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    Ahh, thanks πŸ˜€ I loved neostrada cause it allowed me to start playing Tibia, not only watching my friends having fun. And hated it cause I often died due to random kicks.


    Thanks, well boh were pro item, getting 35k while having 30 lvl was kinda hard…

    I also had some problems with premium back then, my parents didn’t even know. Funny times.


    60 sword fighting, after about ~4 months of playing. I was very proud πŸ™‚

    Dragon hunt with my friend, his ds and my badger πŸ˜€

    Broken amulet was legendary even back then. The price was around 1kk, which was a horrific amount of money even for high lvls.

    And my rookstayer. Rook was very crowded back then and I used to play around luring, killing ppl with poison, creating death traps… I loved getting apples from killed players. I still have 16 on this char. Well, I’m sure they thought of Rookgaard as of place to remember. πŸ˜›