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Creature Illusion – is it more than just a spell?

Creature Illusion – is it more than just a spell?


Written by: Mogh

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Creature Illusion. Spell that lets you temporarily change your appearance and turn the player into a monster. Mostly used just for fun. Not everyone knows that it can be particularly useful for the research. In this article, I will present to you how this inconspicuous spell helps with discovering lesser curiosities of Tibia. I will also show you some interesting examples of how can this spell be used. Maybe we will even find some monster transformations which you have never heard about? Treat this article as a mini-guide to one of the research methods used by Tibian mystery-hunter.

At the very beginning, let’s explain ourselves what this spell is all about.  Well, it helps you to check if a monster with a certain name exists in the game. The spell’s incantation is UTEVO RES INA “NAME OF THE MONSTER”. Check the screenshot below.

We can see the successful transformation into a monster here. But we cannot turn into every monster. What if we try with Ferumbras?

Notice the message we get here.

And now I will make an attempt to turn into a monster with a totally made-up name. I will use my team colleague’s Tibian nick – Bosst.

It seems to be clear now, isn’t it? If a monster doesn’t exist In the game, then trying to turn into it will result in a „A creature with this name does not exist.” message. If, on the other hand, monster exist In the game, but we can’t transform into it – we will get the „Sorry, not possible” message instead. Thanks to this simple trick we can easily check if any monster we think of is available in Tibia. It’s worth mentioning that Summon Creature spell works similarly, but for the purpose of this article, we will only use the Creature Illusion’s example.

Alright, so if we know this trick already, we can try to find something interesting. We will test the spell on some names of Tibian gods and legendary monsters.

Uman Zathroth, Fardos, Bastesh, Fafnar, Unjaga, Hugo, Klabautermen

An attempt to turn into them results with the following message:

What a pity… But we’re not giving up yet. Throughout the years we have seen various unusual monsters and bosses on the test servers. Monsters and bosses which often never made it to real servers. Maybe some of them exist in game’s files these days? We should definitely check it…


As you can see, it seems that this monster has already been removed. Let’s try with pharaoh Arkhotep.

Good guess! How about Killjoy?

We’ve got another one. We can only speculate if these monsters will ever be introduced to Tibia, either on test or real server. Isn’t it interesting?  Keep reading, it gets better. How about the other Ruthless Seven members who used to appear on Test Server occasionally?

Yes… They are somewhere here. Some of the archdemons exist in the game. At least theoretically. I do believe that we will see some of them introduced officially in the future. As of now, we know for sure that developers haven’t removed these bosses and probably left themselves the possibility to quickly “get them back to life”.

We should check two additional monsters, known from Test Servers.

Mysterious boss of Yetis – Freegoiz

Zoralurk – the Demoness, member of the Triangle of Terror

The conclusion is – we can’t meet them in the game and defeat (it doesn’t mean that Zoralurk cannot be for example a disguised NPC). But this knowledge is valuable, as many players still believe that Freegoiz and Zoralurk can be somehow found somewhere and killed.

I’ve got an interesting list of monsters and bosses from the Tibian 15th Anniversary event. A very good material to test the Creature Illusion spell on.

Monsters: Fan, Groupie, Groupie of Skyrr, Ghastly Pet of Chayenne – do not exist. Others are in the game and we even can transform into 2 of them!

Clearly, some of the monster’s names were based on Cipsoft employees names. Let’s try to check some nick of CIPs, not mentioned by fansites as monsters.

Interesting. So we have all 3 of them in the game as monsters. Maybe we will have the chance to meet them during the 25th anniversary of Tibia?

Finally, we will try to turn into a monster with a very special name – Human.

Surprised? You should be.  Human is a mysterious monster. Rumours say that it’s a relic of ancient times and this monster exists in the game’s files for many years already. But why the developers haven’t removed it yet? Will we ever see it in Tibia?

Here is the list of transformations that are little known and most of them have been revealed not long ago:


Monster NameSprite
Arthom the Hunter
Baby Pet of Chayenne
Celebrating Orger
Dark Soul
Flame of Omrafir
Greater Death Minion
Hateful Soul
Hungry Brood
Irgix the Flimsy
Lesser Fire Devil
Mean Termite
Metal Gargoyle
Minotaur Bruiser
Minotaur Occultist
Minotaur Poacher
Muglex Clan Assassin
Muglex Clan Footman
Muglex Clan Scavenger
Noble Pet of Chayenne
Oodok Witchmaster
Orc Musician
Sacred Snake
Sand Brood
Scar Tribe Shaman
Servant of Tentugly
Somewhat Beatable Dragon
Unbeatable Dragon
Vok the Freakish

Undoubtedly, the Creature Illusion spell may really come in handy. It should be mentioned here that the member of our team – Bosst, managed to turn into The Hungerer using this spell, when this boss was pretty much unknown to the public and there was no evidence of how it looks like.

The bosses appearance significantly helped to establish the place of his respawn, which we described in details in our article. We encourage you to do your own research using the Creature Illusion spell. Maybe it will be one of you to find the next unknown creature or boss?



Monster name „Human” was sent to us by player Shawtay. Thank you !

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