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    NPC: A Confused Frog

    Note: Conversation only possible during the mission (The Scatterbrained Sorcerer Quest).

    Player: Assistant
    A Confused Frog: I don’t want to be an assistant anymore. Ribbit. I just want my dream pond.
    Player: Kiss
    A Confused Frog: Errr… I’d rather not. Don’t take it personally.
    Player: Magic
    A Confused Frog: Magic, pah. Ribbit. I don’t need magic. I just want some flies, actually. Ribbit.
    Player: Job
    A Confused Frog: I used to be Eclesius’ assistant! Argh! Then – ribbit – one of his crazy experimental spells backfired and hit me. That’s when I lost my job I guess. Ribbit.
    Player: Name
    Confused Frog: Well… ribbit… my name is Turian. But that doesn’t really matter anymore.
    Player: Demon
    A Confused Frog: That demon is called ribbit. Erm, no, I mean Samael. He is one REALLY annoyed demon overlord, but we get along okay. Not sure if I’d let him out of there though. Ribbit.
    Player: Samael
    A Confused Frog: Yep, he told me one day that that was his name. In the tone of voice that makes your ears almost explode and singes your hair.
    Player: Frog
    A Confused Frog: You know… being a frog isn’t that bad. Ribbit. I don’t want to be a human again. I just wish I could get out of this cage and live by a lovely little pond.
    Player: Ribbit
    A Confused Frog: Yeah, you said it. Ribbit. Told you, being a frog isn’t that bad, see.
    Player: Eclesius
    A Confused Frog: That old fool! He should be locked up with his weird theories and ideas and forced to study some serious magic! Rrrribbit!
    Player: Pond
    A Confused Frog: I like the pond north of Thais. It’s a really cosy place. Not just for humans, but especially for frogs. Ribbit.
    Player: Bye
    A Confused Frog: Take care. Ribbit.

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