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    Hey guys. I wrote in polnish thread but Want to ask you also here. So let’s start.


    Why do you think About 1=tibia if he said “its 1 NOT tibia”?

    IT should be similiar to tibia but not the same.

    486486 said the same but with “and” that can suggested its Complete different Word.


    So but i read hundreads or tousands threads on forumus at 200X year to 2021, i spend rly much time and what? Everything is the same. Ppl go on gematria, crowley, encoding, but why? What in Tibia did you Say it? . Just Look on this ( i didint solve it jet, but naybe with your help we can do this)


    So, now next question : why Player should go to hellgate? ( ofc before quest spoiler, tibiawiki etc).


    1) draconia way but nobody know that before it was found.


    2) our answer – paradox tower quest. That was only one reason why Player should be in hellgate ( ofc i mean ” game show us this place”). So whats now? We need to escape but on the way is library, where wrinkled bonelord Say ” mathemagic is clue”. And what you have in quest log after paradox quest?

    “you learn Secret of mathemagic”


    Nobody trying it ( or i didint found) but looks like 2 possible ways to go ahead.


    1) we need to solve 1+1=1, 1+1=13, 1+1=49, 1+1=94

    ( not by maths or encoding, just like game for Kids to learn numbers)

    2) try to Complete paradox tower quest ( after rewards still not Complete in quest log)