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    Hey! I had a similar thread on Tibiopedia years ago, but almost all screenshots there are unavailable as the hosting (tinypic) is dead.

    I will present to you my collection of screens from times where Tibia was extremely popular and 50k players online weren’t anything strange. Screenshots were taken on various servers and test-servers, but the majority of them is from Trimera.

    Let’s start with my 1st screenshot ever – 20.03.2005, client 7.4. My level was around 15 and this is my first char which I play till today. I just had a namelock. The strange thing is that if you look for “Church Master” on, it will still redirect you to Bosst, even though it has been 4 years since the namelock.

    Each knight should have his own “UHmaker”, so I also created a druid to make runes. UHs were like 100 gp each, so that was a good way to save some hard-earned gold.

    And one of my first hunts. I liked Femor Hills, as I could get some exp on goblins and train on rotworms in caves below. Btw, I saved for one week to buy this fire sword for 6k. πŸ™‚


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    Fermor Hills, aaah the memories, I felt like I spent way too much of my time on carlin and hardly ever had explored the rest of Tibia! Thanks for the post!!

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    Same situation here, but I avoided Thais and Venore due to massive gs luring, back in the day.

    I really miss it though – the thrill of the adventure, just by travelling from one city to another.


    Time for another few screenshots.

    My 1st self-made bp of HMMs. Look at the trade offers on default chat.

    And my 1st looted plate armor. πŸ™‚

    Random lvl near the entrance to Elvenbane dungeon.

    50 sword fighting, I really didn’t like to train. Trimera was a pvp server so being afk even for a few minutes could easily result in being PKed.

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    My first paladin. I wanted to learn how to play with all vocations.

    Random screenshot from depo in Carlin.

    The number of skulls on the ground amazed me. Their sprite was scary though.

    Random dp situation. Someone being teleported, some red skull being attacked. Quite a lot of well-known Trimera players here too.

    And ranodm pk being punished. People enjoyed the show. πŸ™‚


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    Screenshots from my friend’s (Evil Leol) wedding. My nick was Church Master, so obviously I was a priest. πŸ™‚

    There were quite a lot of people, after the ceremony there was a party and we drank a bit.Β  If I remember well, some random high level jumped in and started to attack us, as we had white skulls, but finally didn’t kill anyone. I had to leave, but the party went on and there also was a football match upstairs. I have some of my friend’s screenshots, so I’ll post them as well.

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