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Explorer’s Diary – Episode 17

Explorer’s Diary – Episode 17


Written by: Mogh

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Hello again, explorers of mysteries and adventurers! After three thrilling episodes of the Community Edition, it's time for a regular Explorer's Diary entry. We invite you aboard our ship as we embark on a journey full of discoveries. Get ready for another dose of fascinating facts and mysteries that will surely enrich your knowledge..

A Strange, Inaccessible Outfit

 In one of the recent episodes of the Explorer's Diary player Acolyte Tempest conducted a thorough analysis of a screenshot found in the Screenshots section on Tibia's main page, revealing some surprising findings.

We can probably assume that since at least one of the screenshots prepared by Cipsoft likely conceals a secret, perhaps other screenshots also hold some mysteries? Today, we will focus on a screenshot taken in Yalahar with the suggestive description: "Discover the secrets of the mysterious inhabitants of ancient cities."

At first glance, we won't find anything extraordinary in this picture. The game developers showcase the beautiful architecture of the central part of Yalahar and one of the city's inhabitants – the mysterious Yalahari. In the center of the screenshot is the player. Let's take a closer look:

More observant viewers may have already noticed that something is amiss here…

 The player's outfit presented in the above screenshot is peculiar. It's a combination of two available outfits, or rather, addons of the Yalahari outfit. It looks like an outfit with the second addon and a piece of a book, which is an element from the first addon.

Isn't it strange? ☺ How is this even possible? After all, players don't have the ability to acquire two addons, right? That's correct. In the game, it's likely impossible to obtain all the addons for this outfit, but technically, an outfit with all the addons exists, and the game client can display it. As evidence, we'll refer to the official set of graphics from the Char Bazaar.


Base + 1st addon:


Base + 2nd addon:


Base + 1st + 2nd addon:


It's a bit strange, you have to admit, and at the same time, it raises a question. Why did a Cipsoft employee presented this outfit, inaccessible to players, in this screenshot? Is it some hidden message, or just a simple mistake on Cipsoft's part? Let us know what you think on our Discord!

The Mysterious Rattle

Those of you who have completed the Krailos Quest probably remember the mission involving a rattle… 

This item possesses significant magical power. In the quest, we use it in a ritual to bless the sacred places of the ogres. Interestingly, as noted by one of our Discord users, @Lana, this item remains in our inventory after completing the mission, and we can reuse it anywhere. What's intriguing is that Ghorza (NPC and quest giver) warns us against using the rattle in an inappropriate place, as it might disturb spirits. This raises the question: Could it be possible that the item has additional uses in the game? It's worth noting that in the update introducing Krailos to the game, a quest item called Shark Teeth was added. Interestingly, it is a component of the rattle, and as mentioned by our community member @Fernando G (mequetrefe), it has its use in another quest (Tooth Fairy), even though it can only be found on Krailos. This might suggest that the rattle could also have some additional purpose in the game. At least such a possibility is not ruled out.

This is what using the item in an inappropriate place looks like. But can the Painted Gourd Rattle be used somewhere outside the mentioned Krailos Quest to achieve a positive effect without angering the spirits? Unfortunately, we haven't found the answer to this question. However, we noticed an additional and unique property of this item that could guide us and you in the right direction. If we look at the entries for this item on the Cyclopedia, we'll see that it can be worn in the shield slot:

It's a bit surprising, isn't it? We reported this unusual property of the item to Cipsoft as a bug and received the following response:

Therefore, the ability to place the Painted Gourd Rattle in our inventory as a shield is not a bug but an intentional functionality. It must be admitted that this is very intriguing. We don't have to use the rattle in the shield slot during the Krailos Quest. This unique item may have some greater significance in the game, given that such a property was designed for it. Perhaps, dear readers, you'll manage to discover its true power? Maybe you'll find the right place to use it? Or perhaps it's just a quirky curiosity or a joke from Cipsoft? After all, we use rattles in our hands, and the option to wear it in the hand slot may just be an additional feature without a greater secret behind it. We leave these questions unanswered. But at the end of this intriguing story about the rattle, we'll tell you one thing for sure. The game developers, in creating this item, certainly drew inspiration from real Gourd Rattles. ☺ 


Secrets of the younger sister

Today is the day to finally write something about TibiaME. The world in this game is also called Tibia, and since we are TibiaSecrets, let's feel obligated to present you with an interesting curiosity related to this game. Firstly, it should be noted that TibiaME is different from its older sister. Many of you may not be familiar with this game at all, so we'll try to describe an interesting fact in a way that is as understandable as possible. Let's start by saying that, similar to Tibia, TibiaME features NPC quests, monsters, combat, and achievements. Both games share similar mechanics, but delving into the details, they are not identical. Some things are significantly simplified in TibiaME. That's enough of an introduction. Let's move on to the awaited interesting tidbit. When visiting a certain undead island called Ashmor, you may come across a mysterious NPC.


