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Tibia and Star Trek – the beginning of wisdom

Tibia and Star Trek – the beginning of wisdom


Written by: Mogh

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Star Trek is a television series which was decades ahead of its time. It was on its set where the first interracial kiss in the history of cinematography took place. It was also the first television series in history which showed a black female officer performing tasks as interesting and responsible as those performed by white men. While it may not be very impressive nowadays, we have to keep in mind that it happened in the 60s! At the time, black women starred mostly as maids or housekeepers. Star Trek became an inspiration for generations and in some sense – changed the world. What is more, some inventions, including the cell phone, tablet, Bluetooth headsets, Teleconferencing, portable memory, GPS, universal translators, big-screen displays were inspired by objects which could be seen on the Star Trek’s set.

Alright, but what does it have to do with Tibia? Apparently, Star Trek had its influence on Cipsoft’s employees – especially on Knightmare, who is a fan of the series, which he admitted during an interview for Rookie.com.pl for example. In this article, we are going to find and present you interesting allusions and hints which were hidden in the game and are related to the Star Trek universe. There’s not much of this stuff on other fansites – we have just 1 allusion on Tibia Wiki. Fortunately, we have managed to find enough to make a long article out of them. 

The Invention

We have mentioned inventions in the text above, speaking of which… Let’s visit NPC Scutty in Kazordoon and ask him about “inventions”.

Lift me up Scutty” is an allusion to the famous quote „Beam me up Scotty” by James T. Kirk who used this line in conversation with Montgomery „Scotty” Scott.

The statement became so popular that it made its way to everyday language and it often serves as facetious request to get away from the trouble. Undoubtedly, the creation of NPC Scutty was inspired by Scotty from Star Trek. The same as the original one, Scutty is a handyman and dwarven Technomancer. Moreover, their sense of humour is similar.

Mysterious book

There is a very interesting book in one of the houses on Klabauter Walk, in Liberty Bay.

That’s a clear Star Trek allusion. Many of episodes of the series (not only the original ones) begin with these words.

Captain’s Log is a file where the captain of a starship notes the most important events which took place in specific stardate. Interestingly, a similar journal exists in the real world (logbook), and is used on navy ships. That is why we are sure that the idea for this tibian book was taken directly from Star Trek.

Minotaurs vs Klingons

Minotaurs are among the oldest monsters in Tibia. It is commonly believed that their popular “Kaplar” war cry was inspired by Klingon word “qapla”. Klingons are a warrior alien race from the Star Trek universe. We have not deeply researched the connection between Minotaurs and Klingons, but it’s possible that they have more in common than just this specific command. Take a look at the statements in the table below:

TibiaStar Trek
Mooh’Tah Master GharDahar Master Kor

Texts from the 1st column are from Tibia and are related to Minotaurs. Texts in the 2nd one are from Star Trek and they are in Klingon language. Very similar, aren’t they? We also know that both tibian Minotaurs and Klingons use analogous military ranks/levels of initiation. Examples are General, Commander, Master. We leave the in-depth research of the relationship between Minotaurs and Klingons to your further study.  

Faster-Than-Light speed

Probably many of you kill Grand Master Oberon daily or at least killed him once. It’s a very profitable boss. And of course, you noticed that he always drops “The Spatial Warp Almanac”.

Let’s think about the item’s name for a while. It appears that it refers to a specific technology in Star Trek. Warp is the speed at which a spacecraft moves using the fictional warp drive developed for the Star Trek series. And one more curiosity – „warp 1” speed equals the speed of light.


There is a spell in Tibia, called „Energy Beam”.

Interestingly it also appears to be related to some technology from Star Trek universe. The visual effect of the spell and mentioned technology is quite similar. Take a look.

It may be just a coincidence. But definitely worth mentioning.

The revenge

This curiosity was sent to us by our user Mustang, for which we are very thankful.

Norgle Glacierbeard is one of the Svargrond arena bosses, we meet him at the Warlord difficulty.

Let’s look at the war cry above. The original quote is:  „Revenge is a dish best served cold”.

Various forms of this saying were used even back in XIX century, but this exact form was used and popularized in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan movie, and it’s said by Khan Noonien Singh himself. Here it is:

 Revenge is a dish best served cold – YouTube


In „The Next Generation” series, two characters are in love. These are William Riker and Deanna Troi. Deanna has psionic ability to sense emotions (similar to telepathy). In Tibia, on Meriana island we can find Raymond Striker who was bewitched by a siren named Marina.

If we rearrange the letters in name “Raymond Striker” a bit, we get and interesting anagram – „Riker and Ms Troy”.

It doesn’t exactly fit, but surname Troi is most probably originates from the word Troy. As we know, tibian Striker is bewitched by siren Marina who, the same as Deanna Troi, has some telepathic powers. And now, do you know who plays the role of Deanna Troi in Star Trek? Marina Sirtis! Now, it seems like too much for a coincidence, but who knows? Judge for yourself. 


In „The Next Generation” series and in subsequent ones, the most dangerous, cruel and fearsome race are the Borg. Each encounter with the Borg begins with a specific communicate which they send and it always contains the sentence: „Resistance is Futile”.

 We are the Borg – YouTube

Tibian developers must have watched the encounters with Borg, as they used this sentence a few times.

Sound of the demon and angry demon:

Conversaton with NPC Todd:

Undead Jester’s sound:

The Captain

While visiting the Travora island, we meet the Captain Tiberius.

Have you ever wondered where did his name come from? Maybe it’s because of Tibia? Wrong. The only captain who had this name, that we know of is… James T. Kirk from the original Star Trek series. But, “what do you exactly mean?”, you would ask. His name is James. That is true, but not everyone knows that his middle name is Tiberius. It’s the reason for the „T.” short. But there is more to it. Look at Captain Tiberius’ outfit. The colour of his hair and uniform clearly proves that he’s a tibian counterpart of James T. Kirk. 

Final Frontier

NPC Vladruc in Venore has a very interesting message for us. If we ask him about “necromancer”, he will reply with:

It is nothing, but a reworked version of the sentence spoken in the series’ opening. Let’s listen:

Star Trek Original Series Intro (HQ) – YouTube

Finally, we would like to say that there are surely more Star Trek references in the game, but for now, these are all which we managed to find. If Star Trek universe is familiar to you, we encourage you to try to find some of them. It’s really good fun.

In the meantime, we will be busy researching other interesting tibian subjects to “boldly go where no player has gone before”.


We found another allusion regarding Star Trek. You can find it in this article:

Conversation – the key to knowledge – Tibia Secrets


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