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Explorer’s Diary – Episode 13

Explorer’s Diary – Episode 13


Written by: Haishen

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The legend of Belgarosh

Ah the Trolls… Ugly creatures hiding quite a few secrets. Undoubtedly, the greatest of these mysteries still remains the unsolved mystery of the Troll Lady. For those unfamiliar with the topic, let us briefly explain what it is all about. Well, after the 'traditional’ completion of the Troll Sabotage Quest, we are still left with a certain unfinished question in the questlog.

NPC Chief Grarkharok is looking for his chosen one so that he can start his own Troll tribe. Many players, like us, believe that this quest can be completed. So far, however, no one has found the Troll Lady, and countless theories have arisen about her. Today, we would like to introduce you to one of these theories which has been completely forgotten. We think it is interesting enough to deserve a refresher.

It is probably the oldest theory on the subject of the Troll Lady. Shortly after Troll Sabotage was introduced into the game (perhaps even already on the Test Server), a rumour surfaced. Many players wondered how to complete this quest because not having it completed in the questlog seemed very strange to them. One player came to the rescue. It is not clear who it was, but it is clear that he sparked the imagination of other players and made them search for the titular Belgarosh. According to the rumour, Belgarosh is an NPC who was supposed to be the exact woman Grarkharok wanted.

Players searched for this NPC but in vain. Several theories arose to explain the lack of Belgarosh on the map. The most popular one said that it was a rare respawning NPC. Just like rare bosses. Although the lack of evidence for such a mechanism in the game I think you’ll admit it’s very interesting. Or perhaps the island of Edron hides some as yet unrecognised location with this NPC? However, switching to the facts, it must be admitted that there is absolutely no evidence of such an NPC in the game.

The name itself sounds quite sensible. Let’s look at one of Grarkharok’s statements:

Chief Grarkharok: Yeye, me stole chief club from Fragratosh, hrhrhrh! Now make me own tribe!

Judge for yourself – Fragratosh/Belgarosh, these names share a similar structure. Of course, this is still no proof, but even if someone has made it all up – he has done a good job.


You won’t find much about her on Wiki. Apparently, the article has been even deleted quite recently, so the screenshot above (and the talk page) is all we have left. And the legend of Belgarosh so far remains just a legend. But certainly, one worth noting. And what theories do you have about the completion of the Troll Sabotage Quest? Let us know on our Discord. Maybe we can solve the mystery together?

Imprisoned NPCs

Once, while exploring the game, the following image appeared to our eyes.

How is this possible? NPCs trapped away from the player? At first glance, it seems amusing. However, not being able to talk to them, trade with them and not being able to complete a quest is not so funny anymore…

It took us a while to figure out how to produce this effect. We don’t publish it to make someone else’s life miserable but only to be able to emerge defensively from such trouble because this secret way will also allow you to free these NPCs.

It turns out that a simple summon is responsible for everything. To begin with, we need to summon a monster capable of moving objects. For example, the Demon Skeleton. However, we need to summon it in the right way.

Now you have to surround your character with crates, parcels or certain unusual objects ? We’ll just use the latter,  for example, the Flower Bowl.


Apparently, this item has a secret use. With this object, we can block weak monsters completely just like with parcels. The item does not lift us like a parcel, but strong monsters move it. In addition, it is lighter than a parcel and we can carry it in our backpack. That’s magic! Surely this knowledge can be useful to many people. Of course, this is not the only item with such unusual properties. As it turns out, most potted flowers can be used in this way. Older players may remember that the honey flower on Rook was once used to trap players/monsters.

However, let’s return to our summon. After surrounding ourselves with Flower Bowls, we summon the Demon Skeleton.

As you can see, the monster has appeared behind the counter! By now I think you catch on to what has happened here. Monsters that move boxes or parcels have another interesting property. If they don’t have a clear path in front of them, they destroy objects such as crates. By blocking the path of a summon with, for example, Magic Walls, we can force it to destroy objects.

We can free them using the reverse process – with demon skeleton or other strong summons.


While researching the above-mentioned flowers and their effect on the monsters, we also noticed another curiosity. You may be familiar with the fields just west of Greenshore. There we find, among other plants, sunflowers. When we are surrounded by these sunflowers, the monsters will not attack us, nor will they be able to approach us! Even our summons are unable to step on them.

Tibia even after years can surprise the player with its mechanics. Isn’t that right?