Let's pause here for a moment. It seems that the NPC with the intriguing name Ridley is uttering some cryptic words. Undoubtedly, this text sounds mysterious. It turns out that it is a slightly modified quote from a certain song.

You can listen to the song for free, for example, on YouTube here:

Nik Kershaw - The Riddle (youtube.com)

Some of you may know this song, especially the older players. Before we proceed further, we recommend listening to the song in its entirety. It will set the perfect mood for further reading ☺ It's worth noting that some people familiar with the song "The Riddle" suspect that it is, indeed, a form of riddle that no one has solved yet. But that's a topic for a completely different story. In any case, we found an interesting allusion placed by the TibiaME creators. Let's move on. If we talk to Ridley, we receive the following response:


In the city of Ashmor, a certain mission is assigned to us by someone named Gerhard. The mission involves saving someone named "Trua." After this conversation, we can talk to Ridley again and receive a quest:

It's worth noting that the quest's name is exactly the same as the name of the mentioned song. We must find four people who will reveal the answer to the riddle: "Who is the keyman?" Interestingly, separate missions appear in the quest log for which there are no material rewards. 

Here are the NPCs to be found:

Each NPC reveals a fragment of a complete sentence. The complete sentence we learn allows us to guess that Ridley is the keyman. But that's not the most important part now. It's intriguing that NPC George has a female outfit. Upon deeper analysis, we've concluded that part of the quest related to NPC conversations is a wonderful reference to "The Famous Five" book series. 

The protagonists are:

It's worth adding that George is actually Georgina, who requires addressing her in the masculine form (as in the book), and the diminutive of the name Richard is Dick. Everything fits. Wwe can even encounter Timmy in the game, next to George:

Undoubtedly, the quest "The Riddle" has a so-called hidden layer that few are aware of. Interestingly, the quest doesn't end here. We need to find a person named "Trua." The name alone seems very promising when it comes to all sorts of secrets. Unfortunately, Mogh, whom we sent to uncover secrets in TibiaME, did not find a companion for further play, and the quest requires a second player to complete it in its entirety. 


It's highly likely that "The Riddle" may hide much more than what we've described above. But why are we writing about TibiaME at all? Well, while playing for several evenings, Mogh noticed that the game has tremendous potential when it comes to various secrets. Mogh discovered a small piece of the map and already stumbled upon dozens of cool things that players, absorbed in leveling up, don't pay attention to. Moreover, it should be noted that almost none of these "things" are described or documented. We suspect that only a small fraction of documented secrets (e.g., on YouTube) relates to hidden locations. But hidden locations can be much more numerous! Did you know, for example, that almost every sqm on the TibiaME map that we can walk on may conceal gold or some item? It's truly fascinating! In our opinion, TibiaME is the perfect candidate for a game that is a mine of unresolved secrets. Since it's a Cipsoft game, it's possible that we'll find some important references to "Big Tibia" in it. After all, both games are created by people who know each other, and sometimes even the same people who create or have created Tibia.

Maybe this opinion will tempt you to conduct your own research in this area? Maybe you'll talk to interesting NPCs?

Will you discover any more interesting allusions?

Will you find old friends from "Big Tibia"?

Will you dig up something interesting from the ground?

Will you solve fascinating puzzles?

A new unexplored world of Tibia full of secrets stands open before you.


The Secret of Captain Blackteeth's Old Ship

And again, we return to Krailos. What other secrets might this raw wilderness conceal? It turns out, quite a few. We'll now present our latest find. Anyone who has compiled a bestiary of pirates probably knows that the best place to hunt pirate corsairs is during a specific Mini World Change that takes place on Krailos. In short, from time to time, a ship full of pirates crashes on one of the beaches. It happens exactly here:


During the Mini World Change, the environment undergoes a complete transformation compared to what we usually observe here. 

On the ship, we find the interesting journal of Captain Blackteeth.

