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Mysterious bosses from Otherworld

Mysterious bosses from Otherworld


Written by: Mogh

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There are two not-so-well researched bosses in the Otherworld – Burster and Dreadful Disruptor. It has been a few years since implementing them to the game, but they are still shrouded in mystery. With this article, we would like to dispel the doubts about their spawning mechanisms once and for all. You will be able to meet them relatively quick, thanks to the knowledge contained in this text.

What do we know about these bosses?

Both Dreadful Disruptor and Burster are not researched well due to the fact that the number of kills is very low. At the time I wrote this article, Burster was killed 838 times and Dreadful Disruptor 515 times. It’s not much if we consider the fact that we talk about all servers in game. It leaves some room for speculation. We don’t know exactly what do they drop. The first Wand of Dimensions dropped from Mazzinor probably after several hundreds of kills and Yeti drops Bunnyslippers probably with 1/1000 chance. It really stirs the imagination.

Other than that, up to this point, we know how these bosses look like and where, more or less, they respawn. I’m not going to repeat the known facts. You will find them here:


Dreadful Disruptor

It’s worth mentioning that bosses are stronger than other monsters around. Especially Dreadful Disruptor requires special attention, as it deals massive amounts of damage. During a fight, I noticed that it’s much stronger than Zushuka or Tyrn.

Where can I find them?

Burster respawns in a place known as Otherworld (Dwarf_Bridge) in the area marked with yellow in the screenshot below.

Respawn of Dreadful Disruptor can be found in Otherworld (Edron). I marked his respawn area in the picture below.

How do they respawn?

Until now, the bosshunters community had some theories about this matter. One of them stated that these are randomly respawning bosses. The other one – that you have to kill the specific number of monsters in the Otherworld dungeon to make them appear. The last one was based on a suspicion that the respawn is exchangeable, similar to Mahatheb for example.

Due to the fact that the bosses spawn time is extended twice, I started to check every possible spawn spot of the monster in this area. I figured out that one spawning spot is extended in time. It is exactly the place marked on the picture below.

It’s easy to recognize the exact spot, as the respawn is slowed down. Burster appears once in a while instead of Instable Breach Brood. To meet the boss, you have to stay in this exact place and kill respawning Instable Breach Broods. After some time, Burster should appear. I broadly described this mechanic in the 2nd article about Mahatheb.  Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to determine the approximate number of Broods needed to kill, to make the Burster respawn. Triggering the Burster and Dreadful Disruptor respawns took me about 3-4 hours. On the other hand, Bosst from our team spent over 25 hours trying to respawn both bosses with no result.

Dreadful Disruptor spawning mechanic is exactly the same as Bursters. Once again, you have to stay in a specific place and kill Stabilizing Reality Reavers. There is a chance for the boss to respawn instead of them. I didn’t find the exact spot, but the respawn of Dreadful Disruptor is in the middle of the marked area (2 screenshots above).

Both Dreadful Disruptor and Burster can appear more than once per day. Just check this screenshot of Dreadful Disruptor kill statistics taken from Guildstats.eu:

This also provides hard proof of the shared spawn theory. Because this type of respawn allows you to meet more than one boss a day.

Useful notes:

Note: This article was firstly published on TibiaQA (condensed version).

Happy hunting Bosshunters!

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