Explorer’s Diary – Episode 3

The time has come to present you the 3rd episode of our series. Let’s dive into the world of secrets once again.

Was NPC Clyde a smuggler? – Forgotten bug

Tibia has seen many bugs in her history. Some of them were really serious, some minor, but there were also bugs which were very interesting or even funny and got fixed so quickly that the news didn’t spread and the community wasn’t even aware of what happened.

Many years ago, in July 2008, I have been able to witness the occurrence of such bug. Just after server save, I visited NPC Clyde, the innkeeper in Port Hope and to my astonishment, his assortment of wares got enriched by phoenix eggs! Phoenix eggs are actually quite hard to come by, as you can only get them from the Paradox Tower Quest or surprise nests (which didn’t exist then).
Phoenix eggs looked like normal eggs back in 2008. Clyde was selling them like they were typical Tibian eggs – 2 gp each. The bug got fixed very quickly – in like 2 hours, but many people managed to buy hundreds and thousands of phoenix eggs.

Take a look at my screenshot below. I haven’t found any other screenshots of this bug across the web.

So, if you wonder why there are so many phoenix eggs being sold on the market – now you have all the background. It’s all because of Clyde’s side-smuggling business. 🙂

One of the rarest Tibian raids – now removed

Once upon a time, there was a raid in Tibia and it was so rare that really barely anyone ever heard of it. It took place on the east of Femor Hills, near the place where Bibby Bloodbath sometimes settles her camp.

I stumbled across this raid only once, in 2006 and I was really surprised when I saw a dead player’s body in such an unusual place. There were wild warriors and hunters roaming around – 7 in total. What you can see below is the only screenshot I have taken.

Later on, I’ve tried to find some more screenshots or maybe videos of players clearing this raid, but never succeed to find any. I asked about it on TibiaQA, as I wondered if it still occurs. User Shawtay provided a very interesting answer, which she got right from the source, as she asked Cipsoft directly.


Here is the answer:

I’m afraid it’s impossible to reconstruct when this raid has been removed. All I can tell you is that the only raid including wild warriors and hunters nowadays appears north of Edron …Kind regards, Manina

It’s kinda sad that the raid was removed, but at least I’m here to tell you the tale and confirm that such thing happened in the past.

Apprentice Sheng – so mysterious that even his name hides something

You have probably heard of Minotaur Mage dwelling in the undergrounds of Rookgaard, in a place called Mino Hell and Sheng – his apprentice.

The mystery of how to get to the Minotaur Mage and what exactly he is doing there lives on. But let’s focus on his Apprentice for a while. Just look how we swapped the letters in his name:

Who would have thought? There is a secret happening here, right before our eyes

Is NPC Brewster a jazz fan?

Not many people know that the verse which Brewster is singing from time to time is actually a part of a real song!

Nobody knows the trouble I’ve been through

  Nobody knows my sorrow

  Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen

  Glory hallelujah!”

According to Wikipedia:

“Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen” is an African-American spiritual song that originated during the period of slavery but was not published until 1867. The song is well known and many cover versions of it have been done by artists such as Marian Anderson, Lena Horne, Louis Armstrong, Harry James, Paul Robeson, Sam Cooke among others”

Without any doubts, this song suits the cleric and drunkard of Port Hope very well. While the details of his past remain unknown, it seems that his life wasn’t and is not that easy.


October 18, 2020
Hello. I returned to the game at the beginning of the year but I'm in love with mysteriando and secrets of Tibia now (when I played a long time ago, I was just a noob trying to get lvl 30 so quests was not an important part for me, but now it is). You have a lot of good content here! ~ Cheers
October 19, 2020
Thank you Mustang, glad that you returned. :) Keep visiting us for more mysteriando content - you won't be disappointed.
October 20, 2020
Lesson learned: Take a screenshot of everything and make note of everything. Tibia is a world filled with mystery. Very interesting stuff you cannot find anywhere else, so thanks for the read as always :)
January 21, 2021
I've been digging these reads! thanks! Btw huge good job to the person drawing the main art for each post, it looks amazing!
Sarothil Valgon
November 4, 2021
Cześć, robicie naprawdę świetną robotę :) Aktualnie z bratem również staramy się odkryć różne tajemnice. Gramy na Epoce oraz Antice. Pozdrawiamy serdecznie, świetna lektura ~Saro

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