And on the beach, we find a note from an unfortunate individual who met a sad fate:

A very intriguing story. The note of the dead pirate is unmovable, deliberately designed so that every player can read it. Interestingly, on the beach, we can find places where the pirate crew dug to hide their loot.

There are quite a few of these stone piles on the beach during this MWC. This intrigued us because this pirate ship on Krailos is one of the few Mini World Changes for which no reward is specified. At least according to common knowledge, no one has discovered it yet. At this point, we were struck by gold fever. We went there with shovels and started digging. Unfortunately, it was impossible to interact with the stone piles in any way. We noticed that in Krailos, to obtain Golden Quartz Powder, you need to use a hoe. Therefore, we decided to try various tools there. Without effect. Unfortunately, we couldn't dig up the treasure. But we didn't give up. Do you remember when we revealed to you the trick by which we can check which type of monsters currently inhabit the forsaken mine? We used the same method. Every day, we checked the pirate locations in the Cyclopedia:

During the MWC, entries for pirates in the Cyclopedia show locations: Water and Krailos Steppe. In summary, pirates spawn in the place where, without the MWC, there is water and on the Krailos Steppe on the coast. So, instead of going to the place during the MWC and checking if pirates appeared that day, we only checked the entries in the Cyclopedia. When there were additional entries in the Cyclopedia, we rushed to those places, continuing our research. And so, for about two weeks. However, one day something unexpected happened. The mentioned entries appeared in the Cyclopedia. Mogh went to that place but found this view:

What's going on here? There are pirates. There's no ship and no other changes in the environment. It seemed very strange to us. After a deeper analysis, we concluded that this MWC has at least two stages. A very similar MWC occurs in Greenshore. It's called the Insectoid Invasion. From time to time, Insectoid Scout monsters appear there. However, very few people know that this MWC has two stages. First, small groups of Insectoid Scouts appear. If the attack is not repelled, and players do not kill a certain number of insects, the next day larger groups of these insects appear, and the environment changes—fields will be destroyed. You can learn more about it here:

Insectoid Invasion World Change - Is there a way to know when it is active? - TibiaQA

After a deeper analysis, we concluded that this MWC has at least two stages. Wow! This is really interesting. We found no information about the stages of this MWC anywhere on the web. It seems to be unknown or very little-known knowledge. And now let's get to the highlight of today's episode.

Update: After the article was published, it turned out that the Mini World Change phases associated with the pirate ship were previously known. The first person to write about it was Simula / Cony Island in his article here, who is also our reader. 

We asked ourselves a question. Why, in the stage of the MWC where there is no ship, but there are pirates on the coast, do the entries for pirates in the Cyclopedia show the location as "Water"?

This doesn't make any sense at all. Pirates don't spawn in the water at this stage of the MWC. How to explain this? You guessed it. It's a bug! We reported this issue to Cipsoft:

After a long time, we finally received a response:

So, as you can see, it's highly likely that this MWC has been somewhat broken since its introduction to the game. What will this MWC look like when Cipsoft fixes the bug? It's hard to say. There are really many possibilities. Perhaps the entire stage without the pirate ship will be removed. Or it may turn out that one stage of the MWC was not fully functional, and after the fix, we'll discover something entirely new that has never been visible in the game? 

It's worth dreaming ☺ Our wildest theory is about the stage of the MWC with a wrecked Elven ship. The shaman of the ogre tribe says that elves and humans (pirates) come out of the water from wooden boxes (ships):

Cipsoft themselves mention elves on Krailos:

Elves also serve as source of food for ogres:

Larek's book also talks about it:

The problem is that, as far as we know, no one has ever seen an elf on Krailos. ☺ We managed to find traces of all the creatures that land in the great cauldron of ogres except for the elves. Goblins are easy to meet.  One respawn spot of Corym Charlatan will be found on the pirate ship, and the body of the minotaur will be found near the ship. However, there are no tangible traces of elves. Doesn't that seem a little strange to you?

It is worth mentioning that the explorer Larek whom we find in the ogre village mentions more than one shipwreck.

But don't take the theory of the elven ship too seriously. It's just our dreamy considerations. ☺ We will learn the truth about this MWC when Cipsoft fixes this bug. Are you curious about what will happen after fixing the bug? Do you have any theories on this? Let us know on our Discord channel where we conduct discussions on various topics related to Tibian mysteries.


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