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    NPC: A Frog

    Note: Transcription was made after completion the The Scatterbrained Sorcerer Quest.

    Player: hi
    A Frog: Hi, Mogh.
    Player: assistant
    A Frog: You’re his assistant now? Ha ha. Ribbit.
    Player: human
    A Frog: An overrated life form. Rrrrreally. Ribbit.
    Player: magic
    A Frog: Overrated. Who needs magic when you can be a frog? Ribbit!
    Player: demon / samael
    A Frog: I’ve grown quite fond of the old chap. Or then again, no I haven’t, really. All that anger can get on your nerves. Ribbit.
    Player: Eclesius
    A Frog: Ah, I don’t care about him anymore. Ribbit. Live and let live, that’s my motto.
    Player: ribbit
    A Frog: Yeah! Ribbit all the way!
    Player: frog
    A Frog: I love being a frog! Rrrribbit! Especially now! I just need to find me a frog girl and all will be well.
    Player: job
    A Frog: What do I need a job for? I’m a happy frog! Ribbit! Hehehehe!
    Player: name
    A Frog: Well… ribbit… my name is Turian. But that doesn’t really matter anymore. Frog will do.
    Player: bye
    A Frog: Farewell, Mogh. Ribbit.

    Alternative greeting

    Player: ribbit
    A Frog: Sure, we can talk in that language too. Rrrribbit.

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