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    NPC: Absaan


    Player: Hi
    Absaan: Welcome to the Jolly Nightmare, stranger. Just name your poison.
    Player: Poison
    Absaan: Just a figure of speech. Though we also serve actual poison in this tavern. Some people have odd tastes and I don’t question that.
    Player: Tavern
    Absaan: It has been a family business since more generations than I could count. In the old days it was merely a hole where my ancestors hid, when the court guys came for a visit to bash their own heads. …
    Absaan: But soon enough people learned, the courtiers saw it beneath them to become a threat and their fights became a spectacle to watch. One of my ancestors saw a chance to earn some coin and opened a business. …
    Absaan: The fights became a spectacle because of him. His daughter, who took over at some point, even secured some agreements with the courts and made several subtle suggestions that were adopted into the battles. …
    Absaan: More and more it became quite a spectacle in certain circles and the business flourished. People from all over the world come here to watch the fights or even participate.
    Player: Business
    Absaan: Like many of my ancestors I dream to use our earnings to restore some of the goblin empire of old.
    Player: Court
    Absaan: Ah, those courts are all the same to me. Snobbish and so full of themselves. …
    Absaan: But you can get along with them, as long as you know how to handle them and I’m dealing with worse people in this tavern day to day. Not looking at you here, of course.
    Player: Empire
    Absaan: It might have been small in size but through the guidance of an enlightened nobility it prospered.
    Player: Enlightened
    Absaan: As you will know, most goblins are not born with many gifts of the mind, so to say. They needed an upper class for a firm guidance, else they’d only manage to get themselves killed.
    Player: Class
    Absaan: Of course you can’t entrust meaningful tasks to some goblin who is thick as a brick. They can only do the most simple tasks whereas the smarter ones have to oversee them. …
    Absaan: So it’s only to their best that there is a class who is overseeing and guiding them.
    Player: Guilding
    Absaan: They might not be strong or skilled but there are lots of them. If you just send enough of them to do a job they will eventually get it done. …
    Absaan: Casualties are just a normal thing. The lower classes breed like mad anyway. …
    Absaan: This is why only they recovered from the onslaught of the other races whereas the upper class was nearly extinguished.
    Player: Gods
    Absaan: I have little use of gods. I think it’s wise not to drawn their attention upon me. So I can have a life of my own and do as I like.
    Player: Arena
    Absaan: In the past the court guys just cut down each other wherever they met. Then their leaders decided that they did not like to loose their hotheads without their consent, …
    Absaan: so they agreed upon some rules such as formal challenges and a dedicated spot to fight at. With some order established the caverns here were made a bit more cozy and my ancestors opened business. …
    Absaan: Later on some beasts were introduced, that the champions of the houses could fight, and even later foreign gladiators were allowed. …
    Absaan: The catching of beasts and hiring of gladiators was done with the money of my family so they had a slight say in the way the fights were set up. …
    Absaan: To increase the frequency of the fights we finally convinced them to allow strangers to become champions of their houses. Since then the business is prospering like never before.
    Player: Goblin
    Absaan: I consider myself a bit more sophisticated than your average standard goblin. …
    Absaan: My family belongs to a long line of goblin nobility, from the days before our culture was destroyed by other races.
    Player: Bye
    Absaan: Well, bye then.

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