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Beregar – into the unknown

Beregar – into the unknown


Written by: Mogh

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The article was originally published on the Tibiabosses fansite.

Tibia has always been surrounded by myths, legends, fantasies, and riddles. Some of them, are known by a majority of Tibians. Who has not heard of the Basilisk, Serpentine Tower of Sword of Fury? There is also lots of less-known content, which is equally interesting but hasn’t gained as much attention.  Tibiabosses is not only about bosses (as the name suggests). We’re bosshunters and a true bosshunter should be curious and extremely patient. These attributes also characterize the mystery hunters.
We (Mogh and Williams) are fascinated by Tibian legends for years, so we have met here in Bolfona’s tavern to have a beer and summarize our research about the underground city under the mountain – Beregar (sounds similar to Erebor, doesn’t it?). It turned out that this home of the ancient dwarf tribe hides some long-forgotten secrets which we attempted to reveal. Mogh has also found the hidden and glitched quest there which possibly resulted in obtaining an infinite amount of gold. You will find more about it in our dialogue.

Mogh: Howdy Williams! We’ve been wandering through these halls and mines for so long… I think it’s time to sum up our research and publish it for others to know.

Williams: Salutations Mogh! It will be a long talk, let’s have some beer in the meantime.

Bolfona: Are you talking to me? Well, go on chatting but don’t expect an answer.

Williams: She’s a little grumpy, and the dwarf over here is quite annoying…

Drog: <gulp gulp>

Mogh: But the beer here is really one of a kind. Let’s get back to the topic. We not only going to talk about mysterious stories regarding this place but also disclose lots of never published NPC dialogues and other curiosities which we managed to discover on our own. We will also sum it all up into one consistent theory and most importantly, we’ll talk over how we completed the quest which was hidden for over 11 years and its reward.

Williams: Over a decade has passed and still it’s possible to make great discoveries. I will begin with some quick background behind the Beregar and the history of the city.
It is known that Beregar, which lies under Fenrock island has been discovered along with Yalahar and that was 11 and a half years ago. The undergrounds are surprisingly big and consist of the city itself, plus dungeons, mines, and other hunting places. But we’re gonna focus on The Hidden City of Beregar Quest which we can find there.

Mogh: Exactly. And the fact that even if we finish all available missions of this quest, it’s still not completed in the questlog intrigued people for all these years.
Our adventure starts when we have all 6 missions completed. We should visit Emperor Kruzak in Kazoordoon to get the knowledge about the lore behind the hidden quest.

Mogh: Kruzak shares a very interesting history. We get to know that in the ancient times of early Tibia there were two conflicted dwarven tribes. Due to this conflict, they split and one tribe left their motherlands to colonize new lands. Emperor mentions that these events are described in an old poem that is known by every dwarven child. Lokur is willing to recite it to us. It’s interesting that we have to visit Beregar at least once, otherwise NPCs of Kazordoon won’t react.

Williams: I wonder what actually happened to cause such a mass scale conflict. Kruzak mentions that his tribe worships two elements – earth and fire, but they are more connected to the element of earth. On the opposite, the tribe of Beregar is more after the fire element. But could this be a reason? Both tribes respect 2 elements, as they both have 2 NPCs representants of earth and fire. Perhaps there was something more, for example, a struggle for power. I believe that this is of great importance to the hidden quest. Apparently elemental NPCs in Beregar temples don’t want to talk with us. Maybe we have to fulfill some specific conditions, like having a specific item in the inventory or being on fire and then using a specific keyword. That would possibly make them more friendly or get their attention.

Mogh: So, thanks to the poem we also find out that the Beregar was the home of both dwarven tribes. One of them actually managed to reach the mountain called The Big Old One which is in the center of the main continent. There, they have found the city of Kazordoon (another reference to Lord of the Rings – Khazad-dûm).

Williams: Dwarven tribe somehow crossed the sea…

Mogh: But how they managed to achieve this? There are 2 possible ways actually. By ships, over the sea or… Underground! Through the tunnel.

Williams: At first it sounds ridiculous. How could they manage to do it? It must have been long as hell.

