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    ‘Did you know that the ‘zg’ comes from copying one of his phrases: “Zgk’ch Cthlhg drch, sire.”.’

    Yes of course I know that. I remember there is a similar situation with another NPC not related to Spirit Grounds at all. We are talking about NPC Nibble.

    18:55 Mogh [340]: name
    18:55 Nibble: <sigh> Ogre bosses call me Nibble.
    18:56 Mogh [340]: Nibble
    18:56 Nibble: Not funny! Me full name Golozo Taku Narkat Kash Bartak Har-Alhad, ignorant hu-man!
    18:56 Mogh [340]: golozo
    18:56 Nibble: You mispronounce badly, hu-man! But no matter.

    As you can see, we don’t have to quote the whole name for the NPC to respond.

    Back on topic, I’d like to say that this may be crazy but could the inaccessible Spectral Tomb location have some connection to Spirit Grounds ? What do you guys think ?  Take a look at the screenshot below. Tomb is located under the entrance to Spirit Grounds near Kha’Zeel mountain. It looks like some kind of walled gate to me….

    I know that the location was created much earlier than Spirit Grounds but maybe it has some connection after all.


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