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Explorer’s Diary – Episode 14 – Community editon

Explorer’s Diary – Episode 14 – Community editon


Written by: Various authors

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Hey there, fellow Tibian Explorers! Welcome to the special community edition of Explorer’s Diary, where we’re about to dive into the juiciest submissions from our latest contest. This is the 14th episode of our beloved series, and we’ve got a treat for you!

From a bunch of amazing entries in our recent contest, CMs and fansite admins handpicked the top 3, and we thrown in 5 more random gems for good measure. Get ready to uncover some hidden mysteries, quirky allusions, and mind-boggling curiosities. Some might just tickle your curiosity while others could lead to epic discoveries or exciting new adventures.
As you delve into the secrets and stories we’ve collected, we’d love to hear your thoughts and theories. So, get ready to be amazed and inspired by the incredible discoveries of your fellow Tibian explorers!

The remaining submissions will be featured in the next two episodes of the series – the next one coming out in just a week! Keep an eye on our website and Discord so you don’t miss it!


„Tibia’s sound – Boss hunter’s best friend!” – Smucker – 1st place

Do you want to complete your Nemesis Bosstiary? Are looking for a rare drop from a Nemesis Boss? Are you tired of staring at your screen waiting for a boss to spawn?

Suffer no more! Tibia sounds are the best allies on Nemesis Boss Hunting!

My research has confirmed, as several boss hunters research in various Tibia Fansites, that it’s NOT possible to block the spawn of raid bosses (Nemesis Bosses). By having Tibia’s sound on, especially the Creatures “Attack and spells” sounds, players can be alerted when a Boss spawns…


Let’s take as example, Man in the cave:

Man in the cave lair is an unreachable cave in the Formorgar Glacier, above the Ice Golems cave. Once he spawns and players step below the hole in his room, players MAY be roped up. It is not instantly so it’s not easy to find him.

Another traditional method to find him, besides waiting to be roped up, consists in staring at the screen looking for the messages he shouts:

I will rope you up! All of you!
Have you seen my old pal Frack?
A MIC to rule them all!
Let me put my rope around your neck

He spawns with 3-4 Monks, players look for the messages they shout:

Repent Heretic!
A prayer to the almighty one!
I will punish the sinners!

My recent research discovered there’s a way to leave characters semi-AFK and get alerted when Man in the cave spawns:

Players must lure away the Ice Golems near the “rope spot”. It’s recommended to use Energy Wall rune to trap them.

A screenshot of a video game Description automatically generated

Once players are alone near the spot, they can leave their character “Semi-AFK” or log in and out with creatures’ attack and spells SOUND ON.


As one of the abilities of Man in the cave and Monks is Self-Healing, and no other creature in the lair self-heals, when they spawn, players will start to hear a lot of Healing sounds! Before being roped up!

When players hear these sounds, it’s now time to stand in the “rope spot” and wait until being roped up to face Man in the cave.

A video game screen shot Description automatically generated

Using this technique, players can look for many other Nemesis bosses. For most of them, it’s needed to lure and trap away regular spawn monsters and wait next to the Boss spawn spot with SOUND ON. Once the Boss spawns, players will hear battle sounds. Be careful, if players wait next to the Boss spawn spot, their character might die since the sound will be of the fight against them.

Some other examples:


Players can lure and trap regular monsters in the corner rooms:

A screenshot of a video game Description automatically generated

And wait, with SOUND ON for Zushuka to spawn… once she spawns, battle sounds will alert the player.



Players can lure and trap regular monster far in the cave:

A video game screen shot Description automatically generated

And wait, with SOUND ON for Shlorg to spawn… once he spawns, battle sounds will alert the player.

 A screenshot of a video game Description automatically generated

So, turn sound on and happy Boss Hunting!



„Tibian Cristalogy” – Charitastic – 2nd place


Gnomestein Boltzmann, who spent much of his life studying crystalomancy, died by his own Crystalcrusher pet; Urks The Dwarf, carrying the studies, lost his voice recently in an incident involving a Shrieking Cry-stal.

