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Explorer’s Diary – Episode 16 – Community edition

Explorer’s Diary – Episode 16 – Community edition


Written by: Various authors

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Greetings, explorers! This marks the third and final part of Explorer’s Diary – Community Edition, and it’s also the 16th episode of the entire series. To wrap things up, we’ve included 10 randomly selected submissions from our latest contest. But don’t be deceived! There are some real gems among them that will surely catch you by surprise. In the meantime, we invite you not only to read but also to engage in discussions about the publications on our Discord channel!


„Golden Idol of Tukh: Is there something behind them?” – Eriica Sar

You must be wondering, why the Golden Idol of Tukh (GIoT)? Do they have something behind them? Well, during my Tibian journey, myself and other players (1), have noticed that GIoT is present in a few places that have no apparent relation between them.

Let’s start from the beginning,


GIoT was introduced to the game in the Winter Update of 2018 for Dream Courts Quest (2), during the “Haunted house – The temple” mission. It is looted from Gazer Spectres.

“10:21:29 You see a golden idol of Tukh that will expire in 9 minutes and 32 seconds.
It weighs 20.00 oz.
Ghosts have taken this golden idol before, hurry before they’re at it again.”

The item lasts for 10 minutes and then turns into a:

“10:31:40 You see red ectoplasmic residue.
It weighs 1.20 oz.
It seems a ghost was here.”

The ghosts mentioned are the ones that the Stricked Soul (The NPC that gives us the mission) wants to get rid of.

There is a way to avoid the expiration time; I have reported this little “trick” to Cipsoft to know if this a bug or not.

To avoid the expiration time you have to:

  1. Open a corpse with GIoT inside it.
  2. Put a backpack on the floor.
  3. Move the GIoT from the corpse to your backpack on the floor.
  4. Now you can carry your backpack with your infinite GloT,

This is what we got:

“10:27:05 You see a golden idol of Tukh.
It weighs 20.00 oz.
Ghosts have taken this golden idol before, hurry before they’re at it again!.”

This item is useless for the quest, so you have to move the item to another backpack and the expiration time will start again.


Let’s analyze all the places where we can find GIoT.

2.1 Gazer Spectres: The temple mission, so this place may be the Tukh Temple and here is the message we got when we complete this mission (3)

2.2 Lion Bastion: We can’t interact with this GIoT, but here we can confirm Tukh is/was a god.

Also judging by this book, we can assume that Galthen took the GIoT here from Iksupan since he explored and documented this civilization.


2.3 Ahau: He drops “The Living Idol of Tukh” (4) and here we can see that, at some point in time, the Iks idolized Tukh. Galthen noticed this and took the Idol as one of his Prime Artifacts. Remember there is a Folded Artifact Carpet that can be activated with the Living idol of Tukh.

2.4 The Cube: There is a room where we can see this Idol and again a confirmation of the ancient god Tukh.

2.5 Cobra Bastion: We can see it in the treasures room so it could be related to Galthen

or perhaps, the Cobras pillaged Ikspuan,



How did the Iks meet Tukh?
As an ancient god, is Tukh somehow related to the two suns?
What is the relation with The Cube?

  1. https://www.tibiaqa.com/30284/why-does-golden-idol-of-tukh-appear-in-different-quests
  2. https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Golden_Idol_of_Tukh
  3. https://www.tibiawiki.com.br/wiki/The_Dream_Courts_Quest
  4. https://www.tibiawiki.com.br/wiki/The_Living_Idol_of_Tukh

„Where are the Secret Guardians?” – Lazeralt

One of the most mysterious books in Tibia is ‘The Secret Guardians’.

This book appears in 2 places: Ferumbras’ tower, and the Liberty Bay Temple. It’s remarkably clear compared to most Tibia mysteries.

It essentially says that there are 4 special monsters throughout Tibia that appear just like normal monsters. If all 4 are killed, then a locked door leading to an ‘Inner Sanctum’ will open.

An item called an Eye of Xandalos would function as basically an Exiva spell to help us find these monsters.

Sadly, it turns out this is the only mention of the Eye of Xandalos in the game. Nor is there even an item named this.

But that gives us an interesting Brute-Force possibility. Could we get several dozen volunteers, and methodically kill batches of creatures to ensure every permutation of 4 creatures were dead at the same time?

While technically doable, that sounds logistically hard. You would almost need some sort of League of Explorer’s contest to make it work ?

Let’s instead focus on the Eye of Xandalos. The Fiendish creature system, and the ‘Find Fiend’ spell are proof that, from a technical perspective, individual special creatures can be tracked.

