Char Bazaar Items Monitor – new, powerful tool

We have just published our newest tool – Char Bazaar Item Monitor which we worked on for the last few weeks. It can also be found in the Tools section of our site.
It scans the current char auctions to search for specific rares. The rares list was taken from Tibiabosses Rare’s Pricecheck, but without the most common or not very expensive items.


  • We track 308 items overall, only items which have been found on current auctions are shown (in alphabetic order)
  • The results are shown in an eye-friendly way, using the original item graphics
  • You can easily check if there are any interesting items being auctioned, the default search engine on isn’t really good
  • You may find auctions with rare items which the seller is not aware of (silver trophy of excellence – real-life example)
  • The tool is very intuitive to use. If you’re looking for a specific item just use ctrl+f to find it on the list

Note: we update the database regularly, the tool doesn’t show new auctions and items in real-time.

We are aware that there is always room for improvements, so constructive feedback will be highly appreciated. đŸ™‚

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