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    No i doczekaliśmy się zapowiedzi rozwinięcia linii questowej Bounac


    Teaser in a Nutshell (Spoilers ahead!)

    Explore Bounac in-depth and discover its well-hidden secrets.

    Follow Galthen’s footsteps as you try to find the artefact he once sought and learn more about the disappearances he was investigating.

    Descend deep below Kesar Etzel’s fortress to uncover a dark ritual which has been performed since ancient times.

    New creatures will stand in your way to the truth. The difficulty range is similar to that of the Kilmaresh Catacombs.

    Make sure to pay a visit to our supported and promoted fansites as well. They have additional screenshots for you.


    Kesar Etzel ordered his men to seal the entrance to the lower parts of the fortress.     Lion seal 😀

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