This is important, because until this recent addition, the functionality was entirely theoretical. This confirmed that an Eye of Xandalos could function within Tibia.

It’s also worth noting that simply using an EoX seems to be very expensive. This probably means each ‘Exiva’ you do with it would require tons of gold.

That sounds super cool though. Imagine if Exiva-ing one of these monsters cost Billions of gold. That’s the perfect framework for a huge community mystery event, where every type of person could meaningfully contribute:

I can already visualize an awesome Tibia stream with the community coming together to help solve this!

But I’m getting ahead of myself, there’s 2 other big questions:

Looking at other ‘Eye of XXXX’ items, 2 stand out to me



Both are similar shapes, and designs. A fish shaped frame, with a single gem inside. Notably, the Eye of Suon quest requires us to construct it

I wonder if a different Gem could be inserted in the Eye-Shaped Frame to create an Eye of Xandalos instead of an Eye of Suon? Or perhaps another gem could be inserted in the super-rare Eye of the Storm?

As for the Inner Sanctum, There happens to be something under the person who sells Gems (and likes to mention fish) in Liberty Bay. I’ll bet you know what that is ?


„The Origin of Diblis the Fair” – Shepherd of Wolves

If you have ever found yourself in the caves under Nargor you may have come across a large cavern haunted by two ghosts of some long deceased pirates. Among human bones scattered on the floor of the cavern there lies a fresh corpse of a woman. This seemingly insignificant detail could make you return to this place and wonder why it was a female body that lied here, at the bottom of the island inhabited largely by almost exclusively male pirates.

The answer to this question lies – quite literally – in the lonely coffin next to the cave wall. Once in a while the coffin lid opens and one of the four original Vampire Lords awakens. Diblis the Fair, as that is his name, is the only Vampire Lord that neither spawns with vampires nor summons them. Instead, one or two banshees appear with him and he’s capable of summoning more of these undead mourners. Once you have learned that – hopefully not in a hard way, coming here unprepared and underleveled – the female corpse on Nargor makes much more sense – and also points at the most likely source of inspiration for Diblis. In Warhammer universe the coast of the tropical continent Lustria became a self-proclaimed domain of the captain of Undead Pirates and Vampire Lord himself, Luthor Harkon. Among Harkon’s most renowned thralls was a once powerful sorceress, whom the vampire lord killed and turned into undead “syreen” (siren), a sea banshee known as Brine Wife.

Shepherd of Wolves, Refugia




„The Traitorous Librarian” – Macho Tokes

What is the story behind the Librarian in the Secret Library? It has special scripted pathing behavior that no other creature in Tibia has, as well as multiple spell animations.

I encourage you to watch the full pathing here:

There’s an excellent Reddit thread detailing the behavior here:

The Librarian seems to want to go on a Counter-Clockwise loop, and active Ostentatious Bookstands, as shown here (Image credit: ‘Violent Beams’):

Yet the Librarian can never make the full path, as he gets ‘stuck’ right here:

He can’t pass this X-Axis, as he hits the despawn limit that every creature in Tibia has. So he hovers in this area forever. An interesting discovery is that he only initially starts his pathing when a player gets close, otherwise he’s frozen at his spawn point. But once he starts pathing, he will stay in this Northern area until the next Server Save, unless you move him

This seems to be done intentionally so we can see the full behavior.

My team considered this a bug, but CIP confirmed to us it is working as intended. The end result is the same: The Librarian does not complete his lap, and can not reach the third Ostentatious Bookstand.


So… what is his mission? There’s absolutely no information about him specifically, he’s never once referenced overtly in-game.

But maybe we can put some clues together. Let me introduce you to NPC Cerebrir.

These are the only 2 known uses of this Sprite in all of Tibia. I believe that Lore-wise, Cerebrir IS the Librarian we see outside. We just don’t know his name until we’re formally introduced to him in the Final Library Boss, the Scourge of Oblivion.

Because we can only be in the boss room for a few minutes, and there’s a very hectic fight happening, generating full transcripts for him is difficult.

But from briefly talking to him, he mentions he is trained to protect the Library, and the invaders have overcome that protection, something that he considers impossible without inside help. He concludes someone must have betrayed the Library.

Infact, I think the ‘lap’ that we see the Librarian doing, is him performing the warding ritual. Yet, since he fails to do it, the Scourge of Oblivion can successfully attack the Library.

