Explorer’s Diary – Episode 2


Be greeted wanderer, let us welcome you to the 2nd episode of the Explorer’s Diary series.


Inconspicuous tree

One of my countless expeditions took me to a place which in the past was very popular across young and unexperienced warriors – Femor Hills. Nowadays meeting anyone there except boss hunters waiting for orc raid on Whitewatch Tower or people completing their bestiary entries is a rare occurrence. Even though Femor Hills have already seen their glory days, they still hide some long-forgotten secrets. I found there a very special tree, perhaps even unique in the whole known Tibian world. It looks like a typical plum tree, but it seems that there is a hollow where, to my astonishment, I found some apples and a few gold coins! I took them with me. To make it even weirder, I returned to the tree the day after and apples along with gold coins were there once again. Moreover, I found out that the tree can serve as a container.

I marked the tree location on the map, as it surely needs deeper research. I definitely need to check if there are more trees with hollows.

Rehon’s secret

This specific discovery makes me really proud. It all began when I wandered through the ancient halls of Beregar. First of all, it’s not that easy to get there from Yalahar. I had to sneak through the Foreigner Quarter and then convince Maris to sail to Fenrock. I also had to deal with some aggressive tortoises, but finally made it alive to the underground city. I spent there mere few weeks exploring old mines and chambers. Somehow, I found myself in a huge room where I had to fix the rails and rode using one of the inactive wagons into the deeper caves. There were lots of ferocious trolls, so I decided to outrun them rather than kill the murderous hordes. It turned that they imprisoned the Emperor’s son – Rehon.

I had a long talk with the lonely dwarf and I was curious what can he say about the magic, so I asked him about “spells”. Who would have thought that he is a knight’s spell teacher? That really doesn’t make much sense, considering how hard is to reach him.

Tibia will never cease to amaze me…

Why NPC Rehon, which is one of the hardest to reach NPCs, teaches spells?

We asked that exact question on TibiaQA. If you wonder what answers we got, just click this link.
Interesting fact – this question asked by Mogh received 17 upvotes which is the most out of all questions ever asked on this fansite.

Golden outfit only for the rich

I always wanted to obtain this outfit. Unfortunately obtaining at least 500 000 000 gp is, to be honest a little bit out of my reach. Anyway, having such an enormous sum is one thing and spending all of that on one set of clothes is another.
I decided to attend the test server where I could get endless amounts of money in a few moments and at least try the outfit on there. Meh, didn’t think that it’s so prestige that it can be blocked during test server. What a shame!

Well, at least I found out this unique dialogue line of King Tibianus.

Shopping Sunday

I like Rashid. He allows me to sell all the loot really quick. It’s not surprising that he’s one of the most popular NPCs. My friend, a fellow adventurer gave me some interesting advice not long ago. He gathered lots of items to sell, he would have to run to Rashid at least 10 times to get all of it sold. Packing it all to one lootbag and pushing to Rashid seemed too risky. There always are some thieves around. Then he came up with a nice idea. He waited for Sunday when Rashid is one floor above Carlin’s depot. Then just started talking to him, pushed a bit towards depot boxes and then easily sold all of his stuff while tossing the items from depot chest to his equipped backpack. Efficient and effective. 🙂

Unusual boss names

Finding and killing bosses is a great adventure, but have you ever thought about their names for a while? Some of them are really interesting.

You probably heard the tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Some of you, especially if you’re from Poland know who is Baba Jaga – a character known from slavic folklore tales. Apparently, Baba Jaga and Big Bad Wolf found their way to Tibia – as rare bosses. I stumbled upon Yaga the Crone in a cave not far from Venore and met The Big Bad One in the woods of Edron.

Interestingly, the word “Baba” in polish or russian means “Crone”. Better watch out for old witches and giant, hungry wolves.


Daniel Martinez
September 15, 2020
Very interesting stuff, always loved the mystery part of tibia, keep doing the good work! the truth is out there
October 20, 2020
Pretty funny Cipsoft saw it coming when we all tried to purchase the Golden outfit in test servers. I hope we can all find more trees that open up! I bet there's more, they are probably all from the olden days I could imagine from mappers who were volunteer players.
tibia player
February 2, 2021
Fun fact: that tree opens in your backpack window instead of a new one, as if you were opening it from your own inventory. Strange.
March 28, 2021
Same thing happens when you open some Wooden Coffins when going deeper in The Isle of the Kings. They don't open regular inventory windows. They replace your main backpack, which is pretty annoying. Also maybe some other coffins have similar behaviour, like in Carlin Graveyard (east gate) or under Mount Sternum (undead areas)...

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