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    Very interesting find. It looks like the developers created The Gate Keeper based on Oblivion or another NPC from Drefia. Probably for a reason.

    We have noticed that this is a common practice when it comes to game developers. They just copy some NPC and change his statements. That is why often one NPC reacts to the same words as another NPC. It is probably easier to rewrite an NPC in this way than to write a whole script from scratch. The funny thing is that sometimes an NPC will respond to words that are completely unnecessary. We recently wondered why Tehilm, who lives in the deeper mines of Beregar, reacts to the names of towns or islands. For example Folda, Vega Senja, Ice Islands. We also wondered why he reacts to the keywords Ship, Captain and Fish, since he has probably never seen any of these things. It turned out that he was probably based on the captain of the steamship 🙂


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