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Explorer’s Diary – Episode 6

Explorer’s Diary – Episode 6


Written by: Mogh

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Ashari adventurers! We meet for the 6th time to present you another portion of curiosities and bigger or little secrets which usually don’t require a separate article.

Stay awhile and listen.


Where is Barzak?

Exploring the map in Tibia can be very useful in finding Tibian curiosities. After unlocking the Thais, we have the ability to view all the NPCs located in this area. Let’s take a look at the tavern next to the arena from Dream Courts Quest.

As you can see there are several NPCs here. Barzak seems very interesting. Have you ever heard of him? We found out his name by looking at this piece of minimap. Let’s see what we can find on Google about it.

Strange thing. Isn’t it? An NPC that hasn’t been mentioned on the Internet? It gets even more interesting when we visit this tavern in-game.

As you can see Barzak is missing from the marked place. Very interesting. The missing NPC ?  We checked some stream records from the launch of Dream Courts Quest, and it turns out that it’s likely that Barzak hasn’t been in the tavern since the area was first implemented into the game.

The most likely explanation for this situation is simply a bug. We sent a ticket to Cipsoft regarding this issue. Support was unable to explain the situation and sent our ticket to the dev team. It’s been a while since we sent out a ticket and nothing has really happened. Barzak is still missing, and Cipsoft support has not responded anything further. We publish this curiosity before it gets explained because we want you to participate in the final solution as well. Will Cipsoft soon fix the bug and Barzak will appear in the right place? Or is there a secret behind Barzak’s missing?

Tell us through the comments what do you think about this. 


Secrets of dead trees

In the second episode of the Explorer’s Diary we presented you a very unusual tree that is also a container. Thanks to our reader Jimmycrusher we can learn about two similar trees. One of them is located in the Blood Herb Quest area.


The second tree can be found on a small island at Outlaw Camp.

These trees are undoubtedly cool curiosities. I wonder if we will find more of them in the game. We didn’t mention what can be found inside these trees on purpose. We encourage you to search for them, and we thank Jimmycrusher for sending us these finds.

We would like to tell you about one more Dead Tree hiding a small secret. On Tibia Fandom we can find information that while doing Paradox Tower Quest we come across a tree which is also a trap that takes 200 HP if you try to approach it.

We were intrigued by the description that says the trap doesn’t always work. We decided to see if this trap can be disarmed somehow. It turns out that it is possible. All you have to do is throw some object on the square marked in the image below. It can be any item or spell that creates an object, such as fire field or magic wall. After this action, the tree will not hurt you when you try to take the key.

Now, 17 years after the tree was introduced to the game, we can update Paradox Tower Quest spoilers with this new curiosity. 

Mysterious statues

There are inscriptions on some of the statues in the game. Interestingly, not all of the inscriptions can be read. This situation applies to statues that are at least a level above the player. Take a look at the examples below.

What inscriptions do these statues hide? Do they contain any secrets? Maybe there is an unusual way to read them? Or maybe it’s just the lack of attention from the game developers? I hope that one day we will find out.

Fake Ferumbras hat

And now something really fresh. Recently, a podium of renown was introduced to the game allowing you to show off your own mounts and outfits. Take a look at the image below.

As you can see the on the podium is a full summoner female outfit with Ferumbras hat. As we know you do not need Ferumbras hat to make full summoner male outfit. So if you have such an outfit you can change gender in customization options and you will see an outfit like the one on the picture above  If you want to show off, then better hurry. There is a high probability that this will be fixed soon.

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