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Explorer’s Diary – Episode 12

Explorer’s Diary – Episode 12


Written by: Mirius

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This is the 12th episode of Explorer’s Diary. In this entry to the diary, we will take a glimpse into the mysteries that still poke our curiosity often. Some of them are just curiosities, others might eventually lead to bigger discoveries. We invite you to read, comment and use this information to create your own theories.

The ~Shabaal Family

Who hasn’t heard of the infamous Orshabaal? This Demon Lord has plagued the lands of Tibia for almost two decades now, since his first appearance was on Pacera, all the way back in 2005.

Orshabaal Fight – from TibiaWiki

This minion of the Ruthless Seven has some interesting things to say:




Be prepared for the day my masters will come for you!


This shows us just a little bit of how much he hates the heroes that come to fight him. But even more interesting might be what was added with the 25th anniversary of Tibia: The boss Morshabaal.


This armored purple menace is currently one of <if not the> hardest boss in the game. Morshabaal is a Demon Lord with a name that initially was very critiqued by the player base, but it has a meaning that gives him an argument in favor of his polemic name.

Some people thought that Morshabaal would be a sort of combination of Morgaroth and Orshabaal, but nothing further from the truth. He is actually the older brother of Orshabaal, and has something to say about how easily his brother is defeated nowadays.

Revenge for my little brother!

You are starting to annoy me!

I will restore our family honor!

So, as we can see, his mission is to restore the honor and greatness the ~Shabaal family used to have. Now, if we talk about a family, it’s likely that there’s more than two individuals being a part of it… And that happens to be the case!

15 years before the introduction of Morshabaal and just 2 years after the introduction of Orshabaal, in January 2007, Tibia became 10 years old. This historical milestone was the perfect occasion to create some great content, and one of the things they did was to create several raids of creatures. One of these creatures was none other than Minishabaal:

Minishabaal had the appearance of a Diabolic Imp

And just as his brothers did, he has some interesting things to say, so here are just some of them. We invite you to read the whole dialogues he yells at the TibiaWiki.

My brother will come and get you for this!

Get them Fluffy!

When I am big I want to become the ruthless eighth.


So he not only is the youngest brother of the trio, but he also has a pet called Fluffy:

So now we know that Minishabaal has his name as “Mini Orshabaal” and Morshabaal means “More Orshabaal”… We have to admit that his name still doesn’t sound that good, but at least we can be happy that he’s not called “Bigshabaal”.

Chayennes Key has a continuation?

Speaking of anniversaries and bosses… One of the most memorable events in Tibia was the 15th anniversary, and with it came one of the most iconic rares in Tibia: The Chayennes Key.

During the festivities of this anniversary, we were able to speak or fight several CipSoft employees. One of them was the, at the time, Lead Content Designer – Chayenne. She was a very beloved and mysterious person. Some people say that she had three eyes hidden with very smart and skilful use of makeup since she was able to speak 469. But in these festivities, we were able to fight her in Draconia…

She also was able to spawn several types of Pet Dragons, something that funny enough, MiniShabaal also did.

One of her drops was the Chayennes key. Back then nobody knew what that item was for, and after a lot of time and effort, the community was able to find the Music Box quest, which is a very difficult quest to figure out.

There are three things that make us wonder if the quest of the Chayennes Key has a second part:

NUMBER 1: The item description

Let’s just give a close look at this item:

Why does it say “- or not”? This on its own can make us question everything we know so far… But let’s continue…

NUMBER 2: Draconia’s Exit

There’s a short way out of Draconia giving a white mushroom to the Old Dragon on the top of the tower north of this isle, which in turn gives us a Dragon Fetish and we can place it on a basin. Doing this will teleport us to a sacrificial stone in Ab’dendriel that’s famous because of what happens when you place items on top of it. Any items placed on top will be teleported back to Draconia, but what does this have to do with the Chayennes Key? Well… Check the sign that’s next to the basin where we put the dragon fetish.

Why does it say we should sacrifice a key when we sacrifice a Dragon Fetish? Hopefully, someone is willing to risk their key to try it out!

NUMBER 3: Use With…

This key, just like many other mysterious items, has a “Use with…” option, just like regular keys… The odd thing is that we never use this key to open any door, we don’t use it either on any object during the Music Box quest. We only have to hold it in our backpack. Maybe there’s a door waiting for this key? Let us know what you think in our discord server!

