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Together in the Void

Together in the Void


Written by: Rauuros Antica

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This is one of the articles that was submitted to the contest and won 4th place. It was written by Rauuros Antica

Act I : origin of the Yalahari

To understand the connection of the yalaharis with Variphor, we must go back to the origins of the yalaharis in the god wars where many of the major races were created, such as the bonelords, dragons, orcs and other races that are now extinct.

But unlike many races the power of the yalahari was far superior, their advanced weapons and magic allowing them to repel the attack of other factions with great ease, although their high intelligence was seen as a flaw by the gods in war.

And it was this intelligence that made them question their participation in a war that did not belong to them and they decided to embark on a journey to other lands where they could focus on the pursuit of science and knowledge.

At this point is where we can find records of the travels of the Yalahari, which took them at some point to the lands of Oramond where they managed to build cities and advance their technology, but we can assume that the Yalahari could not fully escape the war and had to flee even further north.

Forced to look for a new destination, they arrived at the city we know today as Yalahar.

Already in this new city the yalaharis were able to dedicate themselves to their study and search for knowledge and it was here that their research encountered something that would lead to their ruin.

After studying the very structure of the universe they noticed that there was a „missing factor”, something that their calculations confirmed must exist and that escaped their understanding.

That their calculations confirmed must exist and that escaped their understanding.

And after many years of research, the most brilliant minds of the Yalahari succeeded in establishing a „theory of approximation” of a place between reality and non-reality, an impossible plane that should not exist but still existed and was not empty.

After this, the yalaharis began to interact with this entity that inhabited the void, which they decided to call Variphor.

Second act: Chaos

After the initial excitement of trying to understand and interact with Variphor, the yalaharis realized that this entity had complete knowledge of this universe and world, and was even responsible for multiple destructive acts traceable to even the god wars and the catastrophe that destroyed the city of Roshamuul. After influencing the demon princes against Zathroth, the war was unleashed inside Roshamuul and the princes were appreciated, leaving the inhabitants of the city with no other option but to use the dream catcher as a bomb that would end it all.

Terrified the yalaharis tried to undo their actions, but it was too late, most of the yalahari had already acquired a very deep understanding of what was not to be. after being tainted with the forbidden knowledge they signed the end of their sanity.

After being affected by this corruption, a yalahari made an expedition to a distant island called Grey Island, after embarking with a group of scientists and war golems to develop a biological weapon that was capable of dealing with such an entity that now had greater power in our reality because of this contact made.

This biological weapon was nothing more than the creation of the Hive.

Within his notes we understand how slowly the yalahari falls into madness where he thinks that every single setback in his research could be at Variphor’s hands, from the deeplings’ attacks on his lab, the low morale of his team, the loss of resources and the slow progress of his research.

His panic makes him question whether even thinking about Variphor gives him power over him, leading him to the point of not daring to name him at any time and only referring to him as „it”.

This panic consumes him to the point of sabotaging his experiment and endangering himself and his research, leaving him alone in his destroyed laboratory and at the mercy of his creation, recapitulating everything that has happened and questioning the future of his people, who at that point, due to Variphor’s influence, had already confronted each other in a night of slaughter that made them decide to separate from this world.

When the yalaharis disappeared, their servants, the Augus, went into the city in search of their masters, but when they did not find them, they began to act like the yalaharis themselves and wear their clothes, reaching the point of recruiting more Augus to serve them, but because they could not understand the technology of the real yalaharis over the years, the city began to fall into ruins, to the point that only the center of the city is habitable and its various barracks fell prey to the passage of time.

After many years of ruin and the city reduced to a memory of what it once was, one of the ancient yalaharis is once again present in the city. Azerus

With the city in ruins Azerus asks us for help to recover the city, but now being a follower of Variphor, we notice how his only intention is to dominate the city based on terror, besides using us to get powerful weapons found in the city.

After multiple missions we manage to gain his trust and are invited to a special ceremony that takes place in the heart of Yalahar, only to learn that we have been betrayed and to survive we must face Azerus.

After defeating him we can enter his teleporter to get a glimpse of the huge army Azerus planned to bring to our world.

It seems by defeating Azerus you have stopped this army from entering your world! Better leave this ghastly place forever.

Act III: Variphor’s Plan

After what happened in Yalahar Variphor sets in motion his plan to steal the god breaker, using Mazarius and with the excuse of stopping the plans of Ferumbras who plans to ascend as a god and convincing us that the only way to stop him is to enter a dimensional gap to a pocket dimension and steal the pieces of the god breaker, a weapon so powerful that it can even kill a god.

