworthy, you are not yet convinced”.

My colleague Matikss, once decided to test a crazy, yet a very sensible theory. Who else could enter Ferumbras’ bedroom if not the owner himself? So he decided to turn into him and try to use a ladder. I remember it took him a very long time to test the theory – over a year. But when he finally managed to reach the place being transformed, he still could not enter.
Very disappointing, but admit it – it was worth checking.

Who is Baby Boy?

Antica. An inconspicuous building to the right of the depot. A balcony. And this one man, standing in the same place for years. Every day, usually for several hours.
Baby Boy

Some call him „half-NPC”, others wonder if he’s not a member of Cipsoft. Others think he’s the most dedicated RPG player in history. Anyway, thanks to his recognisability he enjoys almost legendary status on Antica.

What do we know about him and what makes him unique in the world of Tibia? First of all, he has been the best in Tibia for at least 2 years. You may ask: at what can a 20 level be the best? The answer is simple and surprising – in dying. It turns out that Baby Boy is the most frequently killed character in the whole game. According to statistics presented by Nabbot he managed to do it in both 2020 and 2021.

The result from 2021 is especially impressive because 4966 deaths mean that he had to die about 14 times a day. Every day. You have to admit that this is very unusual.

I have repeatedly heard accusations that he is just a bot. This is not true, TibiaSecrets team checked it personally. Baby Boy always answers when contacted and often sings songs in English Chat. When we ask him a question related to the game he usually gives accurate and interesting answers. It proves that there is an experienced player behind this character.

As it turns out, he is also a very experienced tutor with 5 stars. This status takes years to earn.

Baby Boy is generating interest among players. We have come across topics related to him on Reddit, on the Tibia.com forum and even on the biggest Polish MMORPG website. We don’t know what other secrets this character hides. Will we ever find out? We will surely hear about him again.

Ghost of the Navigator

Various allusions can be found everywhere in Tibia. Most of them are quite obvious. Others are cleverly camouflaged so that sometimes you see them or pass them by for years before you notice them.
Senior Captain Marten, who won 2nd place in our Secrets of Tibia contest, led us to one of these hints.
Let’s go to Treasure Island, equipped with a treasure map, which is necessary to dig the entrances to the hidden caves. Let’s pay attention to one of them.

We will find a grave there with unusual inscriptions and a lot of undead pirates.

We have not the slightest doubt. This is an allusion (and one of several in the game) to the band Iron Maiden, specifically the song Ghost of the Navigator. Here is the chorus:

„I see the ghosts of navigators but they are lost
As they sail into the sunset they’ll count the cost
As their skeletons accusing emerge from the sea
The sirens of the rocks, they beckon me”

The reference is not so obvious but take a look. Next to the grave is a pillory, which could be considered an instrument of torture or punishment. Just like Iron Maiden. We also have the ghosts of pirates, one of which is surely the navigator.

In upcoming episodes of Explorer’s Diary, we will bring you more Iron Maiden allusions. Clearly, someone at Cipsoft is a fan of the band. ?


Whistle of power

A wooden whistle is a very interesting object. It is rarely dropped by Fernfang and if it wasn’t for the fact that it is one of the prizes in Fansite competitions, we wouldn’t see it in the game very often. It took me several years to loot it.

However, it is not just an ordinary decorative item. It has a unique attribute that potentially could have a big impact on the world of Tibia – using this whistle summons a wild wolf that will attack you or another player in range. Imagine how useful this could be for killing bots or players who are AFK.

Unfortunately, this item is very perishable and breaks down quickly. Let’s check it out.
I used my whistle during a few Test Servers to test its durability myself.


Test #Summoned wolves

As you can see, the chance of the item being destroyed (which is when the red notes appear) is very high. It would be nice if instead of being destroyed it would for example become inactive for 24 hours. The whistle price is over 10kk on many servers so I would not risk losing it. In the current state, you can at most have some fun on a test server.

Training with a stone

During the Naginata Quest, one of our tasks is to remove a certain stone that prevents us from descending to a lower level. This quest is very old and over the years players have probably done it many thousands of times.

But did you know that using a pickaxe or one of the Secret Service Quest multitools on the stone increases our axe skill?

We are not sure if this strange mechanism is by any chance a bug, but well – see for yourself. No axe weapons used:

Here is the video which we recorded to show you the process. Notice how the axe skill raises:

Video 1

And another one, using regular pick this time:

Video 2

We are currently in the process of further investigating this phenomenon. We are also looking for other objects that may work in a similar way. Maybe there is an alternative, unknown way of skill training in Tibia?










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