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New huge contest – League of Explorers

New huge contest – League of Explorers


Written by: Bosst

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We invite you to join us on an unforgettable adventure. League of Explorers is a quiz game that is inseparably connected with Tibia. Explore the world of the game with us. Explore the areas and find out interesting facts. At the end of the league, great prizes will be drawn for the best explorers. Will you accept the challenge and complete tasks every day? Show what you can do. Show that you are the best explorer in the game!

League of Explorers is a browser quiz game that requires you to play Tibia at the same time. The task that you receive in the league usually requires you to check something in Tibia. If you answer the quiz question correctly then you earn score points. League is a game that encourages players to explore Tibia and learn its secrets and curiosities.

Thanks to Cipsoft, the creators of Tibia, there are great prizes waiting for the best explorers, which after the end of the league will be drawn among the best explorers.

Prizes for players with the highest number of points are:

1st place: Yellow Rose + Champion’s cup

2nd place: Wooden Whistle + Silver cup of honour

3rd place: Stuffed toad + Bronze cup of honour

In addition, from all players who will not be on the podium, but who have answered at least 3 riddles correctly, we will draw one who will receive Rune Emblem of choice!

We are planning 2 editions of the League of Explorers for this year. The player who earns the most points in all 2 editions combined will receive:

Bonelord Tome + Royal Medal

For the purposes of the competition, we have created all the necessary infrastructure. On a separate subpage, you will find the login and registration system, all rules, and most importantly, the mechanism which will assign each player 1 question/task per day.
Please note that at the beginning we open only the initial phase of registration. It will last 3 days – from 3rd to 6th June. Then, on June 6th, the first contest task will be made available to players. Of course, you can register also during the contest – all details can be found in the contest rules on the subpage. If you have any questions or concerns – please contact us through our contact form. There will also be a dedicated channel on our Discord to address any questions about the contest.

Official link to contest page

The link can also be found in the menu at the top of our site:

Here’s a quick tutorial – how to get started.

  1. You need to create an account:You will notice that from now on you will see an important section for players – the table ranking. There you will find a list of participants and their scores.

  1. Activate your account by pasting the generated code into your character’s comment on tibia.com
  2. And when your account is successfully activated – let the fun begin! Here’s what an example riddle/task looks like:


See you around Explorers and have a good fun!

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