Doesn’t that seem strange that the Secret Library’s Librarian would just… forget or fail part of his critical warding ritual?

Let’s not forget that he also has another huge ‘failure’ during the Scourge of Oblivion fight: he completely fails to notice that the attack was a distraction, and allows critical information to be stolen. At the end of the fight, he says:

Cerebrir fails at every single important moment that we see him involved with. Do you really think that Zathroth would put someone so incompetent in charge of the library?

I think he’s trying to deflect blame and get us looking at everyone, except himself, as the traitor.


„The Boss Bang Theory” – Siamix

Being a professional boss hunter for the past year and encountering hundreds of bosses, I’ve noticed a recurring pattern in their appearances.

I lead a group of boss hunters in Quelibra and over the past year, we’ve documented our findings, uncovering a total of 1,318 rare spawn nemesis bosses since October 6th, 2022.

During my boss searches, whether using makers, main or camping on the spot, I started to notice something: we often found bosses just a few minutes after someone else had checked. Or you just had to leave the camp for one minute, and the boss would spawn right away.

One incident was really remarkable. I logged in where Barbaria spawns. At the same time I logged in, I could see another player logging out AND Barbaria spawning!

This made me wonder if the mechanic for the boss spawn takes into account how much players interact with the map area where it spawns.

As if passing through that area or relogging there, forces some mechanic that increases the chance of the boss spawning.

We camped online a lot where the boss took a long time to spawn, often spawning in one of the last days of his radar. And many times, the person would leave for one minute and come back, and the boss would appear.

With that in mind, I started to create a theory about Bank Robbers. We have found a few of them since the Bosstiary came, but Thais’ boss, Jesse the Wicked, was never found!

Old players know that monsters will only interact with the map if you are 2 floors up or down. This can be seen easily on the sea serpent’s respawn.

So I decided to check the map on each Bank Robber.


Common. Area is popular amongst questers and hunters – lots of map interactions.

Robby the Reckless

Common. At first glance it might not make sense to the theory, because this doesn’t seem like a very frequented place.

But if we look two floors up, we can see that it’s an area on the way to the Grave Danger bosses, so there are always players passing by – lots of map interactions.

Elvira Hammerthrust

Medium. Two floors up or down are still inside the mines. Not so frequented, but still some people pass by.

Jesse the Wicked

Super rare.

If we take a look 2 floors up, we can see that it’s still an “abandoned” area. It’s close to the path where people go to the Warzones, but it’s still “far” – not causing interaction below.

We decided to test if we could force Jesse to spawn! We relocated makers to Jesse’s spot and relogged during the day to force map interactions.

Two or three days later… Bank Robber active in Thais for the first time!

This is very recent and happened at 2am this morning.

Does it make any sense? Or just a coincidence?

We’ll continue to try this out and see if we can spawn Jesse more!

„PARKOUR, UP AND DOWN at the same time” – Lyrdi

Have you ever wanted to do a parkour wall-spin in tibia? Have you ever wanted to turn 180° in one direction in the most inefficient way while spending mana? What’s that? No? Well I’ll tell you anyway!

As you might know, while standing on certain walls or edges you can use the spell exani hur “up/down” to climb up or down one level in the world and you’ll notice that if you’re not in range of such structures you’ll just do a *poof* effect, no mana consumed, no cooldown start, nothing.

What you might not know is that if you cast this spells while facing some stairs or slopes —such as ankrahmun’s pyramids, not only will you spend the mana cost of the spell, put the spell group on cooldown but will also “be turned” to face the opposite direction you were facing before.

A very interesting interaction indeed. The spell is cast, you’re teleported effectively up but land right in the upper SQM that would in fact “teleport you down” as if you were descending from the top (hence why you end up facing the opposite direction). I would have expected the screen to flash with the upper room for at least a couple frames, maybe have some sort of possible use to insta attack or use an item, chest, etc… but the effect seems instant and the specific places it can be done in are impractical of any real use turning this interaction into just a visual cool wall-flip in tibia.

„Yselda Made Easy” – Tiger Backwoods

Many people don’t know there is a way to kill Megasylvian Yselda with little damage (almost none!) to yourself. The only 2 things you need: energy bombs and the ability to summon. There are 4 essential components to this mechanic which must be followed.

Firstly, you’ll notice there is room damage originating from the megasylvian saplings. There are safe areas in the room and as long as you’re standing in those areas, the room damage is easily avoided.

