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Djinns: Forgotten by the gods?

Djinns: Forgotten by the gods?


Written by: Healyeah

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This is one of the articles that was submitted to the contest. It was written by Healyeah


In the incredible world of Tibia, on the Darama continent between the great cities of Ankrahmun and Darashia lies a mountain range called Kha’zeel that divides the fertile and prosperous city of Port Hope from the arid desert of Kha’labal. This hostile and complicated land is the home of the protagonists of this article: the mysterious race of the Djinns.

Image 01. Darama

The purpose of this research is to deepen about the Djinns: their factions, their origins and the stories behind their transcripts and tales.

Origins of the Djinns

From the Tibian Genesis, we know that Zathroth is one of the three gods and that with Uman he forms a shared deity between destruction and wisdom, life and death.

Image 02. Genesis of Tibia

The great astrologer Edowir, who could seem an odd outsider for our search of information, he actually gives us very valuable data about the Djinns and although his origin is far from Kha’zeel just outside the White Flower Temple in southern Thais, Edowir’s wisdom and knowledge will guide us for this journey.

Thanks to Edowir’s transcripts, we know that Zathroth used the Chalice of life, a tool he stole from the gods to facilitate his task of creating life, giving rise to the powerful and evil Djinn.

Image 03. Edowir transcripts part 1

The Djinns were the result of Zathroth’s first attempts at creation, but not as much as he would have liked, they were independent of thought; so the god discarded them and decided that his next attempt would be his masterpiece.

In this flow of thoughts, Edowir describes that to create his masterpiece, Zathroth channeled all his hatred along with the anger of his giant Cyclops son, releasing so much energy that the Chalice of life was destroyed and resulted in the creation of his first demon.

Image 04. Edowir transcripts part 2

Zathroth was the last one using the Chalice of Life, leading us to assume that other gods may have previously used it to develop their own life creations.

Perhaps Fafnar could also used the chalice of life to create the bonelord in his likeness… but this might be the subject of another article.

Image 05. Chalice of Life

And… Who are the Djinn?

According to the Tibia page, we know that the Djinns are highly magical ethereal creatures (lacking legs like their creator), known for their witchcraft, masters of illusion and transformation. A Djinn will always respond to the word „lamp” as his resting space.

The constant wars between the Djinns become the rise of two factions: the noble and blued Marid and the fearsome green Efreet.

The Marid are considered as entities of goodness, the weakest of their kind. They seek to eradicate from the world the servants of evil and their eternal nemesis: the Efreet, who already in ancient times lost a great war against their blue brothers.

The Efreet embrace destruction and enjoy causing pain, despising all living things and all that is beautiful, their hatred is reserved especially for their blue-skinned relatives, whom they consider traitors to the Djinn race.

Image 06. Edowir transcripts part 3.

The Djinn roamed the world for aeons until Gabel, the mightiest of the Djinn lords, who was cruel and ruthless, met the Daraman. This human did not show fear or gave in to torture, they could bend him but never break him, by talking with this mortal Gabel learned about him and his philosophy … changing his way of being.

Image 07. Gabel vs Malor

This fact separated the cruel nature of the Djinn to a new lifestyle that not everyone was willing to change. Malor, the current leader of the Efreet, occupied the second place in power only behind Gabel. Many of the Djinn preferred to follow him instead of Gabel and they went to a civil war ending in the creation of both factions.

This information solves the conflict of many adventurers to what came first: The chicken or the egg? Blue or green? The true nature of the Djinn because they were created by Zathroth is to be cruel, therefore, this makes us suppose that the first of his race was without a doubt an Efreet. To make a statement as big as this we must know them thoroughly.

Image 08. Ashta’daramai. Marid faction

Gabel reinforces his troops at Ashta’daramai to repel Malor’s troops.

Image 09. Mal’ouquah. Efreet faction

Mal’ouquah is the grim stronghold of the green djinn

As we can see on the previous images 08 and 09, not only the floors and carpets in the towers change, but the entire environment describing the lifestyle of each faction.

Did you notice that the Marids are accompanied by Stone Golems and the Efreet by Gargoyles? Let’s see what the description of Tibia tells us in the next image:

Image 010. Gargoyles

“reward offered by the great wizard Cyrius the Half-Bald to those who could solve the mystery was never claimed.”

But are these details really that important? It all depends on the point of view of the adventurer, a secret can be anywhere, I can tell that it is one of the oldest places in all of the Tibian continent and the Kha’zeel mountains provide the ideal material (stone) to give life to Gargoyles / Stone Golem.

Another important detail is that while in Mal’ouquah there are many „monuments” in Ashta’daramai there is only one in a very reserved place, perhaps someone continues to worship Zathroth in secret.

Image 011. Monument and Palace Ashta’daramai

When asking Gabel about Ashta’daramai, he mentions that the Daraman did not build that tower but his race the Marid in their old palace. It is likely that Ashta’daramai looked very similar to Mal’ouquah in ancient Tibian days.

At the moment we know 17 Djinn in our world, 12 of them divided into the 2 factions. Some of them have up to 50 transcripts, we only use 12-16% of them in the well-known quest The Djinn War – Marid / Efreet Faction. I will seek to reveal the relationships between each NPC in the next series of articles (Chapter I-V).

The truth is out there.


Image 012. Marid or blue Djinns

Image 013. Efreet or green Djinns

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