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    Player: Hi
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Hum Humm! Welcume here li’l Haishen.
    Player: Here/Job
    A Sweaty Cyclops: I am smith.
    Player: Smith
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Working steel is my profession.
    Player: Steel
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Many kinds of. Some I forge. But not ancient steel.
    Player: Forge
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Me can forge equipment back to steel. Like Za’Ralator, Uth’Kean, Uth’Lokr, Uth’Prta.
    Player: Ancient Steel
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Very old. Like Mesh Kaha Rogh, Za’Kalortith, Uth’Byth, Uth’Morc, Uth’Amon, Uth’Maer, Uth’Doon, and Zatragil.
    Player: Za’Ralator
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Hellsteel is. Cursed and evil. Dangerous to work with. Me can make from evil helmet. Li’l one want to trade?
    Player: Uth’Kean
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Very noble. Shiny. Me like. But breaks so fast. Me can make from shiny armour. Li’l one want to trade?
    Player: Uth’Lokr
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Firy steel it is. Need green ones’ breath to melt. Or red even better. Me can make from shield. Li’l one want to trade?
    Player: Uth’Prta
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Good iron is. Me friends use it much for fight. Me can make from weapon. Li’l one want to trade?
    Player: Mesh Kaha Rogh
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Steel that is singing when forged. No one knows where find today.
    Player: Za’Kalortith
    A Sweaty Cyclops: It’s evil. Demon iron is. No good cyclops goes where you can find and need evil flame to melt.
    Player: Uth’Byth
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Not good to make stuff off. Bad steel it is. But eating magic, so useful is.
    Player: Uth’Morc
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Li’l ones it thieves’ steel call sometimes. It’s dark and making not much noise.
    Player: Uth’Amon
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Brightsteel is. Much art made with it. Sorcerers too lazy and afraid to enchant much.
    Player: Uth’Maer
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Heartiron from heart of big old mountain, found very deep. Li’l li’l ones fiercely defend. Not wanting to have it used for stuff but holy stuff.
    Player: Uth’Doon
    A Sweaty Cyclops: It’s high steel called. Only li’l li’l ones know how make.
    Player: Zatragil
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Most ancients use dream silver for different stuff. Now ancients most gone. Most not know about.
    Player: Name
    A Sweaty Cyclops: I called Bencthyclthrtrprr by me people. Li’l ones me call Big Ben.
    Player: Humans
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Always asking me for stuff they can’t afford.
    Player: Orcs
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Silly ones. Not talk much. Always screaming and hitting.
    Player: Elves
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Me not fight them, they not fight me.
    Player: Minotaurs
    A Sweaty Cyclops: They were friend with me parents. Long before elves here, they often made visit. No longer come here.
    Player: Dwarfs
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Li’l li’l ones are so fun. We often chat.
    Player: Ab’dendriel
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Me parents live here before town was. Me not care about li’l ones.
    Player: Cyclops
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Me people not live here much. Most are far away.
    Player: Tibia
    A Sweaty Cyclops: One day I’ll go and look.
    Player: lil’ lil’
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Li’l li’l ones are so fun. We often chat.
    Player: Teshial/Cenath/Deraisim/Kuridai
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Is one of elven family or such thing. Me not understand li’l ones and their business.
    Player: Excalibug
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Me wish I could make weapon like it.
    Player: Warlord sword
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Do li’l one want to trade a warlord sword?
    Player: Magic sword
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Silly li’l one you are.
    Player: Sword of valor
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Do li’l one want to trade a sword of valor?
    Player: Melt
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Can melt gold ingot for li’l one. You want?
    Player: Dragon shield
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Do li’l one want to trade a dragon shield?
    Player: Fire sword
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Do li’l one want to trade a fire sword?
    Player: Bright sword
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Do li’l one want to trade a bright sword?
    Player: Gods
    A Sweaty Cyclops: You shut up. Me not want to hear.
    Player: Amulet
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Big Ben no has it more! When you also no have it, you have lost mighty, mighty amulet! Stupid li’l one!
    Player: Big old one
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Mountain in south. Li’l li’l ones living there.
    Player: Enchanted plate
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Do li’l one want to trade an enchanted plate armor?
    Player: Serpent sword
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Do li’l one want to trade a serpent sword?
    Player: Bye/Farewell
    A Sweaty Cyclops: Good bye li’l one.



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