Banner and logo contest – the results!

The history has been made.
The first TibiaSecrets competition has come to an end. There were a lot of really good entries and the level of the contest was very high. After some heated discussions, we finally managed to choose the top five.


1st Place: HeavenSpike, character: Aldaryon
Golden Warrior Trophy + Yellow Rose + Rune Emblem of choice
+ +

We have all decided that HeavenSpike’s submission will represent our site (we will ask for some little adjustments to the logo though).

2nd Place: achiru, character: Achiru Antica
Silver Warrior Trophy + Blue Sphere + Rune Emblem of choice
+ +

3rd Place: Dii, character: Dii el Viajantee
Bronze Warrior Trophy + Vampire Doll + Rune Emblem of choice

+ +

4th Place: Gustavo Santiago, character: Eric Stardust
300 transferable Tibia Coins sponsored by TibiaSecrets

5th Place: tales, character: Tirano Flamel
200 transferable Tibia Coins sponsored by TibiaSecrets

Congratulations to the winners and salutations to all participants.

We have decided that every contestant (except the top 5) will receive 50 for participating, as a token of our appreciation for your time.

Special thanks to Makadamia (TibiaFanart admin), who agreed to help us with judging some of the entries and overcoming our difficulties with selecting the top 5.

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September 28, 2021
helo mens ))

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