Explorer’s Diary – Episode 1

This is the first article out of the Explorer’s Diary series. We will publish various interesting facts from Tibia. Taking into consideration that TibiaSecrets team members are active mystery hunters, you can expect at least one totally unknown, never published, or at least never sufficiently documented Tibian fact.
Unlike our other publications, these articles will not be overwhelming with the amount of text. We will focus on the most interesting content and try to illustrate them richly.

Secret lava paths

Lava, talons, warlocks. Manipulating the lava. These are very broad subjects and we will surely present you some more comprehensive studies on these in the upcoming future. To give you a glimpse of a really huge mystery, let’s take a look into the undergrounds of Jakundaf Desert, where the famous 10k quest takes place or where we can find the hidden library full of interesting books.

Talking about books, there is an unreachable one, surrounded by lava:

 Those darker spots leading directly to the book. It can’t be a coincidence. There might be a way to walk on them or somehow trigger a walkable path to appear. Just imagine the secrets hidden in this mysterious tome.

The hidden Scorpion

Perhaps you have visited the tomb of Pharaoh Horestis, on the north-west of Ankrahmun. While running through this place we can easily miss one interesting detail. Just as we cross the entrance to the tomb, we can notice that the floor tiles, covered by sand a little, arrange into a scorpion shape.

It’s hard to figure out what it really means. Is it a decoration? A hint? Or maybe it was placed there to warn us about the dangers awaiting in the halls beneath? Taking into consideration the fact that Horestis holds the scorpion sceptre and summons sandstone scorpions, we can be sure that the scorpion on the floor wasn’t placed there by coincidence.

Action movies

There are many Easter Eggs in Tibia. As many players are not aware that we encounter them very often, we will come back to them in the next editions of the Explorer’s Diary. One of the more famous ones can be found in Venore. The three guards from this city have interesting names. They are, of course, Arnold, Sylvester and Jean-Claude.

Doesn’t setting these three names together tell you something? Of course! These are the names of well-known and respected actors of action movies. It’s about these three gentlemen. 🙂

Weakened Shlorg

Shlorg is among the most often checked bosses in Tibia. Once we met him, we use the smoking coal taken from the ground on one of the basins in his cave. That will make him vulnerable to attacks and his name will change to Weakened Shlorg. Hmm… What if we try to replace some letters in his name?

What are your thoughts about it? Is it just a random anagram? Or a hint to something even more mysterious?

Tarzan in Tibia?

After a very long talk with Hairycles, quite talkative ape NPC, we have tried to ask him about “language”. It’s interesting – how can ape talk? How did he learn the human language? The answer is surprising, it seems that it was Zantar who just showed up in Banuta, brought some bananas and thought Hairycles the language. It’s quite obvious that Zantar is an anagram to Tarzan! It makes perfect sense. Interesting fact: there is no info about Zantar/Tarzan on any of Tibian fansites/wikis. 😉


Among many strange shapes and structures shown on the minimap, there are some that require special attention – pentagrams. Have you ever wondered how many of them exist on Tibian map? We have manged to find five!

In many cultures, the pentagram is considered to be a magic symbol. The presence of this shape in places like Demona probably has some hidden meaning. It is possible that these locations hide more secrets than it might seem at first glance, and their unusual shape is one of the hints.


August 30, 2020
Looking forward to read more! Great content.
September 1, 2020
Didnt know about the npc of venore and the real actors, funny one tibia. Gz on the post!
October 13, 2020
Hello from a very old tibia player I actually cant believe Pentagrams 5 and there is 5 tomes of Mystic Secrets . just wanted to say :D
October 13, 2020
An interesting coincidence...
October 13, 2020
You know that these tomes have been into game for a reason .. i think its time came to use them ..
Samuel Królak
May 5, 2021
Shlorg may be an anagram of Grolsch, quite popular beer in Germany. Or this is just a sound of water, sucked into some pipes ?
October 28, 2020
The Power of the Talons (Book) - Demona The power of the Talons Written by Doneos The Talons are the most mysterious gems that we know of. We dont know much yet, but we are working on it. Fact is, that each Talon contains a mighty magical power inside. We must only find a way to set this power free and more important to control this power so that we can use it for our purposes. Recently, a fellow warlock found out, that you can release the power through lava. Yet, we havent found out how to control this released power. -- Já tentou jogar talons nessas lavas do Deserto de Jakundaf?
October 28, 2020
As we are investigating a lot of things, we have not checked the use of talons in this place. There are a few things that could be checked here. We will certainly come back to this place one day :)
February 10, 2021
Hi there nice work! At jakundaf image i went there like yesterday and it was an chest not an book.... i know is old and probably unsolvable...but it would be really nice you guys talking about the levers of spike sword quest! the one in jakundaf dungeon that opens that metal bars just make me crazy....

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