Kazordoon Depo invasion

Since we’re in Kazordoon it’s worth stopping here for a while and visiting the Depo…

Pobierz plik: https://tibiasecrets.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/Xb5Tiap.mp4?_=1

Haha! This is a bizarre situation. Isn’t it? Monster raids at the depo in Kazordoon?


Well not really ? We are already hastening to explain. In the old Tibia, we could move/lure monsters to almost any place we wanted. Nowadays it is difficult because only some monsters, e.g. those from raids, do not disappear if they move away from their respawn point. Interestingly, they will not disappear even if they are on another floor. Okay. This is useful knowledge, but how do you transport such monsters to the centre of Kazordoon? It’s possible thanks to a certain invention of Scutty’s:

Yes. The lifts in Kazordoon can transport not only players but also objects and monsters.

Well, the mystery is solved. Do you admit that such monsters in this place are a very unique sight?

Last, but not least, the lift has one additional and unique attribute. It allows the summons (besides those vocation specific, like Skullfrost) to be transformed into a regular monster. It means that we can for example summon the poodle and then kill it!


Or we can make the crocodile (or other summon) lose the status and then convince it as ek or rp. Paladin with convinced crocodile in Kazz? We bet, this is something you have never seen.


Interestingly, at the time we tested this lift, all the mechanisms we described were working. However, it turned out that one of the last patches „fixed” it partially and it is no longer possible to transform a summon (e.g. poodle) into a monster. Perhaps the fact that we were one of the few in history to kill an unkillable creature (on opt-pvp) was somehow noticed by Cipsoft. ? Nevertheless, transporting raid monsters to the top still works, if you would like to test it.


A fan of nautical stories

There must be a certain Cipsoft employee who is a big fan of nautical stories. If we visit the headquarters of the Explorer’s Society in Liberty Bay a few interesting objects will appear to our eyes. One of them is a specific statue. The plaque on the statue says:

This is most likely a reference to Horatio Hornblower from a series of books written by Cecil Scott Forester recounting Horatio Hornblower’s professional career, starting as a young midshipman and progressing through the ranks of officer and ending with the dignity of admiral. Interestingly, the stories about this sailor were later filmed!


You will probably admit that Flutepiper and Hornblower are very similar words. This is hardly a coincidence!

Game-breaking bug found by TibiaSecrets

As is well known, Tibia is a very complex world, consisting of countless mechanisms and possible interactions. It is not surprising that some bugs escape testing and happen in „production”, i.e. we may encounter them during normal play.

Bugs are of course serious and less serious, a map glitch or a typo in a dialogue with an NPC is nothing particularly interesting or exciting. But how about a really critical bug that allows even a low-level character to summon an immortal and at the same time very powerful creature?

I asked Mogh (co-founder and well-known member of our team) who discovered the bug, to tell us the whole story.

I was conducting research for an upcoming article when I discovered a critical bug that can be exploited by magic professions to summon a creature named „Poor Soul” that deals up to 600-700 hit points of damage and is IMMORTAL. I was shocked to see how powerful this bug was and its implications for the game’s fairness.

I immediately tested the bug on my character „Dead Orc,” and with the help of the Poor Soul , I killed two Bog Raiders with ease. I asked my TibiaSecrets teammate, Haishen, to test the bug on his character Zaajebustor and within a few kills, we realized that the bug was a massive game-changer. Poor Soul was able to take down Dark Torturer and a Fury within no time.
We have decided not to test this summon any further having already realised its power and the frightening potential abusiveness of this bug.

This bug was a major concern for the Tibia community as it could enable players to take on daily bosses, and even the most difficult ones, single-handedly. The implications are far-reaching, as low-level players could gain massive amounts of experience by summoning Poor Souls and sending them into battle. Not to mention that any PVP battles would be massively affected. I believe that people didn’t know about it and it somehow existed unnoticed. It was so easy to exploit that we would surely know (by now) about players who used/abused it.”

And indeed, Cipsoft took the matter seriously and was exceptionally quick to act. The patch came out only a few days after the bug was reported. This is the second time Mogh has discovered such a serious problem (the first time he reported the infinite dwarven legs bug). We encourage you to be fair and proactively report such things. Let’s help to make our favourite game bug-free.

Keeping our readers in mind, we have taken care to properly document this „discovery”. Thanks to Mogh and Haishen we can enjoy the video below:


It is also worth mentioning that this bug could already be present in the game since the introduction of the Soul War quest, which means for more than two years.

Have you ever reported a serious bug? Make sure to let us know on our Discord!







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