Mogh: But we have to remember that dwarfs are experts. No one can outskill them when it comes to digging. I asked Tehlim when I met him during the Royal Rescue quest about his opinion on this matter:

Mogh: I have also found an interesting book in the library of Beregar, it was about dwarven tunneling. The most interesting part stated that:

Williams: 1000 pages… I expected about 20 or something…

Drog: 20? These 20 beers each evening kill ME. Muahahahaha!

Williams: For Crunor’s sake! Can you please be quiet? You have no idea how important matters we’re discussing right now! History is being made here!

Drog: <mumbles>

Williams: 1000 pages about drilling tunnels and they call it “small historical review”. Ok, I have no doubts that they could drill the tunnel under the sea. I’ve just recalled when I once talked with Scutty the dwarven technomancer. He told me about their drilling technique which utilizes tamed rotworms to dig. Brilliant idea. Never underestimate a dwarf… Where is the entrance to this legendary tunnel then?

Mogh: That’s the question. I spent some time and asked around. Logically, the tavern where we are at was one of the first places I went to. My dialogue with Bolfona and Drog went like that:

Williams: So, something happened in the northern mine?

Mogh: Yeah, apparently a rotworm attack took place there as other NPCs also mention it, but what does it have in common with the Kazordoon? In my opinion, it’s not a coincidence. This is a clear hint about the hidden quest! I’ve been there to investigate a bit and I found locked quest doors.

Williams: Astonishing. I’ve heard about these doors, it seems that no one has ever opened them.

Mogh: Moreover, we can find very similar doors in Kazordoon which were discovered about the time when we heard about Beregar 11 years ago. Rumours say that no one passed through then too. There is also a warning sign which says:

Williams: I would say that both tunnels must be really old and not maintained if there is a danger of collapse. This tunnel in Kazordoon seems to be placed near the center of the city. Very suspicious.

Mogh: Isn’t it? Years ago, I stumbled across the notes of an old adventurer. They told about his venture to Kazordoon and to Beregar, where he used an illegal spying tool to take a look at the inaccessible areas behind the quest doors. I’m not sure if the note was telling the truth, but I remembered every word of it… According to the document, there was an ore wagon, rails, and very old tunnel entrance covered with spiderwebs in both places.

Williams: This is it! The hidden, ancient passage between two cities. Are the legends true?

Mogh: Well, we both have seen such wagons before and we know that they are used by dwarfs to quickly travel between locations. Let’s sum it all up – we have NPC hints, 2 matching locations, 2 quest doors and we cannot complete The Hidden City of Beregar Quest. Everything adds up to a logical and coherent whole. Is something missing here? Yes. The proper mission in the questlog.

Williams: Talking about wagons, I tried to get some of those inactive ones to work by removing the spiderwebs. I used the firebug or melee weapon and it cleaned the tunnel entrance, but the wagon didn’t start to work, unfortunately.

Mogh: That was worth a try definitely.

Williams: That mushroom farm of Beregar is also kind of suspicious. It’s very big and yet there is noting besides all kinds of mushrooms.

Mogh: Perhaps there is also something hidden there, but we just can’t notice the hint…

Bolfona:  Come on guys, have a drink.

Mogh: Thank you, dear lady.

Bolfona: YES, I’m female. Got a problem with that?!?

Mogh: … Derp. Let’s recall what Nokmir, the north mine guard tells us:

Mogh: It looks like he doesn’t want to try our patience and doesn’t dare to ask for our help again.

Williams: All in all we saved his reputation during the Justice for All quest. I’ve done some research myself in the Beregar mines. Used my pick in several places on the ground and on giant crystals, just the usual stuff. I have also noticed that each time I met dwarf geomancers, there were some stone golems with them. Interesting, are these golems working for dwarfs or something…

Mogh: Let’s visit Emperor Rehal again. Maybe this old dwarf would like to use our services again. I’ve just asked him how is he.

Mogh: He’s worried about the tribe which left Beregar ages ago. Intriguing… But what else? Is this a dead-end?

Williams: I have a feeling like we’re getting close to the highlight of the evening.

