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    That does sound interesting if it would be connected to the tomb. But what about when the Spirit Grounds is in Ghostlands or Vengoth? What’s the connection there? Why is it moving places?

    I also went to Drefia to talk to another NPC that is a Shadow Pupil, Oblivion. He mentions a lot of the same words and connections as the Gate Keeper. Here is a list of the keywords I have managed to get a response from.

    13:51 Myskonaut [318]: hi
    13:51 Oblivion: Be greeted.

    13:51 Myskonaut [318]: bye
    13:51 Oblivion: Yes.

    13:51 Myskonaut [318]: name
    13:51 Oblivion: All gone, all but Oblivion remains.

    13:51 Myskonaut [318]: shadow
    13:51 Oblivion: Between two breaths.

    13:52 Myskonaut [318]: pupil
    13:52 Oblivion: Leaves of a tree.

    13:52 Myskonaut [318]: master
    13:52 Oblivion: Travellers.

    13:45 Myskonaut [318]: job
    13:45 Oblivion: A guest at the doors.

    13:46 Myskonaut [318]: tibia
    13:46 Oblivion: The eye of the gods.

    13:46 Myskonaut [318]: undead
    13:46 Oblivion: The shadows know all between the doors.

    13:45 Myskonaut [318]: blood priest
    13:45 Oblivion: Dogs at the lord’s table.

    13:46 Myskonaut [318]: necromancer
    13:46 Oblivion: Wine at the feast.

    13:46 Myskonaut [318]: priestess
    13:46 Oblivion: Light through the lace of seasons.

    14:01 Myskonaut [318]: gravedigger
    14:01 Oblivion: A soothing hand on sore eyes.

    13:49 Myskonaut [318]: darkness
    13:49 Oblivion: The gods exhale.

    13:50 Myskonaut [318]: light
    13:50 Oblivion: A thought in the house of souls.

    13:57 Myskonaut [318]: army
    13:57 Oblivion: Drinking from a bloody cup.

    14:04 Myskonaut [318]: king
    14:04 Oblivion: A mountain casts a different shadow from an ocean.

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