A Relic from the Past

As a smaller part of this entry, we want to show you a very special item from the past that for a very short time, still lives in Tibia: an enchanted weapon.

Nowadays you can buy replicas of enchanted weapons. These weapons were removed several years ago with the implementation of the Forgotten Knowledge Quest. Back before that, you could use small enchanted gems on several types of weapons and it would grant this item a thousand hits of the element corresponding to the enchanted gem.

After the update that got rid of these weapons, anyone who logged into their accounts and had them would have a timer start that would get rid of the item after 180 days. There are rare cases of people who haven’t logged in since, and it’s still possible to temporarily hold one of these weapons.

Amazingly, this weapon’s charges are visible with the new update counters.

We can only wonder what would happen if you put this weapon on the Char Bazaar… Will the timer continue or can the weapon be preserved forever? Could the timer be reset back to 180 days?


Serpentine Tower

So many mystery hunters started their careers in this place… This place has inspired more theories than the actual Egyptian pyramids (which obviously were made by aliens that look exactly like bonelords), but we wanted to share a small piece of information we’ve found recently.

We all have heard of the infamous Bonelord Language, the dreaded 469. This language is spoken by Bonelords and there’s an entire library of books and even an NPC down in Hellgate. But what does this language have to do with the Serpentine Tower? Well not only some great investigators have been able to link some of the research papers to the 469, but we think we’ve also found a very interesting link between these two mysteries.

Tothdral is the NPC that lives in this tower, and he does not only sell spells and tells us some very interesting dialogues, but he also buys weird items under the following pretext:

Player: trade

Tothdral: You can give me relics of the false gods. They need to be destroyed before they do more harm than they’ve already caused by making people believe in lies.

One of these items has a strange peculiarity on it: the Book of Necromantic Rituals… This book weighs 3.58 oz. You might ask yourself: what’s the big deal? well, it’s a very strange number at plain sight, you got to admit it… Even stranger is what happens when we add 1 to each number…

3 5 8 + 1 1 1 = 4 6 9

Not only this but we can also use this sum in the following way:

Remember the 1+1=1? Well, while this is not accurate mathematically speaking, 3+5=8, and these three “ones” are used in the sum we showed you before.

But what if we have an item that weighs 1.11 then? the sum would be 4.69

Well it just so happens that there are only two items in all of Tibia that weigh 1.11, and they were both added in the same update as the Book of Necromantic Rituals. These items are the Cyclops Toe and the Minotaur Horn.

While Tothdral does not have anything to say about the Cyclops or the Minotaurs, guess who does have something to say? None other than Blinky! The librarian of Hellgate.

Player: cyclops

A Wrinkled Bonelord: Ugliness incarnated. Only one eye! Imagine that! How horrible!

Player: minotaurs

A Wrinkled Bonelord: Their mages are so close to the truth. Closer than they know and closer than it’s good for them.

What truth is he talking about? Only time will tell…

The Forgotten Knowledge

So far we’ve spoken about the Forgotten Knowledge Quest, the weight of some items, and the existence of the “use with…” option in some items that don’t seem to use them. But for the final part of this entry to the Explorer’s Diary, we want to combine all these topics and talk about something that has been bothering our minds a lot… The creature products found in the bosses of the Forgotten Knowledge quest.

This quest introduced two achievements that we can get by using one item on another and by eating a different item. We can use the Key to Knowledge on a Forbidden Tome to obtain the achievement “Forbidden Knowledge” and we can also use the Forbidden Fruit to obtain the achievement that goes for the same name as the item.

This leaves us with the following items that we’re going to categorize in “has a use with option” and “doesn’t have a use with option”:

Has a Use With option: Frozen Time, Shadow Paint, Astral Glyph, Coal Eyes, Thorn Seed and Glowing Carrot.

Doesn’t have a Use With option: Astral Source, Shadow Mask, Golden Talon, Dragon Crown and Ancient Watch.

You want to know what all these items have in common? All the items we’ve mentioned so far in this section of the article weigh the exact same: 6.50 oz.

Isn’t it strange to have so many items without any apparent use, being so hard to find and that three of them are part of the achievement but the other 11 items are not? Well, hopefully with enough minds on it and research we will be able to figure it out.

In the words of Dorothy Parker: “The cure to boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”







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