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    Ive made a mistake in the pastebin, the wrinkled bonelord says that his name 486486 and not 468468.

    Using 486 we can get refugee as you said, and thats the thing when i said that translating a single word to numbers is easy, converting it back from numbers is almost impossible because a sequence of numbers can mean a lot of things.

    For example: Daniel = 125

    125 = atonal, daneel, danell, danella, danelle, daniel, daniela, daniele, daniell, daniella, danielle, daniello, danley, danly, dannelly, denial, denlea, denley, dental, donella, donley, donnell, donnelley, donnelly, downhill, dunhill, dunlay, dunley, dunnell, dwinell, ethanol, hudnall, hudnell, o’donnel, o’donnell, odaniel, odneal, odonnel, odonnell, tannahill, tannehill, tennell, thinly, tinley, tinnell, toenail, tonal, tonelli, townley, tunnel, tunnell, widnall, withnail

    And thats another thing, if theres any personal name inside a phrase it gets more complicated cause it wont show up in the translator.

    Until now i dont think that this is enough proof to say that the major system is used by cipsoft to translate to 469, but maybe if we get to translate any phrase (im between the one posted on the website, the ones from Avar Tar or Knightmare) it can be something.

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