Secondly, you’ll notice Yselda has a sudden death attack that hits about 400 damage. There are 2 ways to avoid this. You’ll notice that the sudden death attack has a range and as long as you’re outside the range, you won’t be hit. Additionally, you can summon a demon skeleton and make sure it stays between you and Yselda to hold the aggression of the boss. Since the demon skeleton is immune to death, it can’t be killed by this attack.

Thirdly, Yselda constantly summons a pesky Carnisylvan Sapling that explodes which deals about 400 damage. The secret here is that the sapling will only explode upon contact with a player but not a summon. A variety of summons were tested as seen in the images below and all of which held up this theory, however it’s best to use a creature immune to death and fire in case it wanders into Yselda’s sudden death range.

Lastly, to make things extra easy, energy bomb yourself and Yselda. By doing this, you prevent your demon skeleton from coming too close to yourself or Yselda. This way, the Carnisylvyan Sapling won’t accidentally come too close to you and you can target Yselda without sending your summon straight into the boss.

Now let’s put everything together. Once you pull the lever, say “DEMIHBOULDR SOMMBHA WITHER” to Yselda, run to the safe spot, energy bomb yourself and Yselda, summon the demon skeleton, and proceed to kill the boss with sudden deaths. You may take a few hits from Yselda or the megasylvian sapling but once you’re set up, you shouldn’t be taking any damage other than from your energy bomb and there should be no need to move.

„The taming of the pharaoh pillars” – King Activist

Pillar | TibiaWiki | Fandom Vashresamun | TibiaWiki | Fandom Ashmunrah | TibiaWiki | Fandom Pillar | TibiaWiki | Fandom


Many people shun the idea of camping pharaohs to complete bosstiary entries or to loot a rare item, though the annoying ominous pillars and their constant damage input is enough to deter even the bravest tibians. The vexation of the towers made me think for a bit until their annoyance spurred my ingenuity and resulted into a moment of discovery. You are able in most pharaoh rooms to redirect the damage of the pillars to your familiar with the spell “challenge”.

There are a few rooms that you can do this solo, but most of them will require at least one elite knight for the challenge spell. If you have at least one knight and two players, you are able to avoid 100% of the pillars’ damage. If you are a solo knight, you will be avoiding the damage of the pillars 50% of the time. If you do the bathtub trick for your familiar, you will be able to avoid damage for 30 minutes straight instead of 15 minutes.

A video game screen with a cartoon character Description automatically generated

For example, in the picture above, we are situated in the ashmunrah tomb, where the pillars cannot be reached to challenge. Though, the room is wide enough for you to throw yourself on the opposite side, keeping your familiar in the center of the room. With yourself out of the sight of the pillars and with your familiar in their screen, they will naturally retarget on your familiar, which you can then go back to your original spot, without receiving any input damage.

A video game screen with a cartoon character Description automatically generated

In the picture above, for the original example, where we have the pillars in the Mahrdis tomb reachable to challenge. We start by challenging the tower, and then putting your familiar right beside it, so it targets it (you will know the pillar is targeting your familiar because it will poof, like it’s doing melee to it). Do this for both side and wait to see at least one range attack from the pillar to your familiar before going back to your semi-afk position.

A video game screen with a dragon and fire Description automatically generated A video game screen with a cartoon character and fire Description automatically generated

A screenshot of a video game Description automatically generated

A video game screen with a cartoon character Description automatically generated

Once you have both towers retargeted on your familiar, you can put yourself back against the wall, and savor the next 15 minutes of not worrying about the pillars’ damage. Again, 30 minutes if you have done the bathtub trick beforehand.

Remember, this is still a semi-afk approach to camp pharaoh rooms more comfortably. Stay vigilant and keep those eyes peeled, because mischief’s just around the corner, and it doesn’t take 'no’ for an answer!

A screenshot of a video game Description automatically generated

Although don’t expect them all to be a breeze.

A video game screen shot Description automatically generated

„Grand master of the dragon taming…” – Anne Fearless

Much has been said about the gray “plague” that is corrupting all of Zao,[1] including the falcons, but little has been said about Oberon’s almost tragicomic attempt to tame a dragon. From the beginning, a “druid” and Preceptor Lazare worked together to find a cure.[2] If we follow the notes scattered in Falcon Bastion, we can see how Oberon’s desperation progresses until he almost relapses into madness: The Grand Master of the falcons, upon realizing his mistake, could not help but feel furious with himself:

This fury led to a constant and unpleasant demand for his followers to seek a cure. As Oberon asked them for more and more extreme things, his Druid ended up abandoning him:


Lazare, however, did continue with the mission.

