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    Dodałem teraz też “basilisk” . O tym mitycznym tworze też coś chciałbym się dowiedzieć (w sumie, o czym bym nie chciał)

    Renegaci w Kazordoon chcą go użyć przeciwko imperialistom 🙂 Tyle wiemy. Poniżej wycinek z transkrypcji Shortsighted Dwarfa. Jak widzisz słowem klucz jest secret weapon. Pełna transkrypcja jest na forum.

    Player: secret weapon
    Shortsighted Dwarf: <lowers his voice> There is one thing that the imperialists have always feared: …
    Shortsighted Dwarf: The basilisk! If we could get the beast to attack Kazordoon or even better, gain control over it, we could destroy the enemy forces once and for all. With the basilisk at our disposal, soon we would rule Kazordoon! …
    Shortsighted Dwarf: In the worst case it would at least wreak havoc amongst our enemies. We can certainly contain it again later on … somehow. Our best geomancers are working on a plan right now, I tell you. …
    Shortsighted Dwarf: You know those tiny runes that allow some magic users to become the master of a creature? Now imagine, all what it takes to enslave the basilisk is probably some gibber rune and more spellcasters. …
    Shortsighted Dwarf: Soon, our days of dirt and hunger are over and we will rule over Kazordoon as we should!

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