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    This is one of the articles that was submitted to the contest It was written by Wiz Arah

    A numerical journey

    In the lands of Tibia many years ago there was an article that the entire community considered unobtainable, it had many names including Magic Longsword but later in an update they implemented the object and said article was renamed Excalibug referring to the famous King Arthur’s sword, for years players searched endlessly for this sword until one day in the hidden spaces of “PoI” a camera with a mysterious object was found.

    Excalibug! thus giving it its final name since we imagine that due to copyright and many other things they could not call it Excalibur, when giving it a look they obtained the message: “You see nothing special”, but I ask myself, will it be nothing special or would it be the most special thing in tibia?

    Is it really the Excalibug? Many questions came to mind.

    In the course of this article, many brave heroes took their Supplies, Weapons and ventured to find a way to obtain this sword, but after time passed these heroes grew older and with them the forces to follow after it but their knowledge has lived generation after generation until today.

    Here i am looking for the meaning once again! Rumours? Stories? Truth? Hallucinations? Theories? After reading this article you will obtain your own criteria and take this knowledge to future generations or to the final result of this story.

    Day 469, I was in a very strange place and I wondered every second What is this place?, A Library inside hell?, I thought immediately here could be all the secrets of the universe, very naive of me to take a book and believe that I would know EVERY and every one of the secrets of the world, maybe I was right , but nothing could be further from reality, they were in a very strange language which I couldn’t understand, the library had a guardian, A Wrinkled Bonelord, when I asked him millions of things I wanted or needed to know, he ignored me as if he couldn’t understand what he asked, I came to the conclusion that he had his own dialect, when asked about his language to our surprise he tells us that his language is very complex for humans to understand, that only a person who can calculate numbers in the blink of an eye could understand his language, language called 469!, I spent a lot of time trying to understand, without success.

    Day 486, A day that I thought would be a break from the exhaustive trips I made to the depths of the earth to communicate with the guardian of the library, reading about old events as it was with the “D.B Cooper” case, I found a documentary called “Where is D.B Cooper” they mention that the subject made fun of the authorities by writing letters affirming what he had done (it should be noted that the authorities had a main suspect, his name was: Robert Rackstraw) at the end of each letter he left a series of numbers that at first glance only seemed to be placed at random, but, no, it was not like that, he placed them there intentionally and in the translation it said: “I am Robert Rackstraw”, to the surprise of the authorities it was just what they believed!, but They couldn’t do anything about it because a string of numbers wasn’t reason enough to stop him. Gematria was the method used for those numbers!

    What do these pages of my diary have to do with the long awaited Excalibug? On the anniversary of Tibia #15, an npc named Knightmare appeared, Cipsoft Content Creator, he was the author of 469 and many other mysteries of our kingdoms.

    This npc answered with clues or information about existing and unsolved mysteries to date, when I asked him about Excalibug he told us with a tone of irony perhaps, “I’d tell you if you’d ask me in be … uhm bonelord language.” WOW! Without doubts this must be related in some way, maybe in those books is the truth about the sword, could it be obtained? Is it just a story?


    I’ve studied gematria day after day until I managed to understand and begin to connect the information obtained so far and to my surprise, many things made sense but would this be the method used by the Bonelords?

    486 = DHU / DHF

    Applying the knowledge of Gematria, 486 emphasizing this number since he calls himself 486486, it would be DHU / DHF, and other acronyms, which if we search in google take us to “Data Handling Unit” or “Data Handling Function ” Then we could understand that he is the one who manages all the data of the Tibian world.

    Source for gematria:

    Survey by Cipsoft Apr 15 2020

    You can find the poll here:

    When the veils of shrouded truths are lifted, who can stand?

    If you turn 90 degrees to the left we can see that the bookshelves forms the word “Lift” and to our greatest coincidence the bookcase is raised on pillars of bones. Could it be that our answer to the poll would be Wrinkled Bonelord?

    What do you think?, Until today I keep collecting more information in my diary and hoping that I can solve the mysterious language of the bonelords and obtain the ascension that they mention so much to me.

    I should show you the rest of the pages of this diary!!


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