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    This is one of the articles that was submitted to the contest It was written by Dinyus Poulain




    The purpose of this article is, from an RPG point of view, to delve into the lore of one of the most mysterious and coveted raids in all of Tibia, in search of answers. The orc invasion of Femor Hills, with more than 18 years of existence, still carries a mystery and is rewarded with the item set that is every adventurer’s dream. However, it remains totally unpredictable and disconnected from the other stories that surround the place. Therefore, we have compiled everything we find on the subject and from an analytical and hypothetical point of view, we want to present ideas as to what may be behind this event. Much of what will be presented is within the scope of ideas, but we believe that through them we can reach the answers we seek.

    Events and raids in Tibian lands

    In the distant past, rumors were heard of rare attacks by creatures to the most populous cities on the continent of Tibia. Before the creation of a system that allowed all adventurers to be warned of these offensives, rumors resonated among the most experienced of them, from stories of mass attacks by rats, undead and ghosts to powerful warlocks.

    However, there was an invasion that afflicted the main cities of the free area of the continent and that terrified the players who came across them. Although very rare, we heard stories of great orc armies that brought destruction and horror to the population of the cities of Carlin and Thais. Among those who crossed their paths, there were few who survived. A single orc warlord with its mighty stars was capable of ending the lives of travelers seeking rest in the safe areas of capitals.

    Seeking to understand the line of reasoning that gave rise to the idea of this raid so that it can help us find out more about its motives, we will evaluate everything that can be observed around this event.

    The orc invasions

    After creating the notification system, which globally notifies each adventurer when a new event is started, we were able to map each of the invasions that already occurred in free areas, and they were:

    #1 – Thais – At the entrances of the city – Groups of all types of orcs attack the four entrances of the city in search of revenge for the defeats suffered by the army of Thais. It is probably the oldest invasion promoted by these creatures considering that this was the first city on the continent.

    #2 – Thais – North of the city – Some groups of orcs, orc warriors, orc spearmans and orc berserkers gather to the north of the city

    #3 – Carlin – Fields of Glory – Grouping between Carlin and Northport of the most varied types of orcs, with the exception of orc raiders and orc warlords, and start their attack to the north east of the city

    However, in addition to these three invasions, there were rumors of other occurrences where orcs appeared without any warning in places other than the known ones and as the popular knowledge grew, evidence began to appear about two other offensives coming from Ulderek’s Rock:

    #1 – Thais Lighthouse – With the appearance of few units of orcs, orc berserkers, orc leaders and orc warlords, organized by hierarchical level on each floor of the lighthouse, from the weakest to the strongest

    #2 – Femor Hills – A large invasion of orcs on the hill where the watchtower of the Queen of Carlin is located.

    Unlike the others, these two invasions were never announced globally, and in order to be discovered, it is necessary for adventurers to frequently visit the designated locations.

    Femor Hills and the Queen’s tower

    Femor Hills is a set of mountains belonging to the Kazordoon region and separates it from the cities of Carlin and Ab’Dendriel. Despite being part of dwarven territory, on the northern hill is the Whitewatch tower, a watchtower managed by Carlin that is used to monitor the roads leading to the city to prevent unwanted visitors from approaching the city. It has 4 floors, which can be accessed by anyone as it does not have a door, and on the terrace we find Thanita, an Amazon guard. Thanita is always on the alert as she periodically has to deal with hundreds of orcs trying to capture the tower.

    Talking to her, she tells us about the ferocity of the orcs, about the beasts they ride and that even then, no group of orcs has ever been able to succeed in their attack. If we offer help in battle, she says she accepts the support and as our reward, she would allow us to keep the spoils of battle, including whatever may have been previously looted from the tower.

    If we evaluate the contents of the tower, apparently there is nothing that could interest orcs to loot. There are only two beds, two empty wardrobes (we can open them to confirm), a stove, a table and some barrels of water.

    The interest of the orcs

    Considering the sheer volume of creatures encountered in this invasion, the only place capable of mobilizing an army of that size is Ulderek’s Rock, the fortress of the cursed Orc King. Any other orc camp situated in the free area doesn’t have enough volume to organize such an attack.

    According to ancient records about the invasions of Thais, we know that the motive of the offensives revolves around revenge for battles that were already lost by the orcs in the past. But what about Carlin, what would motivate the invasion of the city that is the furthest west of the orc lands?

    Queen Eloise’s desire to expand female governance across the rest of the world is opposed to the desire of the Brog entity’s followers to dominate other races, but would that be enough to mobilize such action? Why ignore the swamp city Venore, which is located a short distance from your base, or the elven land of Ab’dendriel, which is halfway to Carlin. Did they have any hidden goals other than the conquest of those lands?