Now it’s our turn to study Crystalogy”


Since Tibia’s dawn the Gods creations were full of magic; so much, it often created un-thinked byproducts. This overflowing effect is responsible for many Tibian wonders. Books about Genesis help us understand the ancient crystals, they store immense power, allowing them to act as a canvas for events and creatures to jump into existence.

“The Great Creation I” – Rookgaard Library

Oldest dwarven stories take place ages after Genesis. The book “Mysterious Ruins”, in Royal Archives, talks about the Morads; nomadic builders that supposedly left traces all over the world. They implemented a fast growing crystal substance for their buildings, showing first signs of crystals applied as a resource.

From „Tibian Languages” – Tibian Letters Part II

On pages from a torn book known as “The Dreamers”, the unknown author describes how his people uses dreams as source of creation:
“ I write this down on mere paper instead of using the dream crystals of my people.”
The “Crystal Artifact” concept unfolds.

As eons pass crystals fragmented and transformed their surroundings, each crystal embodying different aspects from its nature. In Hrodmir we learn about ice shards, tremendously powerful magic minerals. They help Crystal Spiders rely on solid ice rather than silk, also allow Frost Dragons to exhale blizzards. There’s much information on this subject as Svargrond is well documented, from Legends Of The Frostheart to the studies of the ever-young Ice Witches.

“Frostspire’s Secret III” – Krimhorn Library

Mining and resource gathering are common for many races,

whereas crystal mastery is only achieved by a few wise men.

After all, a seasoned Dwarf knows not to dig deeper than a Carrion Worm would.

Gnomes found the widest known crystal environments , they are home of many manifestations of crystal life. Crystalcrushers and Shrieking Cry-stals diets are rich in minerals but also eat other creatures. Prismatic quartz are the prized material for our prismatic armors and rings.

Shapes might change, but an experienced adventurer knows where the valuable crystals are.

Crystal research always leads to the depths. Mages from Demona have made intense studies on crystals and talons. Papers are there for anyone to get, just show your library ticket to the guys in charge.

”Life crystals” – Demona Library

Crystal mastery manifested in Yalahari’s intricate artifacts weaving magic into machines with precision. Gnome Crystalomancy focuses on practical applications, controlling crystals with light and sound. Gnomish and Yalahari Golems are well documented. The three volumes of “Your Golem And You ”, written by Telas, are a great starter.

There’s more knowledge and amazing places with crystals out there: gardens, artifacts, caves and creatures. This article only covers the fundamentals about crystalogy, i hope it encourages you to make room on hotkeys for luminescent crystal pickaxe ?



„The Search for the Missing Captain” – Loqhakk – 3rd place

Many of us know that bartenders are among the most talkative NPCs. This is not about mission assignment, but rather about rumours.

As I am a resident of Venore, I first went to the local tavern where Maria Corona is the bartender.

She tells us about various interesting or less interesting things. Some of them are obvious and others can be quite puzzling. Quite a few of them involve Ice Islands, for example, Demons in Formorgar Mines or Sea Serpents near the islands.

What interested me most was the mention of a certain Captain Ogden Brewboiler.
When I learned enough from Maria, I went to the tavern in Thais where Frodo is a bartender.
After a while I experienced a surprise! Well, our dear Captain is also a friend of Frodo!

The interesting fact here is that at the mention of „rumours”, both Maria and Frodo will respond to us with the same answers. Do you think this is a coincidence? Then what does Scott from Senja have to do with it? He also answers exactly the same!

Personally, I think that such talks could introduce more interesting facts but unfortunately, CipSoft has been very limited in cases mentioned above ?. Anyways…

It is still, worth trying to find out something about Captain Ogden himself.
None of the bartenders respond to any mention of their „friend,” so we are on our own.

We know that he went to the northern sea. So it is worth going to the Ice Islands first.

I haven’t come across anyone who has heard of the Captain Brewboiler in Svargrond. I assume in that case, that his ship may have been sunk by Sea Serpents, or simply crashed somewhere.

Looking through maps of the Ice Islands, I came across something interesting. A shipwreck on Grimlund, a small island next to Nibelor.