Drog: <giggles>

Mogh: I just decided to do what dozens of mystery hunters already tried. I flooded him with a wave of random words and combinations of them.

Williams: Yeah, I tried it with various NPCs hundreds of times and it never resulted in any discovery. You’re not telling me that…

Mogh: I don’t know if the emperor was so tired of me getting on his nerves, but after some hours unexpected sight arose before my eyes – „Your quest log has been updated!”. That was a shock and it took me a little while to calm down. I’ve suddenly noticed that the Royal Rescue quest which I completed years ago is active in my questlog again!

Williams: <spits out beer>

Drog: <spits out beer on Bolfona>

Bolfona: <takes dwarven axe from under the counter>

Mogh: …Then I just quickly completed the mission and Rehal rewarded me with my second pair of dwarven legs!

Williams: Unbelievable. It’s been over 11 years and you managed to, generally speaking, unlock the hidden quest which appeared to be somehow glitched…

Mogh: Why don’t you try yourself? Repeat the keywords to Rehal, he’s not far away.

Williams: Just wait here, give me some minutes <rushes to the door>

Williams: You were right, this is totally amazing. You did something close to impossible, taking into consideration the time since Beregar was discovered and thousands of people who talked with Rehal so far. I have no doubts that your name should be remembered among all true RPG players in Tibia.

Mogh: This is nothing special, I had a bit of luck…

Drog: <burps> Pair of new, solid trousers every day. No more laundry. He’s pretty smart for a human.

Bolfona: Jawohl.

Williams: Back to our conversation. There are still some unsolved mysteries here. I’ve tried to find an old dwarf named Borre who’s been missing for quite a long time already. At first, I thought that maybe he was a victim of the rotworm attack in the northern mine… Yeah, I wondered if Harog isn’t somehow involved as he reacts suspiciously when asked about rotworms. Apparently, it turned out that our old friend Pythius the Rotten is responsible for Borre’s disappearance.

Mogh: May he rest in peace. I think that those rotworm attacks can result in tunnel collapses and make dwarfs abandon some of them. Very interesting.

Williams: Actually, I tried to trigger such attack by throwing the pheromone gland of Rotworm Queen through the tunnels.

Mogh: Yuck!

Williams: But it didn’t work, unfortunately. Shame. I looted 6 of those and it would be good to finally find some use for them. Speaking of the tunnels, if the dwarven tribe traveled under the sea and had to dig up an absurdly long tunnel, it must have taken lots of time. Years I suppose.

I had an interesting conversation with Xelvar.

He claims that the dwarfs of Kazordoon never split up with Beregar, which is quite strange. But he also tells about the lost dwarfs. He thinks that they may come either from Kazordoon or are a group that originates from Beregar and got lost in the tunnels during the great march.

Mogh:  I believe that it will require some further research and may lead to some unexpected answers. I also came across the “lost” subject while talking with Emperor Kruzak.

He also mentions their masters who probably are the bosses that we have to defeat in gnomish warzones. I wonder how powerful was this monster Bloodtooth, which they finally defeated, but had to use their entire might. What was his role and who was he sent by?

Williams: I think we should meet again one day and try to answer all the questions that are left. That was a good talk anyway, great discoveries have been made. My RPG soul is satisfied for now.

Mogh: RPG is not dead… Yet.  Take care Williams.

Williams: Till next time!



The bug found by Mogh on May 15th, which allowed to get 1 pair of dwarven legs every day was, of course, reported to Cipsoft by us and today June 3rd, it got fixed:

Jun 02 2020 –

Due to technical maintenance work, server save on all game worlds will take a bit longer than usual tomorrow. We expect all game worlds back online around 10:30 CEST.

Emperor Rehal still reacts to the “worries” keyword, but the questlog no longer updates when we say “yes” afterward.  The quest exists but appears to be in an unfinished state.
Well, it was a good adventure anyway and it proves that even after many years, there is still something to be discovered in old tibian places. We have found a glitched quest, some unknown NPC responses, and keywords and most importantly we gathered all known info about Beregar’s mysteries in one place. We hope you had a good read.

Mogh & Williams

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