Bounac – the island of secrets

This is the first fan-made article on our site, written by Rpg player also known as Wrap Man, who revealed the first screenshot ever of The Hungerer – an extremely rare Hive Outpost boss.

I am going to present to you a very interesting island – Bounac. It’s located to the south of the famous Plains of Havoc and we can get there by small boat in Edron. In concept, the island is part of 3 bastions (currently present) in Tibia – the Lion Bastion can be found there.  The isle is at war, caused by the conflict which I’m not going to look into in this article.

The city is home to a few NPCs. During the day, all of them are working in their stores or workshops and offer us their wares or buy our items.

…one of the NPCs is missing….

The murder in Bounac

According to a note on the door of John the Carpenter’s (interestingly, it’s probably an allusion to famous director John Carpenter) workroom, he was bitten by a snake. He barely made it alive and will probably get back to work after the recovery.

Not far away from Dali’s hut, in the field, we find the corpse of a male…

(We’re unable to open it, and we can only access it by using the browse field option)

Is it possible that John wasn’t bitten by a snake and he wasn’t the author of the note?

Let’s see what other NPCs has to say about John:

We meet a person who claims that he came into direct contact with John, after his alleged accident – it’s the mysterious mage, Onfroi. Strangely enough, the field where we find the body is situated very close to the mage’s tower…

02:30 Wrap Man [322]: siege
02:30 Onfroi: Pah, the siege. It’s horrible! Nobody can finish their experiments… well I can’t for one… it’s unbearable.

02:31 Wrap Man [322]: onfroi
02:31 Innkeeper Alphonse: Onfroi doesn’t come here very often. I guess he just doesn’t like the hustle and bustle in here, can’t blame in.

Onfroi appears to be into some strange experiment.
We can find a mysterious machine on the top of his tower (and himself, curiously – only at night).

Was Onfroi behind the murder of John? Or the body does not belong to the missing carpenter?
Maybe it will be you to solve this secret.

Strange cult

The house, that probably belongs to a local fisherman places a strange statue.

We can see the unusual fishing rod, which is already cast, a worm and some floating bones. It all leads to the conclusion that something bad happened to the fisherman.

Similar statue, but in a different variant, can be found on the other side of the island.

The skull can be taken off, which reveals the idol of Tukh. It cannot be moved and we can’t place anything on top of it.

It’s placed right below the room with a mysterious boss closed in a frozen room.

A similar boss – Ancient Lion Knight, can be found on the west side of the island and is often camped due to his valuable loot. There is also an Ancient Lion Archer closed in a tower without doors. Is there any way to reach them? As we think about the other bastions, each of them has a few mini-bosses. Lion Bastion has just two, and one of them doesn’t even drop any items and theoretically can only be killed only once.
I have tested a lot of methods, starting with bringing idols and using frozen starlight on the wall – no effects. Nevertheless, it’s not the only strange location on this island that should be somehow accessible.

Unreachable places

We find this place straight at the beginning, we see the obvious “rope place” marked with the arrow on the screen. In the place where we go out, we find a cave with some cracks. There is no way to dig it up or use something on it.

The second location is under the blacksmith’s house. There is an unreachable room with a skeleton (vol. 10), and one level below we can see another closed room.

I’ve checked it through the Cyclopedia’s map and it turned out that it’s not empty.


Is there any way to get in there?

Why should Cipsoft create a “rope place” which cannot be used?

Bounac, as a place added to Tibia not long ago, may still hide many secrets.



March 28, 2021
Dzisiaj przyglądałam się itemkowi "Lion Seal". skoro właściwie nie wiadomo skąd go wziąć, a ten update ma prawdopodobnie nieodkryty achievement na pewno się tutaj coś skrywa. albo po prostu tego nie dokończyli.
Jorge Milani
March 30, 2021
There is also a “food crate” you can get in -1 inside the castle, but idk it’s use. Sry bad English.

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