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    My rl friend who got me into Tibia told me to choose this nick, saying that I’m too religious >.>
    I didn’t care as I only wanted to play. πŸ˜€ Later on, in 2017 or so I got namelocked.


    Thank you. πŸ™‚ There will be much more.

    Let’s start with my first frags ever. They were hunting on Femor Hills and I killed them for absolutely no reason. They just had some daggers and leather armors with them so afterwards I felt remorse…

    My first lootbag ever, from Kazz mines if I remember well. I also bought my first pacc, being lvl 28 or something.

    Level 30 and making nice cash on Darashia rotworms πŸ™‚ some eq upgrades as well

    And my first really valuable loot – war hammer! I later used it on my druid to hunt rotworms and make UHs to double profit.