And it’s at this point that the falcons somehow went from experimenting on a Lizard corpse to trying to tame dragons (possibly Lizards too). Oberon sensed that the origin of the plague was in the origin of the continent: a land led by lizards where nothing was like in the known Tibia.[4] Although a good intuition, it is still laughable that being on the verge of death, the -strong, brave and already a little evil due to corruption- falcons tried to tame dragons with comic desperation.

We find their objective in a secret room on the second floor of Falcon Bastion: the Thawing Dragon Lord, a frozen dragon that if we melt it allows us to attack it, but it also melts around it where we can find a note in which the Grand Commander Soeren writes to Chaplain Gaunder to tell him very desperately that they need to tame the dragon “asap”:

Curiously, if we check the study where the Preceptor is kept we can find a book that tells us that he in fact responded to the pleas of his friends and is looking for how to tame the dragon:

Of course, it is somewhere between tragic and comical that these strong bosses are falling into such absurd measures as following instructions from a charlatan’s book or making a dragon “sit” as if it were a dog.

By searching for more books within Falcon Bastion we can know that the attempt to tame the frozen dragon was not the only one that was in mind but possibly the only one that came to fruition. The books Disillusioned Blacksmith and Falcon Bastion Stables also talk about the creation of chains, shackles and corrals for beasts that would not be horses but dragons and, why not, other Zao lizards.

Despite all this despair we know that the end of this story is found in tragedy. I hope it is only a tragedy for the falcons, perhaps for Zao, but that it will never be a corruption that destroys the rest of our beautiful lands of Tibia.

  1. For example in the excellent article by Jefir Infallible published in Tibia Secrets: https://tibiasecrets.com/the-secret-evil-lurking-under-zao/
  2. Our druid and the Preceptor are working on a solution to the plague. Our quest is far from over, we pray that there is still hope. En: Annotations on the Grey Plague and the significance of the Grimoire Impluviatus.
  3. https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Grey_Plague_Research_(Book)
  4. Perhaps if they had also investigated the Bonelords the result would have been different… either way their fate was sealed.

„Souvenirs of the Past” – Loqhakk

Islands from the past – Rookgaard, Island of Destiny, Beginner Island and Dawnport.

There were many items there that people didn’t care for, yet on Mainland they are relatively expensive or in demand by collectors.
What are these items, are they still obtainable? That’s what we’ll find out in this section.

The days of Rook are over. However, when Tutorial Island appeared, items such as Cockroach Leg began to flow to the Mainland.

Despite the fact that at the time, it is a very rare item – it has a use in the Transmutator Machine on Yalahar in the Alchemy district.

Transmutator in Yalahar is really fun and I recommend everyone to try it out. Unfortunately, after going through „decontamination” we will lose the appearance of our achievement…. However! There is a way around this, and I encourage you to read the article on this topic on TibiaSecrets!

To the point.

If you want to get back from Dawnport to Rookgaard, just talk to NPC Inigo – he’ll take care of the rest!

There was a time when Mainland items went to Rookgaard. This was a bug effect. Many players were banned or their accounts deleted. This is something we will not address, however, it is worth mentioning.

More important is – what can we transfer from the past to the future! We will find out!

Well, there are several items worth noting. They are not found on Mainland, but are possible to transfer them there. (It is worth remembering that Rookgaard People, currently, leaves at level 8. If you have a higher one, you won’t get out of the Rook either to Dawnport or Mainland!)
On Rookgaard, there is a Quest called The Rookie Guard Quest. During these missions we are able to obtain items such as:
– Skinning Knife
– Book of Orc Language
– Keys 4601 or 4603
– Fleshy Bone

These items are worth keeping, as they are not available on Mainland! Don’t throw them away.

In Tibia it happens that „things that shouldn’t happen” become and are often called bugs but sometimes they are a simple oversight.
It was possible to move items from Dawnport, to Mainland or Rookgaard!

Fixing this oversight, raised the price of various items on both Main and Rook.
“you would put the bp on the ship, and the character would go down, then you would see the bp and the grass on the left side, and the bp on the grass would move, and the character would go to the bp to throw, because if you stood on the ship, then you would not see the grass”
(Big thanks to Darkgladir!)

This is but one example.

Souvenirs worth mentioning:
– Oracle Figurine
– Steel Axe
Both can be purchased from Raffael on Isle of Destiny.

What other items come to mind for you? Do you think they would affect any secrets undiscovered or unfinished on Mainland?

This is where I part ways with you….



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