That’s where I went in the first place, and it was an accurate shot. At the site, in addition to the shipwreck, I also found the corpses of its crew. One of the bodies was carrying a book.

It was, of course, the Diary of Captain Ogden Brewboiler. We learn from it that the crew faced a hurricane, crashing into Chakoya’s territory, which the Captain had never heard of before. Each day, more sailors disappeared without a trace or were found dead, until finally Captain Ogden was the only one alive.

To summarize. We’ve put the facts together, we’ve accomplished some kind of Hidden Quest that doesn’t show up in the Quest Log. So maybe now one of the bartenders will remember their Captain-friend they were so worried about?

As some of you may have expected (or not), neither Maria, nor Frodo, nor Scott have anything more to say about Captain Ogden Brewboiler.
Our reward for completing this Hidden Quest is simply to learn the tragic fate of the captain, who no one cares about anymore anyway…


Note from TibiaSecrets team: the submissions below are in random order.

„RESEARCH PAPER ST-420” – Moonlightxx

Pyramids, pharaohs and sand. These are the things that everyone of us easily associates with ancient Egypt. Or Ankrahmun. But are these the only connections? Hell no! In fact, there are more than I could write in this diary. So let’s start!

The ancient Egyptians believed that a soul was made of many components. In addition to these components, there was the human body. Almost every NPC in Ankrahmun can confirm that theory, although using different names. These parts separated at the moment of death, and were able to once again reunite with the body – if there still was one. This is why they cared a lot for keeping the body of the deceased in good condition (mummification).

But there were many more challenges the dead had to face before they were able to enter the afterlife. Through the support of the living, the dead had access to protection and knowledge they would need to be reborn.

The journey of the dead starts in the tomb, which has „false door” carving, acting like a passage between the worlds. Grave goods are the supplies to smooth the deceased’s journey into an afterlife – offerings to gods. And there are plenty of them in the ST. Like the Ankh – Egyptian symbol of rebirth.

Afterlife texts were netherworld instructions for the deceased. Their form changed from pyramid texts, coffin texts, to the books of the dead, which were often written in an ancient Egyptian language, unknown even to the writers themselves. Remember „Mehrah asram”? Another name for the BOTD was ‘book of coming forth by day’, which symbolises rebirth with the sunrise (well known Egyptian concept).

Also look who’s there guiding you to the afterlife – Tothdral. Even his name is similar to Thoth – Egyptian god associated with magic, judgement of the dead, astrology etc. Notice how he never mentions being mourned (as most Ankh NPCs do) while being partly decomposed. Same as Ishebad and Ormuhn. Seems like they really completed the ritual.

So, dead body was placed in a sarcophagus along with crucial items like the BOTD, white pearl (symbol of new life), ankh, scarab amulet (to silence the heart during the gods judgement), etc. for the time necessary to complete soul’s afterlife journey.

The life-force remained in the tomb with the dead body, but it required sustenance from offerings of food, water and incense. No problem with that in ST. We can even see fluid vessels, cheese and carrot lying nearby the offering altar with incense already burning.

Did I mention Serpentine Tower and obelisk symbolising rebirth? (The author doesn’t guarantee its magical powers IRL)

So it seems that Serpentine Tower is a place of rebirth – a tomb if you like. Although I have more connections and ideas, the Egyptian part I know is not explaining the whole ritual. This is why I’m asking you to join my mortal struggle of solving that mystery. More about that after the contest.

Serpentine Tower must fall!


„Ancient Paths” – Royal Brutalis

My first journey was to align the points of the Grave Danger and Feaster of Souls Quests looking for an answer to a portal in Barren Drift but I came across something bigger: the points lined up. Even related to other quests. At first only three ley lines were known and some of their points also aligned. A new alignment caught my attention, the stones at Alatar Lake. I already imagined what it would be like there, did you hear Milos’ stories well?

Another time I read in a book “Words can’t truly preserve their essence so I will leave no books or stone tablets”. Hm… how about this stone tablet with ley lines in my hands? Arriving there I came across “This location is the terminal point of a ley line”. I was shocked and at the same time I understood everything that would come next, I needed to find other points!

