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Explorer’s Diary – Episode 5

Explorer’s Diary – Episode 5


Written by: Bosst

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(T”J-| Explorers! I greeted you in Jekhr, the language of the deeplings, but it’s not the deeplings we are going to study today. Let me welcome you to the 5th episode of our series.

Power is the key

It has been over 16 years since the implementation of Ankrahmun to the game. This ancient city hides many secrets, but the Serpentine Tower mystery is probably the most famous one. Hundreds of players have already tried to release the vampire or behemoth inside or somehow get the strange items guarded by a single djinn.

Hardly anything new has been found throughout the last years. While our team tries to solve it all as well, as of now we can reveal you the fact that the mere name of the tower may be a part of the mystery. This anagram can be just a coincidence, but having in mind that it was Knightmare himself, who created the city, it can also be an important hint.

New sounds of the rare boss

Tzumrah the Dazzler is one of the rarest bosses to be found and killed. For a long time, he was nearly as mysterious as Mahatheb or Hive Outpost bosses. Now, we know much more about him and the cult that he leads. However, it appears that apart of his loot (which is probably not fully revealed yet) there are also some never-published sounds.

Our research specialist – Haishen, managed to document 2 totally new sounds of this boss which are not listed on any fansite yet:

Your living soul will serve my master!

Your warm blood will quench my thirst!

Sad fate of NPC Elgar

Travora island looked much different when it got implemented in 2009 along with the winter update. It was inhabited by Sharon – the informer and Elgar – postman & banker.

Here is how Elgar and his place looked like. This is one of the very few screenshots available on the net, showing him alive:

In 2015 the sea level greatly raised and most of the island sunk. Unfortunately, Elgar met the sad fate and died under mysterious circumstances. We can notice the terrifying sight while standing on Captain Tiberius’ ship.

But what really happened to the poor dwarf? The 2nd NPC who inhabited Travora – Sharon is alive and healthy, as we can see when we met her on the ship.

We conducted an investigation to find the truth. The most important keywords are “Elgar” and “corpse”.

It was Tiberius who saved Elgar and Sharon from drowning or starving to death on the sandbank. According to Sharon, the fact that the island sank changed the dwarf and his sorrow was noticeable.

He left the ship at night and never come back.  Did he really try to find the sunken treasures of Travora? Or was the first known tibian NPC to commit suicide? We may never know.

Curiosities of the past

You have probably heard about tibian legend, Bubble – first ever level 100 and 200 in Tibia. Maybe you have seen some screenshots of her getting these levels or about her famous husband – GM Nietzsche. But have you ever seen how her house on Antica looked like?

I’ve been there in 2005 to meet her and take some screenshots. Well, unfortunately, Bubble was hardly available back then, but the house itself is very interesting. It’s Central Circle 8 in Edron and as you can see it’s a little bit trashed, as it was possible to throw items through the windows. Nevertheless, we can notice blue and green tomes, yellow roses and something which in my opinion is especially interesting – overcharged runes. They were probably looted from the first Ferumbras, controlled by Cipsoft member. These runes were later transformed into golden rune emblems and unfortunately lost their legendary status.

Transformation of the sword

Did you know that epee, a weapon which everyone knows and treats as ordinary loot had totally different name and stats in 2006? Its name was “foil” and it could be seen on Nargor, but it was impossible to get or loot. Unusually low stats (Atk:9 Def:11) wouldn’t make it very useful though.

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