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A lonely player at the Orcsoberfest games

A lonely player at the Orcsoberfest games


Written by: Cesario

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This is one of the articles that was submitted to the Secrets of Tibia 3 contest. It was written by Cesario.


A lonely player at the Orcsoberfest games


Tibia is a well-known world where there are several different quests, bosses, and events that imply they can be taken on as a group. While it is true that many of these events could be successfully tackled alone, actually doing so without the help of a friend or another person can be very complicated and may not always result in success or satisfaction. These frustrating experiences often discourage us from pursuing such game content, and it’s something many players can identify with.

Some Tibian events have been abandoned for focusing too much on “team play,” and Orcsoberfest can be considered one of them. The majority of its mini-games encourage you to team up in order to accumulate more 'points' – but what about players who would love to take part in those activities but don't have any friends or a team? As a result, I went on a quest to discover whether it was feasible to prosper from the Orcsoberfest games by myself.

Analyzing almost every mini-game to figure out the best strategies was my favorite part of my research. A one-on-one tournament was quite frustrating because I didn't have a team to depend on. In these events, I had no choice but to play alone for most of them. Although it took quite some time, the results were very favorable.


Taking into consideration:

In this article, we will explore the behind-the-scenes mechanics of a few Orcsoberfest games. However, before we delve into that, let's set some context.

 1: This article is not a "guide" for completing the Orcsoberfest event. This is simply meant to provide a more efficient way (solo) to complete some of the "games'' within the event.

2: Regarding the games, information is provided for only three of them (Hitting the Ogre/Barrel Race/and Drunken Walk). For the other two games (Eating Contest and Fishing Game), important methods are listed to help you complete them more efficiently. not found.

3: Although much of the information written here is not found on many sites, one of the purposes of this article is to supplement and supplement the available public information about Oaksoverfest. It's about sharing information with the players you want. Events alone won't help you much.

Let's get started!

Hitting the Ogre

It is important to know that to get the highest score in this game you need to attack as many Ogres as possible within about 30 seconds. Ogres spawn in specific waves. In his first two waves, you should focus on only attacking his two ogres due to the cooldown when using the hammer.

Below is a picture of the first wave (your situation may vary, but there are usually the most Ogres at the beginning of the game). This indicates that depending on the player's position, next he will only attack two ogres, and after that he will have to wait for the second wave of ogres. It is important that in the first wave he does not try to attack three ogres, because trying to attack the third one will waste most of the time.



After the first wave, it will disappear, leaving the stage empty for a few seconds. It's crucial to note that in almost all cases, this will be the only wave after which the stage remains empty, without ogres or kittens. Therefore, after the second wave, you won't have this "temporary pause" advantage anymore.

At the beginning of the second wave, the ogres will spawn "one after the other", so it is important to calculate the spawn time of each wave.

To better understand the previously mentioned points, it's important to comprehend the "duration time" of each wave.

In the first wave, both the ogres and kittens "appear and disappear" at the same time (lasting approximately 3 seconds on the stage). This implies that once 3 seconds pass, a new wave will come out after a while. However, this event does not repeat in future waves. After the second wave of approximately 3 seconds ends, immediately another wave (the third wave) of 3 seconds duration will appear. This is where we need to pay more attention to the different waves because we must focus on hitting the ogres that "have just appeared" and not the ogres that are "about to disappear":

In the following image corresponding to wave 3, we can see that there are 4 ogres on the stage that have just appeared, meaning this entire wave will last approximately 3 seconds before the 4 listed ogres disappear.

                    Wave 3 (second 1/3)     Imagen de la pantalla de un computador

Descripción generada automáticamente con confianza media


However, in the following image, we can observe that a new ogre has appeared in the upper left corner (ogre number 5, belonging to wave 4) without the need for wave 3 (the other 4 ogres) to have disappeared. This is because after wave 3, the ogre waves start appearing more randomly in terms of timing, so we always have to pay attention, as mentioned earlier, to the "new" ogres that are coming out. (Ogre 3 is not shown in the image because it was hit with the hammer).

wave 3 (second 2/3 approximately.)Imagen de la pantalla de un computador

Descripción generada automáticamente con confianza media


It's worth mentioning that at this point, a wave can have anywhere from many ogres to one or none when it appears. Therefore, we must be vigilant of new waves that appear, always aiming to hit "one to two ogres per wave" (depending on the number of ogres that may appear in each wave and how close they are to our character). This is because the cooldown of the hammer may not give us enough time to knock down 3 ogres in a single wave.

