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    Your post made me think about it again! I think i have something.

    Forget about the numbers for a second (I know, crazy).

    The NPC ‘A Wrinkled bonelord’ says 2 thigs that I think it’s important:

    1 – “The language of my kind. Superior to any other language and only to be spoken by entities with enough eyes to blink it.”

    2 – “I am 486486 and NOT ‘Blinky’ as some people called me … before they died.”


    So here is my theory:

    The code needs 5 bits to be decoded. because that’s is the number of eyes of a Beholder. So i went searching for old codes like that. Found the “Baudot Code”. The code used in Telegraphs! They are encoded with 5 bits.

    So now for his name 486486, I still don’t know what to do with the numbers 8 , but if you take 4 and 6 check the code, they alternate the eyes closed and open like Blinky christmans lights!!!

    I’m not sure if I should stop drinking or if I have something!