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    Hello guys,


    Yesterday I’ve decided to finish the bestiary hunt for pirates and remembered there was a forgotten spawn named “the cave” right next to Northport. Having done the Isle of Evil quest before, I entered the teleporter and reached the caves. Imagine my surprise when I noticed that the whole area is now a protection zone!

    I remember there were some monsters there when I was doing the Isle of Evil and Tibia Wiki confirms it – some weak monsters should be spawning there. I actually noticed monsters (pirate skeletons and ghouls) spawning in the protection zone as I was walking around floor -5. But since it was a PZ, I could not attack or move them.


    I thought, “hey, I found a glitch – maybe I’ll get a bug bounty if reported to Cipsoft”. But I got the following response to my ticket:

    “As much as I’d love to help, I can’t give you this information due to our policy. There are some “secrets” we don’t want to unveil because we think it’s more fun and rewarding if you find them out for yourself.”


    Have you ever noticed this happen before? Cipsoft response does not make it sound like a bug, more like a feature.


    Kind regards,


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    Hello. This bug has been there for less than a month. Indeed a very strange phenomenon and even more strange answer from a Cipsoft employee. As of today, the bug has most likely been fixed. This place is no longer in a protection zone.

    Personally, I think it was simply a bug and not some mystery to be solved. Cipsoft employee’s answer can be explained by not understanding the question or poor knowledge of game mechanics. However, this statement is very interesting 🙂

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