    A silent invasion

    The raid notification system can represent the spread of rumors that run through the Tibian lands, transmitting between people until reaching each adventurer, or the observation of weather-related phenomena, or even the manifestation of spiritual and demonic energies. In the case of orc invasion notifications that report the sighting of groups of creatures gathering, in particular the Femor Hills invasion is not reported.

    Combining this with the information shared by Thanita about the end of past attacks, we can conclude that her job as Carlin’s sentry is not to warn the realm of invasions, but to deal with them herself. This is also clear given her confidence in saying that they were never successful.

    Adding this to the fact that the place is also inhabited by goblins, which drives people away from that place, it is justifiable that rumors about the attack do not spread and reach adventurers.

    The tower attack plan

    Arriving in Femor Hills during an invasion, we can find many orcs at the base of the hill, however, they are all members of the lowest rank. Climbing the hill we will see orc shamans, orc warriors, orc berserkers and orc riders, and on the entrance floor of the tower we will have more orc shamans, orc berserkers and orc leaders. Analyzing the orcs’ hierarchy of command and the arrangement in which they are in the tower, we realize that the strongest are at the forefront, probably because they know what they will face on the upper floors. Inside the tower we find only two types of orc, orc leaders on three floors, and three special orc warlords on the penultimate floor of the tower.

    From an adventure perspective, this distribution of orcs represents the increasing difficulty encountered by players as they progress through the raid until they reach the terrace (or where the event reward might be). When the raid was developed, the amount of creatures on the hill already brought a challenge to players who ventured to face it alone and the distribution of creatures on different floors brought the surprise factor, no one knew what they would find each ladder climbed. Despite this, changing floors provides the player with a resource that can be used to decrease the damage received from creatures, a resting place to prepare for the next phase and recover your health or even escape.

    The 3 special warlords and the 3 relics

    About to face the guardian Amazon are three orc warlords. But they are not common orc warlords. They have the same characteristics as their peers: hit points, amount of experience provided by kills, strength, abilities and possible drops, but they carry something very particular. As Thanita said earlier, by offering help she allows us to keep whatever items they were carrying and whatever they might have looted from the tower, and as if she already knew (or planned) these orcs might have found three treasures that were kept in the tower. It is the set of equipment that has the highest level of rarity among Tibian equipment: the Amazon Armor, the Amazon Helmet and the Amazon Shield.

    Upon defeating them, the adventurer has a small chance of getting them from any of the 3 orcs.

    The 3 equipments of the Amazons and the 3 equipments of the Crown

    Can be obtained since 2004, it is indisputable that there is a relationship between the amazon set and the crown set. Composed of 3 pieces, the equipment of the Amazons has an armor, a shield and a helmet. Despite not having pants (probably because the Amazons usually wore skirts and boots), when compared to the crown gear, we can say that they are the same items, except for their appearance. Each piece of equipment has the same defense attributes as its counterpart, as well as the same weight. This correspondence continued until the 2008 update, where amazon armor is now intended for paladins only, offering an improvement to their range skills, having their defense improved and their weight reduced by half (from 99 to 45). In appearance, Amazon gear features jeweled ornaments, predominantly the color of Carlin’s female guard.

    Would the Amazon set be a customization made of the crown equipment exclusively for Queen Eloise, taking into account her female army (given the colors and its design)?

    Would changing the attributes to make it specific to paladins have something to do with the main skills of the amazons which is ranged combat?

    Considering that today it is possible to get the Royal costume, an outfit based on the crown set with the two monarchs Queen Eloise of Carlin and Tibianus of Thais, would we have an alternative version granted only by the queen of carlin that would have the appearance of the amazon set?

    The rarity of the Amazon set

    Bringing it to numbers, these equipment have been available for 18 years (2004 – 2022). It is estimated that such an invasion occurs once a month, with the day and time varying with each appearance. It is unknown if the invasion remains active until all orcs are killed or if it has a time to finish. But since confirmation of the invasion’s existence became public, countless players keep characters guarding the tower for verification.

    Considering that the number of worlds grows annually and that we currently have close to 85 worlds, which 18 years ago there were around 30 worlds and that ten years later this number would reach at least 50, we arrive at an average of 55 simultaneous worlds throughout the period. With monthly raids, the watchtower may have been raided approximately 11,880 times (18 * 12 * 55), but not necessarily all of them were noticed. The total number of special orc warlords carrying one or more parts of the amazon set amounts to 35,000 (as long as the 3 orcs in the invasion have a drop chance).

    With these estimates, we can arrive at the approximate maximum number of drops possible since the item was created:

    Item Drop rate Kills to get 1 Dropped along this 18 years in all Tibia Worlds (*)
    Amazon Helmet 0.8% 125 280
    Amazon Armor 0.6% 167 210
    Amazon Shield 0.4% 250 140

    (*) This calculation does not consider the modifiers that can influence the drop rate (mentioned in the next topic). It is an estimate calculated from the statistics presented by TibiaBosses and the research done on the average of online worlds since 2004.

