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Explorer’s Diary – Episode 8

Explorer’s Diary – Episode 8


Written by: Mogh

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It’s been quite a long time since the last episode of our Diary. We are back with a pack of new curiosities, straight from the mysterious depths of Tibia.

Open your minds, let’s begin…

The land of everlasting happiness

Cockaigne has been with mankind since the Middle Age. According to legend, it is a fairy-tale land of eternal happiness, gluttony and a life of idleness…

What has this to do with Tibia, you may ask. It turns out that there is an NPC in the game who strongly believes in the existence of such a place and has set himself the goal of finding it. This is Captain Cookie. ?

Conversations over a beer

It is sometimes worth talking to the bartenders over a pint of good beer. When asked about „Rumors„, Frodo says the following:

But when we ask him about ’Rumours’ strange things happen. Take a look.

What’s with the weird rumours about the ice islands? I guess Frodo goes drinking with Scott ? Seriously though, it’s more of a mistake on Cipsoft’s part but definitely worth noting in the diary.

Visiting the tavern in Farmine and talking to Swolt we can listen to very interesting rumours. We decided to present you three of them.

It sounds like the fantasies of a drunken Dwarf, but let’s think about it for a moment… After all, such a „situation” is extremely simple to write by a programmer. All you need to do is to stand on the appropriate SQM, and the script will check if you have the required item on you. If the condition is met, we will be teleported to the corresponding place. Maybe there is a grain of truth in this rumour?

What? But… After all, the crypt that Swolt describes really does exist in Vengoth Castle.

It is a location shrouded in mystery. One of the most inaccessible places in Tibia. To get there you must give Storkus 100 Vampire Lord Tokens. Needless to say how difficult it is to get such a number of these items? What is interesting, the reward for entering the crypt is a blood skull, which is an item that can be used on something, but its use has not yet been discovered. The blood skull itself is not a reward proportional to the effort required to obtain Vampire Lord Tokens. Therefore, many people believe that there is something else in the crypt… The rumour that Swolt tells us about seems to shed new light on the mystery of the crypt. Let’s take a look at what is under the crypt on the map.

Yes! It is a black undiscovered area, theoretically capable of hiding an unexplored location.

Looking at the above graphic we can see that Farmine and Vengoth are very close to each other. Therefore it is very possible that dwarven miners from Farmine have dug around the crypt. If we visit the available mines in Farmine something will immediately catch our attention…

Yes, you won’t find even one Dwarf in any of the tunnels in the Farmine mines. Isn’t that strange? Where have the miners gone? Maybe they’re digging in a completely different place now?

Why did the Dwarves, under the orders of Emperor Kruzak, choose the hills near Vengoth and Zao as the site of their mining expedition? What is the real purpose of this expedition? Undoubtedly it is an interesting subject. Perhaps there is a hidden answer to this question somewhere in the Farmine? We strongly encourage you to investigate this on your own.

The NPC Swolt tells many more interesting rumours. If you want to listen to them, go to him yourself or read his transcript which you can find here.

Green Goo

While we are on the subject of bartenders and taverns, in Rathlethon at Roswitha’s we can buy a very interesting item for 10gp – a pint of glooth.

What is so special about it? Well, you can use it on yourself or another player. The person on whom the pint of glooth has been used turns into a Rot Elemental for a short time.

Interesting trick. Isn’t it? What’s more, we can use this item from a distance!

But perhaps the most interesting thing about it is that it removes effects on the player such as invisibility or mount’s light.

That’s why Pint of Glooth is a great tool for pranking others. ? Have fun.

Surprisingly, using it on other players has been fixed along with the small update on 1st Sep 2020. It seems that the pint works again. Is there some purpose or a mystery behind it?

The anagram

Quite by accident while talking to the NPC Sandomo an interesting thing came to our minds… Well, by appropriately rearranging the letters in the NPC’s name we will get…

Do you think this is a coincidence or an intentional act by the game developers? We have not delved into this topic. Maybe you will find the answer.

Forsaken Mine

The Forsaken Mine is a mine located near the city of Ab’Dendriel and is one of the most mysterious places in Tibia. Some researchers believe that it lies in the path of a hypothetical tunnel between Kazordoon and Beregar. Could it be that Dwarves were responsible for the creation of this place? The mine is an unusual place because as the server saves the underground of the mine may be different from what it was before the save. What’s more, we can encounter four randomly selected sets of monsters there. But did you know that you don’t have to visit the mine to find out what monsters currently inhabit its dungeons?  It’s enough to have unlocked locations in the bestiary for a given monster. Take a look at the pics below.

If in the bestiary entry of the given monster  „Ab’Dendriel underground” is listed in the available locations, then we can be sure that this is the monster we will find on that day in Forsaken Mine. J It may not be very useful knowledge but it is worth noting.

A memory of 8-bits

Sometimes a strange raid takes place in the desert north of Ankrahmun.

„Some skeletons are assembling north of Ankrahmun!”

Goblins in the desert? Does this not seem a bit odd to you? The combination of Ghouls, Goblins and Ghosts itself also seems very unique. It turns out that this raid is an obvious allusion to two games from the 8-bit era:

Older players who remember these games may get teary-eyed, just like Mogh, who played Ghost’n Goblins almost 30 years ago on his Commodore 64. It’s nice of Cipsoft to put such goodies in Tibia. If you ever come to play one of these games, be careful! Like most arcade games of those times, they have a very high difficulty level.


Captain Cookie | TibiaWiki | Fandom




Thanks to users from Bubba’s mysteriando Discord for your insightful comments on Swolt’s rumours.

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