In summary, at the beginning of the third wave, if we've already hit 2 ogres from that wave, we just need to forget about the remaining ogres of wave 3 and focus our attention around the stage on the new ogres that appear (belonging to wave 4), and so on with subsequent waves. It's important to note that each wave disappears after approximately 3 seconds of appearing.

As some may already know, the cooldown time for this game is 15 minutes, and we can earn 15 points if we hit 15 ogres. However, it's always recommended to keep hitting ogres continuously without keeping track of how many have been hit because, on certain occasions, players may think they've hit 10 ogres, but in reality, they've only hit 8, which can lead the player to become overconfident and stop hitting ogres.

Following all the advice in this first section, it's very likely that, in most attempts, you will earn 10 to 15 points per game. This game is one of the ones that can provide points more reliably.


Barrel racer

This game is one of the longest-lasting ones because the path for carrying the barrel is usually quite long. However, it can still be very enjoyable.

Usually, in this game, a "dog" appears that can slow down both our barrel and us, making it the most annoying enemy in the entire game. However, there is a way to make this annoying dog not so bothersome.

As we know, there is a pitchfork that, when used to hit the barrel, leaves meat on the ground. If we make the dog walk over this meat, it will slow down. However, this is not the best way to evade the dog. Instead, we should use its tracking pattern and the "black-colored floor":

Whether we enter solo or with others, the path will always be the same. When we reach the long tiled path (which is shown below), it's the part where the dog that will bother us "usually" (though not always) appears.Imagen de la pantalla de un computador

Descripción generada automáticamente con confianza baja


At this point, two factors need to be considered:

  1. The dog usually positions itself in the corners relative to our character, and its attack pattern only affects the "SQM" (square meter) tiles on the dog's sides. Therefore, if we stand still, its attack won't affect us due to the vertical position it usually takes in relation to our position. It's also important to note that in terms of speed, the dog is faster than the barrel.


  1. The barrel will always follow us and can be placed on any adjacent "SQM" (square meter) tile around our character. Knowing these things, we can use them to our advantage.Pantalla de juego de computadora

Descripción generada automáticamente con confianza media


If it's very difficult to get rid of the annoying dog, we can reach this area (which is a few "SQM" away from the previous image), where the black path is only one "SQM" away from the tiled path. We should quickly position our character on "SQM 1" to try to leave the dog on "SQM 2." This way, when the barrel is close to us, we just have to move down to touch the tiled path while the barrel also touches it. This allows us to bypass the dog because the dog is also affected by the effects of the paths present.

It's also worth mentioning that the barrel can be slowed down a maximum of 3 times by the dog. If it's slowed down 4 times throughout the path, it's highly unlikely to reach the finish line due to the time limit this game has to be completed.


Imagen de la pantalla de un video juego

Descripción generada automáticamente con confianza media


While the image above is just for reference, the idea is that since we have much more speed than the dog and the barrel, we try to keep the dog walking on the black and sandy paths as much as possible. This way, when we use our speed spell, we can quickly move down to the tiled path while the dog is still on those paths, so that the barrel follows us towards the direction of the tiled path.

Remember that if we complete this challenge, we will automatically earn 15 points, making it one of the games that gives us the most points just for completing it once.

Drunk walk

This game is undoubtedly one of the most challenging, as mentioned in many fan site guides and videos. The dynamic is that while we are in a "superdrunk" state, we must hit a log with nails.

The problem with this game is that in the "superdrunk" state, it's almost impossible to control our character to guide them to the log with nails (because in this state, the character moves very randomly). There are even videos mentioning that doing this game individually "is extremely difficult" and that the most efficient way to do it is with someone pushing us toward the log. However, after analyzing the game and the environment, I discovered a mechanic that is "not mentioned" in any guide, which allows us to do this game without anyone's help quite efficiently.

First of all, we will have to go to the boat in the city of Thais (as it is the closest one to the Orcsoberfest event portal). Once on the boat, we need to go down to the underground area to collect the boxes on the right side, as they will be used later on.

Our task will be to "create a platform" between the beer barrel and the log with nails, and we will create the path using cows, boxes, and ogres, as seen in the following image:



For the creation of this platform, we will need 3 cows, 4 ogres, and a trough.

First, we need to create it exactly as it is shown in the image.

In the bottom area where the pig is located, we will find the "trough" right next to it, which we should drag to the position shown in the previous image. (The "trough" does not appear in the following image, but it is located just to the right of the pig after each SV.)