The 4 already known, the mysterious totem in Carlin, the next one was at the top of Kazordoon mountain, where I already imagined to be a ley point. What would be special there? They are using the power of the manasphere to fly on magic carpets! And so I found the other points on magic carpets.

Edron and Darashia were problems, I didn’t find them on the carpet floor. Later, Orshabaal miraculously appeared (I swear), I then ran and looked at the stone tablet, and suddenly I found the point on the ground floor and so it was with Darashia. I noticed lines on my map passing through Fibula, it was easy to find it as I had already studied the routes and exits of the teleports during the High and Dry Quest, as well as Ragnir, Vega and Folda. Total of 16 points (a magic number in Tibia) and 1 crossed (Cormaya). After all, what to do with all this? Why source or terminal points? I hope no one finds the rest of my diary!

The first time Godbreaker was used, similar to pangea, the parts were spreading but were fixed by the spell, like strands of a spider’s web. They didn’t get back the harmony but the world of Tibia was created.

Uma imagem contendo Carta Descrição gerada automaticamente

Mapa Descrição gerada automaticamente

Even though you helped in Grimvale, the curse is still out there. And what is the most effective method of contaminating the entire world? Contaminating the source, the Source of Corruption spreading misfortune throughout the world.

Esquemático, Gráfico de radar Descrição gerada automaticamente

Dedoras has been teaching me more than I imagined, going after Cults, navigating unknown islands, even learning how to decode messages. But after all, where should I apply that key I discovered for Tibianus Cipher? As I presented to the community previously, the correct alphabet consists of “thaisbcdefgjklmnopqruvwxyz”, applying:

honeminas = dmlskeltq = demon skeleton?

Mapa Descrição gerada automaticamente com confiança média

Does the architecture of the secret library hide the secret of the magic web?

Texto Descrição gerada automaticamente

Did it look familiar to you? Can’t you see this is the land of confusion?


„Episode 1 : The Fish of languages” – Pebblesz

Dear explorer, today my head has not stop thinking about the Babel Swimmer, I read articles about it. It is a fish with similar colors to the Shimmer Swimmer but with a different mouth and tail. Until this date there is not any record of any player that have found it, obtain or craft it. Some legends state that is close relate to the Shimmer Swimmer, that are obtained in the Equivocolao Lake in Tiquanda, during the world change Twisted Waters World, when the waters are cloudy and brown.

If we convert our shimmer swimmer we can note that certain aspects with the babel, but thre is not a big similarity, so where does this fish comes from?

Researching I found that babels are real fishes, feast from energy that is obtain from brain waves, once the energy is absorbed , the person can understand the same language and even if they do not it speak.

If we introduce a babel fish in the ear of a person, we will be able to understand every language.

We know this object was introduced in the Tibia update 9.10 in summer update from July 6th,2011.I have two things in my mind to purpose:

Theory 1:

The Babel name, it makes us to remember the famous Babel’s tower, the story tell us that this tower tried to reach the sky, It could not be finished because God made each person speak a different language If we analyze this theory, ¿are there any NPC that don’t understand our language?¿ or any places that haven’t been built yet? Maybe with this fish we will be able to establish a conversation with it? you’ve seen Babel tower has a similar structure in its halls to the Serpentine tower , they way you star going up in the floors, maybe the babel swimmer is one of the elements that we need to solve the mystery of the walls.

Theory 2:

This one is related to the Bonelord language, nobody has been able to understand it, but if we retake the part in where we introduce the fish inside the ear of someone, that person would be able to understand and translate the language. The problem falls in that we have not been able to find this fish. During my research I went to Eclesius house and I found that on the second floor there is a gold fish bowl and on the wall there and is a note that explains that you need to prepare a smoothie for the fish to be able to learn the words that you want, we could request to learn the bonelord language and with this we can talk with the NPC at the library and solve this enigma. Also, when we use the food the message “Not a simple fish flakes, but magical fish flakes supporting linguistic development”.

But this are only theories and assumptions, I will keep researching and testing until I get to the truth.

to be continue..


