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His True Face, the great Test!

His True Face, the great Test!


Written by: Bosst

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This is the English translation of a very interesting article from TibiaLight – a new, currently monitored Tibian fansite. All credits goes to them.

His True Face, the great Test!

To see a shortened version of this post, with only the hints/recommendations that were obtained from this test, click here. We recommend those who want to do the quest involved with this achievement to use the updated Blood Brothers Quest spoiler on our partner TibiaWiki.

The achievement His True Face is a dream of most achievement hunters. Many have been testing their theories for years in search of this achievement and in that time have performed the most varied tests, but still, even with an exhaustive search, the achievement remains a mystery to a large part of the community.

From the different reports of people who have obtained this achievement, it can be concluded that there are 2 possible ways to get it. The first is during mission 3 of the Blood Brothers Quest (called His True Face, by the way) and the second is for those who have already completed this quest and regularly visit the tavern of Armenius, but in a way that remains mysterious to this day.

Such a mysterious achievement with so much history deserves a special post and a test to match it. Thus, we will show here an extensive test report conducted around His True Face, as well as its result, conclusions and recommendations.

The test was motivated by reports from Annie Arelluf and Mithas (Both from Astera Server). They were performing mission 3 of Blood Brothers Quest and the moment they repeated the Alori Mort spell to npc Armenius they were thrown into the sewer. Until then the chance of getting the achievement seemed totally broken, but both decided to return to meet the master vampire and when they stepped on the first floor of his tavern they received a surprise: They were teleported to the basement of the place and received the achievement His True Face!

Based on these reports, it was planned a way to verify and assemble statistics on how to obtain the achievement. The creators and executors of this test, which took place in Astera from 14 to 17/12/2021, were Aurea Atti (Gentebra Server), Suuper-Till and Brighid Grand Explorateur (both from Yonabra Server). The same was sponsored and supported by Axy (Astera Server), who was also the „guinea pig” character that would test if he could receive the achievement, even after having completed the quest.


140 characters (7 full accounts, gallery below with all character names) of level 8 were prepared, all with access to Yalahar and with mission 3 of Blood Brothers Quest in progress, each character spoke Alori Mort to Armenius twice. The expectation would be that such action would „activate” some mechanism on the floors of the entrance to the Tavern enabling a char who has already completed the quest (Character Axy in this case) to get the achievement. Every time the level 8 character received one of the 2 possible answers from Armenius, being thrown into the sewer or staying in the tavern, the Axy character would walk over the tavern entrance floors and check if the sqm had been „activated”.

Photo gallery of each of the 140 characters used in the test


Unfortunately the char that had already completed the Blood Brothers Quest and accompanied each character level 8 at the entrance of the tavern did not get the achievement, even witnessed at least 3 times the low level characters being „pulled” to meet Armenius, video below.


Of all the characters in the test, 126 of them were thrown into the sewer and 14 remained in the tavern. Considering all characters in one statistic the chance of getting the achievement was 12 per 140, a success percentage of 8.57% (Or one success every 11-12 tries).

The 126 characters who were thrown down the sewer accounted for 90% of the total, by the time they cast the second Alori Mort they received the message below:

Oh, the nerve. Go to the rats which raised you.

Of these 126 characters, 11 received the achievement His True Face as soon as they returned to the tavern (specific success rate of 8.73%, or 1 success every 11 attempts), note that none of them started mission 4, we believe that by starting this mission the character loses the right to earn the achievement in the conventional way.
In order to test if each of these characters could receive the achievement, it was necessary to take (one by one) the characters from the sewer to the tavern of Armenius again.

The 14 who remained in the tavern represented 10% of the total, at the moment they cast the second Alori Mort they received a message like the one shown below:

Oh, the nerve. Sod off.

Of these 14 characters, only 1 earned the His True Face achievement. (Specific success rate of 7.14%).



Recommendations are for new characters or those who are yet to do mission 3 of Blood Brothers Quest. If the character is thrown into the sewer DO NOT go to Julius, return to Armenius’ tavern and pass over the 2 sqms of the entrance, if not pulled into the basement, then go to Julius and continue your quest.

Unfortunately, there is still no clear way to obtain the achievement for those who have already completed the quest, but with the data from the conclusions you get a good idea of the process:

Below, a photo gallery of each of the 12 His True Face achievements obtained, at the end, we say goodbye and hope that this post will be useful to finally unveil this achievement!




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