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    Player: hi / hello
    A Ghostly Woman: I feel you. I hear your thoughts. You are … alive…
    Player: alive / job
    A Ghostly Woman: Once I was alive too. I was a member of the order of the nightmare knights. Now I am but a shadow who walks these cold halls.
    Player: Nightmare Knights
    A Ghostly Woman: We lost … perhaps everything is lost. Perhaps there never will be any new knights of our order.
    Player: knights / order
    A Ghostly Woman: Only those who passed the tests of the dream challenge would be able to become nightmare knights.
    Player: tests
    A Ghostly Woman: These halls are only a decoy to distract the inattentive. The true way is hidden well.
    Player: true way
    A Ghostly Woman: There is a secret .. but no … I can hardly remember … and I can’t tell you anyway … But … perhaps … It is so cold here … If you gave me some ordinary boots that might give me some warmth I would give you a hint.
    Player: boots
    A Ghostly Woman: Do you have a pair of boots for me?
    Player: yes
    A Ghostly Woman: Oh thank you. Perhaps this will give me some comfort. It is that cold since I am dead … for so long …
    A Ghostly Woman: All I can give you is a little hint though: Not me but only the lost heroes can show you the way; and though it’s only a game, it might change what will happen.
    Player: boots
    A Ghostly Woman: Do you have a pair of boots for me?
    Player: no
    A Ghostly Woman: So cold … so cold.
    Player: bye / farewell
    A Ghostly Woman: Alone … so alone. So cold.

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