Imagen de la pantalla de un video juego

Descripción generada automáticamente con confianza media


In that same area with the pig, you will find some "celebrating orgers" that you need to grab and enclose with boxes, then leave them in the position below the path, like this:


And the ogres from above can be found in the following area to be placed right here (the ogres cannot go down further on the map):Imagen que contiene pasto, juguete, pastel, pequeño

Descripción generada automáticamente


In summary, we will have 2 ogres above and 2 ogres below.

To get the cows, we just need to carefully go to the area north of the food contest so that they can start following us:

Once we have caught the 3 cows, we just need to fill in the missing space with the "trough," completing this path that we will now explain how it works:

To be in a "superdrunk" state, we need to drink beer from 4 barrels or more. Therefore, we have to calculate our drunkenness so that we are only "one barrel" away from being "superdrunk." When that happens, we need to position ourselves right on SQM 1 and click on the barrel to enter the "superdrunk" state. It's worth mentioning that if for some reason we are already in a "superdrunk" state before entering the platform, we just need to wait a few minutes (not many) until we are not as drunk to be able to be on SQM 1 and click on the platform's barrel to return to the "superdrunk" state.

The operation is simple: on that platform, we can only move up or down. Therefore, even if we are in a "superdrunk" state, if we start moving down, we will inevitably reach SQM2 or SMQ3 at some point to click on the log and earn the points.


It's very important that when you play this game and you're inside the platform you just built, you activate a shield and defensive set to reduce the damage caused by the cows as much as possible, as they will attack us.

To repeat the process, we just need to wait a few seconds for the cooldown of the platform's barrel to reset and then return to SQM 1 to click on the barrel and enter the "superdrunk" state to repeat the process a maximum of 3 times.

This game also provides one of the highest amounts of points in a reliable manner, making it an excellent way to earn extra points.

It's important to emphasize that when creating this platform, the idea is to play continuously to make the most of the effort and time invested. You can log out in the same location and only enter the game every 15 minutes. It's also suggested to leave a note explaining how the platform works since many people may not know how to use it and end up killing the cows.

Thanks to all this analysis of the 3 games, it's possible to earn more than 1000 points in just a few days (if played frequently), allowing us to have much more fun and make the most out of the event.


Getting the most out of King Chuk

While at the beginning of this article it is made clear that the intention is to provide help and knowledge to players who want to do this event solo, I know that many people who may read this article do have people to help them or a team to do these games. So, I have decided to add this additional information for those players so that they can get more profitability from the event boss, King Chuk, because in the end, whether solo or not, we all want to earn more points in the Orcsoberfest event.


In many guides on some websites about the Orcsoberfest, it is stated that the "minimum level" to be able to do the boss King Chuk is level 100, but this is a mistake because it is possible to access the boss at a level lower than 100, as shown in the following image:


This may be due to confusing the concept of "required" with the concept of "recommended," but even so, it is perfectly possible to do the boss King Chuk with a character below level 100. However, for this to be profitable, we will have to do the following:

Imagen de la pantalla de un video juego

Descripción generada automáticamente con confianza media


As you may know, to access King Chuk, we first have to earn the "Schnitzel" points. However, earning them with a level 50 character (as was the case in the example above) is too tedious because at that level, we don't have enough damage to kill the "Spawn of the Schnitzel" and collect the necessary mallets. To avoid this problem, we can go with another higher-level character or, alternatively, ask someone inside the boss to give us some hammers since these are transferable. Then, we can enter with the level 50 or lower character and earn the Schnitzel points.

It's worth noting that if we want to do the King Chuk boss with our other low-level characters, we need to be accompanied by a minimum of 2 people with a recommended level of 250+, because while the boss mechanics are not difficult, in the end, we have to defeat a chest that has a lot of health. Therefore, we will need a considerable amount of damage if we want to finish the boss efficiently.

To conclude this article, the Orcsoberfest event can be a lot of fun if we make the most of its games, as it is a very dynamic event that allows us to enjoy it for a long time. While it's always enjoyable to play Tibia with friends, many times people are busy or have different interests, so articles like these can be very helpful when playing solo. It is hoped that all the information in this article will be useful for players, as well as for fan sites or pages dedicated to uploading Tibia content. A thank you is extended, and everyone is invited to continue discovering more efficient ways to complete the different events that Tibia offers for their enjoyment.



The photographs used of "Garen of Demacia and Cesario" are entirely my property.

The remaining reference photos are the property of the user "Cronixss," who has granted me permission to display "reference" screenshots about the Orcsoberfest event, which can be found on his YouTube channel at the following link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeTc9mr1QSA&t=320s


Author: Cesario




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