Therefore, after entering this dimension, we are forced to fight against the most faithful servants of the ruthless seven, the demons closest to Zathoth and who guard these pieces.

After an arduous battle and after managing to find each of the 7 pieces of the god breaker we learn that we have been deceived by Mazarius and we have given him the most powerful weapon ever created, a weapon capable of killing a god.

After this, we don’t have much time for regrets, as we still have to stop Ferumbras and to our luck, a demonic messenger gives us some clues on how to do it

After an arduous battle we managed to stop his ascension and we can even witness on our own how the enormous amount of energy that Ferumbras used for his ascension created a breach that now serves as a portal for Variphor to attack our dimension.

Sooner rather than later we learn that Ferumbras energy not only created a rift, but now all over the world there are dimensional rifts for Variphor minions to enter our reality.

So great is this danger that a messenger from heaven is found near one of these cracks to warn us of what has happened and to tell us the origin of these cracks.

Talking to the messenger confirms everything we have witnessed, he tells us the story of the yalaharis, how they were the first to really understand what Variphor was.

He also warns us how naming him gave him power in our reality, so having named him so many times in this document may have given him enough of a presence in our world to be in danger.

After this we learn of the new danger that lurks in Tibia, Variphor’s army is ready to destroy our reality, so we must face it to stop it.

For this we will have to enter the dimensional rifts and face the 5 minios of the World Devourer, Anomaly, Outbust, Eradicator, Rupture and Reality Quake.

After defeating them, we can go after the leader of the invasion, the World Devourer.

Once the World Devourer is defeated, is when we learn about Variphor’s last plan, now that he has the god breaker, he needs to find the way to unite its 7 parts, but for that he must go into one of the most secret places of all Tibia, the Zathroth’s Library.

And in order to defeat him we must enter into the library and stop his invasion, but after this we notice that Variphor has made more allies.

Not only does he now have the help of the yalaharis and their void minions, but in the invasion we also encounter demons and after defeating waves of void minions, demons and yalaharis.

It is when the leader of this new invasion, The Scourge Of oblivion appears, that after an arduous battle, we learn that we have once again fallen prey to Variphor’s plans, his intentions were not to steal the knowledge of how to assemble the godbreaker in this attack.

As he planned to use this attack only as a distraction to go after the knowledge of how to attach the god-breaker.

But not just anyone could have broken through the barriers that protected such knowledge, only someone who was present at the time the barriers were built could do so… a member of the Ruthless Seven.

After this Zathroth finally stops seeing Variphor as a nuisance and officially declares war on him, so in the next battle, we will officially walk in Zathroth’s legions to confront Variphor.

Fourth Act: Shiron’Fall

After the invasion of the Library, we noticed an important detail.

Variphor now has the help of some Demon armies, but how is this possible?

After finding some papers that tell us the story of what happened in Roshamuul, we can assume a few ideas

When the demon princes confronted the ruthless seven, one of them was dismembered in battle along with another demon, but one of them was revived.

Assuming Ashfalor was revived, could this have been Variphor’s doing, to ensure an infiltration of Zathroth’s most loyal followers?

In addition, we learn that Variphor not only has the help of the Yalahari and a Ruthless Seven, but also has an entire legion called Shiron’Fal, which in turn, has a powerful necromancer, a former member of the Brotherhood of Bones, who is located in Rathleton.

After entering the necromancer’s lair, we learn how powerful this organization is, to the point of making the Brotherhood of Bones look like a minor thing.

But if we put these pieces together, we can come to a possible final theory

Variphor now has a powerful necromancer, the lord of the dead Ashfalor and the magic of the Yalaharis.

Is it possible that they are looking for a way to give Variphor a body in this dimension…?

It is very possible that with this we are in the final stretch of this confrontation, where we will have to fight against Variphor and therefore, face the Yalahari that are at his service and who knows, maybe we can finally face a Ruthless Seven.

One thing we can be sure of though, if Shiron’Fall is victorious, humanity could come to an end.

…“Mankind is still in the process of being reviewed by the Shiron’Fall. If we are unworthy we will be wiped out and forgotten for the greater good.”


1° book Investigating Oramond Folklore I (Book)


2° book : The Hive VI (Book)


3°book: Mazarius letter

I could not find the link to this book, but it is the one that appears when we deliver all the pieces of the god breaker.

4°book :The Dreamers V (Book)


5°book: History of the Shiron’Fal (Book)


6°book : The Blood Grail (Book)


7°book: I could not find this book on wikia

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