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    Player: hi / hello
    A Ghostly Sage: Ah, I feel a mortal walks these ancient halls again. Pardon me, I barely noticed you. I am so lost in my thoughts.
    Player: god flower
    A Ghostly Sage: Do you have a god flower for me?
    Player: yes
    A Ghostly Sage: You cannot fool me, mortal.
    Player: job / thoughts
    A Ghostly Sage: I have to fulfil my duties.
    Player: name
    A Ghostly Sage: My name… it was so long since I last heard it… it seems to be erased from my memory.
    Player: duties / complex
    A Ghostly Sage: We sealed the doors to the inner sanctum using magic to make sure only the right keys could open them.
    Player: key
    A Ghostly Sage: The keys were lost, probably forever. Of course, I could search the spirit world for clues, but then … who cares about keys? …
    A Ghostly Sage: I rather spend my time reflecting about the philosophical nature of beauty. *sigh* If I only had a god flower. It is so hard to find a start without a sample.
    Player: pits / nightmare
    A Ghostly Sage: Ah yes, the Nightmare Knights and the Pits of Inferno. I vaguely remember these insignificant concepts …
    A Ghostly Sage: Ever since I died I have struggled to keep my superior mind intact by pursuing advanced metaphysical philosophy, but I do remember things about the time when we built this complex and locked its secrets and treasures away.
    Player: locked
    A Ghostly Sage: I cannot … tell you. I am dead since … oh, I do knot know … But I still remember my duties.
    Player: teleport / exit / out / help
    A Ghostly Sage: Are you stuck here…? Do you want me to bring you out of these cursed halls?
    Player: no
    A Ghostly Sage: Then stay here.
    Player: yes
    A Ghostly Sage: So be it. Travel well.
    Player: bye / farewell
    A Ghostly Sage: So where was I … ?

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