    The limited amount of units that can exist in Tibian worlds justifies the high price charged for each piece.

    Modifiers that can influence the drop rate

    There are elements in the game that can vary the probability of loot from creatures, such as potions, world events, and special features.

    Although the characteristics of the orc warlords of the tower lead us to believe that they are the ones found throughout Tibia, there is a lot of evidence that leads us to believe that they are different creatures:

    • Spawn from a raid
    • It is limited to 3 units
    • Your location is fixed (third floor of Whitewatch tower)
    • Have a specific drop

    It’s different from creatures that add some drops during an annual event, like the mage envelopes in Colors of the Magic. In these events, all instances of those creatures have the specific drop enabled.

    These orc warlords are like the orc that eventually spawn in the depths of Ulderek’s Rock carrying the Old and used Backpack

    If we are right, they have a different identifier from the common orc warlord in Tibia’s database, as if they were another creature. They were created by copying the orc warlord’s data to hide their rarity and make adventurers speculate about the drops of these creatures and other invasions. That way, effects that could be applied to the orc warlord do not reflect directly on it.

    • Wealth duplex (potion) – Has an effect on the drop as it is applied to the “character’s luck” (increasing the drop chance)
    • Prey loot – It has no effect on the drop as it is a modifier on the creature (*)
    • Double loot event – Has an effect on the drop as it is applied to the drop of all creatures (increasing the drop chance)
    • Boosted creature – Has no effect on the drop as it is a modifier on the creature (*)

    (*) It is a coding practice to use the creature’s Id to apply modifiers. However, it is possible (but not expected) for the game to consider the creature’s name rather than its Id. In that case, these modifiers would also affect the drop.

    Unanswered questions and hypotheses

    1. Why are such rare items kept in a watchtower where only one guard is responsible for watching over it?
    2. Would the copy carried by the orcs be Thanita’s own armor?
    3. As she is watching the movement around the tower, why didn’t she put it on when she noticed the orcs’ advances? Are there others in the tower?
    4. Would Thanita be using the equipment before and when we arrive at the tower she has already been stolen by the orcs (or she has voluntarily given it in exchange for her life)?
    5. Would this be the first time they got the equipment?
    6. Why doesn’t Thanita worry about recovering the equipment and leave them as a reward for the adventurer who helps her?
    7. Would this equipment be the interest of the orcs in this invasion?
    8. Considering the rarity of these items, would Queen Eloise have discovered that the orcs’ interest behind these attacks was to obtain the equipment of the amazons, and so she kept a copy away from the urban area of ​​Carlin city to avoid attacks on the city?

    Personal experiences

    My guild and I have already encountered this raid 4 times this year (2022), in June, July, August and September. The interval of days between them varied and always occurred at different times of the day.

    We tried to map other events and raids that took place in those days but it didn’t follow a pattern. The first time the raid took place a few hours after the orc invasion of Thais and the amazon invasion of Northport, but the others was the first raid of the day.

    The link of this raid to other events remains a mystery and we keep trying to find it in search of a pattern with other events.

    Extra: Amaza, the legend behind the Amazons

    The name Amazon and everything related to it has its origin in an ancient story involving the Carlinian people. There was an alchemist from Carlin named Amaza Saphira. She was a woman with strong ideals who fought for female supremacy. With extreme thoughts, she disagreed with Queen Eloise while she pleased soldiers of the royal army and won the trust of all who did not agree with the Queen’s diplomacy and governance model. Over time, her influence grew and gained strength to the point of generating an alert for the crown, which resulted in her arrest and the imprisonment of her adepts.

    With the support of some guards who identified with her ideas, a large escape was organized and Amaza, along with her followers who had also been arrested, managed to flee the city and seek shelter in the forests, where they began to live in exile. In this new phase of her life, Amaza joined a nomadic lifestyle where she could teach different families her way of thinking, arousing the interest of those people who identified with her way of life.

    One day, Amaza was caught in an ambush and killed in an attack by the orcs. It is not known what originated this attack and what its objective was, but there are rumors that point the responsibility of the act to the druids’ council, the King of Thais, and even Queen Eloise herself. All theories revolve around the threat these groups felt from Amaza’s influence and the growth of his faction.

    As proof of dedication and tribute to their leader, Amaza’s followers took the name Amazons and continued to pass on the code and ideals of their founder. Given this, we cannot disregard the possibility that the Amazon equipment actually belonged to Amaza, and Thanita was one of her followers. Maybe, the followers forged the equipment in honor of the Amaza. Or even, the orcs’ invasion of Carlinian lands aims to exterminate the entire legacy left by Amaza, and the theft of the amazon set is a way to take the symbol that remains for the group.


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