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    It seems to me that one of these achievements requires doing something repeatedly, like your idea with ice flower seeds.
    I was wondering about doing daily tasks for npc Curos.
    In one of them, we have to cut steak from killer caiman.What is interesting, we can cut it only once a day.I decided not to return steak to Curos, but I eat it every day.Maybe it is a waste of time, but everything is possible :).


    Chayenne invented a lot of achievements in the game.
    Eclesius is finally her creation and maybe she hid one of them here.
    I was wondering… why, when we kill Eclesius’ cat, as a punishment we get 30 days cooldown to complete this task?

    So far I have killed 11 /12 cats, I will keep trying.
    These are just my ideas.