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    Great work. This topic could be a good addition to the article.

    I recently worked up a transcription of NPC Frog. You can greet him in two different ways:

    Player: hi
    A Frog: Hi, Player.

    Player: ribbit
    A Frog: Sure, we can talk in that language too. Rrrribbit.

    So you can indeed greet some NPCs in different ways. NPC The Empress, for example, will respond to “Salutations Empress” or “Hail Empress” and teleport us out of the room. Similarly with Emperor Rehal and Kruzak. They respond on the word “Salutations” and “Hail”. I noticed that with the NPC Rehon he reacts differently to the word “bye” and “farewell”. There are a whole bunch of examples like this. It is worth describing such curiosities. They will help us to learn thoroughly some mechanics. If you haven’t yet read the article on cavemen I recommend it. There you will find some interesting conversation mechanics. I discovered it by accident. But it’s really interesting.

    Here is the link:

    I will be following this topic with great interest and will definitely post something interesting when I find more time.