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    Hello everyone interested in the topic,

    On Polish side was not so much interest in this topic so I want to reach out to the remaining community.


    I will start  with Paradox Tower:

    The Paradox Tower actually is a quest that teaches you the – ciphering.

    I WONT go into details of specific cyphering method.

    From basic – mirror language, to classical and modern ciphering methodologies.

    How do I know?

    Lets start with the lever room riddle:

    Second bookcase containes two books:

    First book with Ciphered text: “tfel thgirtfel tfelthgir thgir”

    And a Second book with the key: “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the craziest of them all? ”

    Use mirror on the text and receive the message. Basic encryption method.

    Furth bookcase contains two books:

    First book with the key/hint about the key: “The book of foolish jokes”

    And a Second book with Ciphered text: “dtjfhg jhfvzkbblii ugbkjjjjjjjxhvuofffffzkkbk hlbhiovzklhi igbb”

    Using some analytical Cryptanalysis tools you will find out that the text was probably ciphered using a Transposition with a specific keyword. Classical method.

    Fifth bookcase contains two books:

    First book with the key/hint about the key:

    “Book of funny letters I

    And a Second book with Ciphered text:

    “ljkhbl nilse jfpce ojvco ld

    slcld ylddiv dnolsd dd sd

    sdcp cppcs cccpc cpsc

    awdp cpcw cfw ce

    cpvc ev vcemmev vrvf

    cp fd vmfpm xcv”

    äöü – Actually is used in german Alphabeth, so suggestion is to decrypt using alphabeth extended by those letters or a German alphabeth. May be also a transposition or similar method based on exchangeing letters and changeing their order in the text. Also Classical Method. Can be analyzed by Cryptanalysis tools.

    The Riddler = Skill Tester

    Choosing word, picking random number and then question about 1+1 which actually might be AX+B coefficients in Affine Cipher or a conclusion of a ciphering process.

    Its like Pick a word to Cypher, shift the alphabeth by x number like in Caesars Cipher then tell me the Ciphered Value.

    Bascially he tests your knowledge gained or not gained during your travel thorugh the tower.

    Prisoner = some kind of ciphering machine

    Given specific colour he encrypts it via specific method based on a random number you picked when talking with The Riddler.

    How does it connect with 469?

    It is a “language” or encryption method based on 0-9 numbers. How do you want to get to Tibia=1. When you do not use encryption? For example:

    I just created a NEW Alphabeth which starts with “0” then I added 0 to the beginning of a word and calculated the distance between the letters in this word, respecting the NEW Alphabeth order. Of course this is my RANDOM consideration based on articles/internet.

    Generally speaking the Level of complexity is high. But that does not mean there is no solution to all this MESS.

    Internet these days provides many ciphering tools with different principles. So you can test out different methods on different strings of words and maybe by trial and error you will get the correct answer if you do not unravel the riddles contained in the tower.

    “Doing it the mad way!” – I assume the person could use several encryption methods in a row to cipher the text, so consider that too. Like for example Mirror text then Transposition. Or even Mirrored Transposition.

    In my opinion Paradox Tower provides a level of complexity not found in any other quest in Tibia and is teaching you how to encrypt and decrypt via different methods which almost for sure leads to deciphering 469 language.

    No wonder the Mad Mage is a Mad Mage.

    Kind Regards,