„A PICKY OVEN” – Lyrdi

While some mysteries in Tibia are elderly and substantial, others might seem little and trivial in comparison, while some involve complex programming, others might be the result of a weird or unintended interaction. Such might be the case of this one which to a younger me, still managed to perplex and to stay in my memory to this day.

In the heart of Nargor, the pirate base in Vandura lays a small nook that resembles somewhat of an improvised kitchen of sorts. Dirty and unkempt, stinking with the smell of rotten fish and the sight with the rotting corpses of the same creatures… a tiny, warm and almost cozy oven stands at the back of it. “Nothing out of place, expected really” I thought the first time I saw it.

Now you might be thinking what would make this oven apart from all the hundreds found all across the land of Tibia? I’ll tell you, this oven has an interesting property that you’ll see once you place your meal on top of it. I’ll reject it. It simply doesn’t want it. Place some of the fish or salmon laying around on top of it and *Poof* It’ll teleport it away, a couple SQMs to the right and straight to the floor, theeeere goes your meal… or your empty vials… or your gold! Or whatever you choose to put on top of it! It simply doesn’t want it.

To this day I haven’t found an item it would like to retain if there’s any at all. Throwing myself on top of it I’ve considered even… if only I wasn’t so afraid to have my feelings hurt by its (most likely) possible rejection. Maybe I just need to do more questing around the area to find the answer… Maybe it needs to be someone else. ( ;_;)


„The Lord of the Tibia” – Arandil

Have you ever noticed how Tibia was inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s lore? Years ago, when Tibia was made, the first city created was Thais. And then after Thais, we had Carlin, Kazordoon and Ab’Dendriel.

The four largest cities we had in the beginning, and all of them had connections with the Lord of the Rings movies and books. We even have an exclusive section for it on TibiaWiki’s page:

We also have the city of Kazordoon which is a reference to Khazad-dûm (Moria) with King Durin:

Since they didn’t mention it (and I also didn’t find someone talking about it), we also have the city of Ab’Dendriel which is a clear reference to Tolkien’s elvish cities. It was probably inspired by Rivendell and/or Lothlórien.

From now on, it is my personal theories that will be spoken. Another interesting curiosity we have, but personally speaking, I didn’t have time to research enough, is the Warrior Outfit being similar to Aragorn’s clothing in Bree as Strider.

Putting everything that has been said together, the races we have in the game such as Humans, Dwarves, Elves and Orcs are all interconnected with Tolkien’s lore.

Speaking of NPCs, they react if you say another one’s name. For example, in Thais we have Gorn, Sam and Frodo.

When you ask Frodo and Sam, they reply:

I didn’t put enough research into this, but I barely remember that at least in the movies, Samwise Gamgee was always getting into trouble. Sam’s quote might be referring to the moment they arrived at Bree in the Prancing Pony, and Sam was visibly uncomfortable being among so many people in that tavern.

When you ask Sam about Gorn, he says:

When you ask Gorn (Aragorn) about Frodo and Sam, he replies:

The word “fellow” may be a reference to the Fellowship of the Ring. When asked about Sam, Gorn says that he is “Strong as an Ox”, then I found this J.R.R. Tolkien’s quote from the Return of the King book on GoodReads.com:

The first NPC that was ever created on Tibia was Sam.

Sam’s Old Backpack Quest remembers a lot of stories from the Lord of the Rings lore, which also interconnect together.

To start this quest, you need to find the backpack that is dropped by a rare orc spawn on Ulderek’s Rock. Is Ulderek’s Rock the city of Cirith Ungol which had plenty of Orcs? Is the old backpack the belongings of Frodo when he was captured? Is the Dwarven Armor the mithril mail that was also taken away? We even have Giant Spiders (Shelob, is that you?) on the way to get that Dwarven Armor.

Now, look at this page written on TolkienGateway.net:

Coincidences or not, this is a great story that could be clarified and told by our beloved game creators, and that’s what I love most about Tibia. It reminds me of my favorite franchise (The Lord of the Rings). My name Arandil was inspired by it.







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