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Explorer’s Diary – Episode 9

Explorer’s Diary – Episode 9


Written by: Mogh

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This is the 9th episode of the Explorer’s Diary – a series in which we share with you interesting facts, secrets and hints from the game. If you enjoyed this episode and you haven’t read the previous articles in the series, be sure to check out our other publications.

The secret of the Adventurers’ Guild leaders

The Adventurers’ Guild is a fellowship of explorers helping newcomers get to know the game. Every one of you probably read the note that appears in our backpack when you left Dawnport and used the special stone to get to this place. But have you ever stopped here for a longer time to explore this location? In our opinion, the Guild may hide at least one unsolved mystery. Not so long ago, a player named Shawtay noticed an interesting thing. The Guild leader’s name is an anagram. Take a look for yourself.

To be honest, this anagram has been bothering us for a long time because it is undoubtedly not random. We tried to find out something from the Guild leader himself and to our surprise he reacted to one word in a surprising way. To understand what we asked him, take a look at the picture below showing the statue of the Adventurers’ Guild founder.

Interesting, isn’t it? In one sentence, the biography of a hero was described, which could be enough for several heroes. This Fasul was certainly a unique character. Note that he was presented as a Vampire Lord and his name can also be an anagram, which also adds to the mystery of this character.

We asked Rotem Valos about „Fasul”. Take a look at what he answered:

So Valos is not prepared to talk about Fasul. TILL NOW! He is not prepared. This clearly indicates that he may soon reveal the truth. Since the anagram of his name is Almost Over then perhaps he will be ready to talk to us when something is finished? Maybe all it takes is some action and the guild leader will be willing to talk? Or is this the dead end of this interesting story? We leave you with these questions. Maybe one of you will manage to pull this topic to the end and discover what is really hidden here.

The magic door

While we are on the subject of Adventurers’ Guild, surely everyone of you have come across the magic door leading to Eclesius’ hut. It is even mentioned by Rotem Valos himself in one of the dialogues.

The purpose of the door is perfectly explained by NPC Kepar.

And this we can read on the note pinned on the hut of Eclesius:

Wow! Could it be that doors don’t always work as they should? This is extremely interesting considering how mysterious Eclesius is and the fact that the most powerful of demons, Samael, resides in his basement. Maybe the door leads to some hidden location? Eclesius is a powerful magician. After all, it is possible that he created a third magic door somewhere. As a curiosity and to heat up the atmosphere a bit we will give you a way to break this door. ?

The first step is to go through the magic door in the Adventurer’s Guild and go to Eclesius’ hut this way. The next step is to take the Exterminate task from Eclesius. In this task you must kill all the bats living in the attic of Eclesius’ hut, saving his cat. In the next step go to the attic, enter the door with a blinking door handle, but be careful – do not kill any of the creatures, just wait patiently …

After a short time we will be thrown out of the attic to two possible locations. One of them is the first floor under the ladder. Sometimes it also happens that we will be thrown outside the Eclesius house.

If we try to go through the door now it will not be possible.

In order to fix the door you have to go through it again in the Adventurer’s Guild.

Do you think that doors have an extra purpose and don’t always work as intended? Or do we have an overactive imagination? Let us know what you think on our Discord channel.

Cyclopedia lies !

Did you know that the Cyclopedia map does not always show the facts? A good example is Schrödinger’s Island, the island we can go to after reaching level 999. It is a secret island so you cannot see it on the cyclopedia map. But there are plenty of such „invisible locations”.

Keep this in mind when doing your research.

Secret characters

Which character has the highest level in Tibia? Most of you will answer that Bobeek or Goraca. But this is a mistake. Take a look at the picture below.

Surprised? Probably yes. Few players realise that the developers have a huge number of characters at their disposal. We managed to count about 1300 Cipsoft characters, but remember that there are probably more, because they are mostly hidden. For obvious reasons we can’t publish the full list we were able to create (search algorithm), but we publish three more of these characters.

Ice islands

Certain place names in Tibia have their counterparts in the real world…

Foto: Captura de pantalla

Welcome to Port Hope sign


But most of them are probably just a coincidence. There are, however, geographical names in Tibia that were undoubtedly inspired by places in the real world. For example, we can mention ice islands. Yes. Folda, Vega and Senja really exist and are located at the coast of Norway.




Seahouses at Ness, Vega.jpg




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